Mortal Kombat Trilogy APK for Android Full Free version Download

Mortal Kombat Trilogy APK is an off_shelf application that offers you to play a fighting game. It is a wonderful app by Midway that was first released in 1996.

Now you’ve probably understood how old and popular this game is. Then the Mortal Kobat 3 has been released with the next up-gradation.

The Mortal Kombat Series has got its popularity among its users unlike Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter 2, and Tekken that were also originated in the United States.

When this game was released it got notoriety from game lovers and gained much popularity due to its amazing graphics and special moves.

This game got the highest reputation for being incredibly violent actions.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy APK

Mortal Kombat Trilogy APK Overview

Game Overview
App Name Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Latest Version 2.0
APK Size 35 MB
Price Free
Screens Small, Normal, Large, X-Large
Country US
Category Off_shelf

Download Mortal Kombat Trilogy APK (34.6 MB)

Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy APK

Why do people love to install the Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy APK? This has a particular reason. The Mortal Kombat Trilogy has integrated the series into one.

So, when a game player downloads this latest one, he ultimately gets the full series into one go. You will find the previous characters back to the showground for one more battle.

However, this game is very much similar to Mortal Kombat 3 in different respects. Basically, the game engine is all the same. You can find many moves similar to that game.

But these two are not exactly the same. The Trilogy is a unique one from the view of its unique combination and gameplay. Actually, the sole similarity lies in their control configuration.

Download Mortal Kombat Trilogy APK

Interestingly, it has combined all three plots of the Mortal Kombot Series into one. It explains to us how Liu Kang won the battle during the first play-offs.

On the other hand, the second play-offs explain how Shao Kahn reincarnated his queen and arrived on the earth from outworld. Now the third tournament deals with the determination of the Earth’s fate. This is the actual zest of the Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

The Nintendo 64 version of this game has brought MK home that didn’t happen ever before. Besides, the graphics are very alluring and clear which is undoubtedly mind-blowing to its players.

If you say its graphics is the UMK3 arcade’s carbon copy, it won’t be a mistake at all. The overall things are astonishing. So, join the Trilogy community and spread your glory on the virtual battlefield.

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 Download Mortal Kombat Trilogy APK

Do not hesitate to download Mortal Kombat Trilogy APK. The gameplay and user’s control are just splendid to say. Mkfans will surely welcome the series combination.

If you talk about its sound quality it is worth saying that the sound is crystal clear. There are plenty of playable characters including Baraka, Noob Saibot, the old-style Sub-Zero, Rain, Rayden, Smoke, Sonya, Johnny Cage, Reptile, Sektor, Cyrax, etc.

You will be amazed to know that this game has several hidden characters. They may or may not be playable through a particular code. You will find two bosses while playing the game: Sbno Kahn and Motaro who can do anything to devastate the game’s warriors.


Those who have played the Nintendo 64 know about its easy control pad. This game has similar and easy user control.

So, the players do not have to be bothered by the difficult and irritating gaming control. Anyone can move the playable characters as they wish. The Mortal Kombot is more or less a perfect video game.

The arcade’s features are back with the Mortal Komabt Trilogy. But the Trilogy has added a few more. You can be able to play:

  • Two-on-two,
  • Three-on-three, and
  • Eight-player Kombot tournaments.

You can give added punch to your character by turning on the Auto Kombo feature. You can easily punch or kick a character.

This is equally interesting to any player either he is a fresher or an expert player. However, the theme is fighting. So, there is something left to gather experience. The more you play, the more you will gain control over your character.

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Final Verdict

The Trilogy is a popular fighting game. This is well known for its combination of the Mortal Kombat series. Honestly saying, the clear audio and graphics have made this game much more enjoyable to play.

Anyway, you cannot ignore its super easy control pad. So, download this game and prove yourself on the battlefield.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

FAQs About Mortal Kombat Trilogy APK

Users demand frequently asking a question with a good quality answer which is very important and fill-up the demand of users. So, update yourself with Apkadviser.

What’s new in the Trilogy?

The trilogy game offers-

  • New Characters
  • Many Stages
  • New Fighters
  • Layers
  • Good Storyline

How is the UI?

The UI is very easy. I thank the developers for offering such a simple control pad.

How many GB is the mobile Mortal Kombat?

1.5 GB of Android Mortal Kombat X requires 1 GB of storage and a minimum of 1 GB of RAM for Android. The NetherRealm’s mobile version of the Gory battle game has many PC components and console title versions, yet it is portable and has gesture controls.

Is Mortal Kombat a game offline?

Mortal Kombat, a well-known action game for consoles, also features outstanding visuals and optimized touch controls, like the console version. Three MK11 characters are included in the game.

Can Mortal Kombat Mobile be offline played?

Offline, yeah, you may play MKX entirely.

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