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Monster Super League Apk is one of the best games for all kinds of devices. One institute creates this game, called the RPG.

The RPG games focused on turn on mobile devices are likely still trendy at this time. This genre belongs to the Monster Super League, and it is exclusive.

You will find this game familiar to those who have ever played the Summoners Wars. You will know how it operates. This game is a Pokemon and Summoners Wars hybrid.

It is the limitless estrogen of your character that makes the Monster Super League special. They can be converted to gold. And thanks to these currencies, the success will go far further.

In general, a fun game you shouldn’t skip is the Monster Super League. You can also try if you’re new to this style.

Monster Super League Apk Story

That’s how the story is. You, as a character, are magically brought to Latecia in your dream. This game is a land of fantasy.

There live monsters, and they’re known as Astromon. A seira-the priestess is going to welcome you until you arrive on a ferry. The battle between the chaos and the Order factions will be explained to you.

The ordinary Astromon or Variant Astromon are two forms. Commonly the variant is used as a war chief. And how can Astromon be captured? You want as much astronomy as possible to be collected.

Characteristics or the Features of the game

Here are all excellent game features that might attract you: In general, a fun game you shouldn’t skip is the Monster Super League. You can also try if you’re new to this style.

Monster Super League apk

Astrogems are unrestricted for the player. Players may have as many as they would like. You can get it quickly. They can then transform it into cash. This can be used to drive your future success. Astrogems can be obtained in many different ways:

  • Airship’s Muzzle
  • Airship’s lost treasure
  • Issue No Questions
  • Missionary
  • Astronomy release
  • Pay for buying money.

The Ways To Obtain Astromon

First of all, you need one astronomy in history mode. Is the Astromon easy to catch? It depends on its degree of rareness. It would help if you scanned for Dungeon materials that increase the rareness of all Astromons.

You can also increase rareness by improving the Astromon. You will need to wake up and grow, even a gem in Story Mode or Dungeon.

In this case. Please notice that each rock has numerous effects such as adding protection, mobile phone, or attack.

Using gacha is the second method Astromon. And there are even other ways to make your dreams come true. An incubator can be used if you already have the Astromon eggs.

Another approach is to renaissance to get Astromon with the rareness of three stellar to five sterns.

Power and Gold

One of the essential items in a game is electricity, recognized by a wing-like symbol. What resources do you spend?

At the outset, you spend most of the time on missions. If the task is too complicated, you can make your Astromons with a more open guide.

What about gold? -What about gold? You can use them for the fruit of Astromon, level up the gems, grow them, ascend them to the next level of the star, and much more.

To strike first, you can pick the target or the astronomy.

You don’t come to decide who to play with, except for the league program, But you can choose the objective in the war against the enemy Astromon. And people can vote on which analysis the Astromon best explains whether it’s good or poor.


There are three stages of Evolution. Step 1 is the beginning of the Astromon. It is evaluating until you combine three of the same Astromon and press the evolution button.

To hit Evo 3, it’s the same process, but rather than trying to use Evolution 2 for 3 of the same astronomers. In complete, for the final Evolution, you turn16 Astromons into one.

Value of vision and sound

Charts Charts

The graphics are not perfect. Instead, it’s trendy. So, they are very smooth, though. It looks nice. They look pretty good for Astromons.

Monster Super League

The style will appeal to you and don’t bother your eyes. The colors are well blended, and the animation also looks cool.

This game can be tailored to all players’ ages. Besides, the development is continuously upgrading and enhancing appearance.

Music / Tone

With a stunning soundtrack, you can appreciate and truly dive into the world of the Monster Super League.

EIM, a Korean music artist, makes them. The music isn’t a critical element of this game, but it’s nice to have the Astromons in the environment.

Additional Information About Monster Super League

Genres Genres
Role-Playing Role-Playing
Version Version
1.0.20072309 1.0.20072309
Developer Developer
FourThirtyThree Inc. FourThirtyThree Inc.
Requires Requires

Download Monster Super League Apk (72.4 MB)

Upon you wait for the Over 600 separate Astromons! Make yourself the master of several Astromons in the Latecia continent. Every astronomy has a story full of the knowledge of this beautiful world of fantasy!

Down The greatest Astromons master’s lift!

Astromons will evolve into even more significant, superb versions of themselves.

Uses magical books of expertise, jewels that further improve the capacity of your Astromons, and supernatural powers to boost your Astromons.

Once you’re the biggest master, no enemy’s luck can come to you!

That’s how you’re going to adventure in your airship across Latecia!

Board your airship and plan for a lifetime adventure! You don’t know just around the corner how exciting you are! — You should join a clan to put together powers from around the world with other masters!

Titans seemed to overthrow the world order. Their power and scale make a single master’s enemy unlikely.

Monster Super League Mod Apk

Enter the clan of your choice, share essential details, and push the names out. You will help to preserve the balance in Latecia as you grow and contribute more to your clan.

THE MASTER’s Will SAVE The world as the greatest master of Latecia.

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Do you have questions as to how powerful you are?

Join the League of Astromon and battle against other masters! You can also be much better than you with the right party against enemies! But keep watch for the secret, Astromon of your opponent, waiting to pounce just in the right minute!

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