Muse Dash APK Download Mods Version for Android

Muse Dash APK is an interesting music video game. This is an Android application, so you can play it on your mobile. In this game, you will monitor the protagonist.

The protagonist will kill evil monsters. The heroin is an anime character. The hero will be trying to manage the girl. So many opponents will come against you as you are playing the role of a hero.

Muse Dash APK

Just kick them one by one and make your way clean to go forward. Besides, you need to be cautious about the upcoming threats. This game offers you to play a lot of tunes. Start an awesome musical journey.

Muse Dash APK Overview

Game Overview
Name Muse Dash
Developer X.D. Network
Category Music Game
Latest Version 1.4.2
APK Size 1.27 GB
Requirement Android 4.1

Download Muse Dash Apk (31.6 MB)

Muse Dash APK Download

Muse is a Greek mythological god. He is the god of music according to Greek mythology. Probably, you have got to understand the motive of this game title.

In this game, you will be able to discover thirty marvelous melodies. In general, they are familiar to everyone. Anyway, do not get worried about Muse Dash APK download. You can download the Muse Dash game from our direct link.

Muse Dash is a music game offered by X.D. Network. This game has got popularity because of its having unique features.

This is not like a conventional game; rather you will find a lot of specifications in this game. Besides, this app is compatible with all android devices. However, you need to know that this game is rated 12+ for the reason of its sexual implication.


This game has got a perfect combination of conventional music and parkour game. You can install and play this game without any hesitation.

You are meant to be a master of music. Fix the colorful world of this game that is modified by a mirror image of beautiful ladies. However, this is worth saying, this is a challenging game indeed.

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Features of Muse Dash Game

Fashionable & Unique Design

The game is designed so attractively. You will explore 30+ different melodies. Do not worry about the song choice. They will be updated with a particular interval.

So, you will always be enjoying the taste of this game. In addition to this, the graphics of this game is just like painting. The characters are exposed with clear views.

Well Designed Script

This game is designed on the basis of well-designed

Music Matching

Different melodies are matched to different situations. Music styles vary with different scenes.

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How to Change the Skins in Muse Dash APK

Muses have some abilities that made the game more interesting. The skin change is one of the. The muse characters are playable.

You can play them as you like. The characters of the Muse Dash have many varieties. Okay, but the fact is how you will unlock the characters.

Interestingly, the characters get unlocked with the level-ups. So, you need not do anything extra for it.

Muse Dash Beauties and power


  • Bassists Rin: 300 HP
  • Bad Girl Rin: Able to turn into Perfect from Great five times
  • Sleepwalker Rin: Fight automatically
  • Bunny Girl Rin: Collects notes and Red Hearts and knockback ghosts
  • Christmas Gift Rin: 5% accuracy added during clearing a stage

Muse Dash


  • School Girl Buro: Unbeatable in Fever Mode
  • Idol Buro: 50% more EXP after completing a stage
  • Joker Buro: Higher combo bonus score
  • Zombie Girl Buro: Can enter Dying mode


  • Little Devil Marija: 25% more score during knocking back enemies
  • Magical Girl Marija: 20% faster speed
  • Maid Marija: 150% more HP after collecting a Red Heart
  • The Girl in Black Marija: Easier to avoid barriers

You know that music-related game is not new, but it has different charisma. Undoubtedly, people want to spare their time playing an interesting game.

This is such an interesting game that can entertain you a lot. I won’t compare this game to reading books or watching movies, because they have their own values. But you can be sure of its specific ways of entertaining.

Music is an ancient way of satisfying our hearts. But have you played a game like this? This game combines music and some anime characters.

There are so many anime elements you will find in this game. The people who are looking for music games, this is surely a perfect choice.

However, are you a Japanese anime fan? If your answer is yes, then you know the arts of Japanese anime. This game is one of the manifestos of Japanese anime.

Apart from this, it is developed by X.D. Network, widely praised for its game developing art. Images of three girls are portrayed so lovingly in this game. Both male and female players will love this game.

The outstanding graphics can blow the mind of its players. This is designed with full of charisma. Though the moving effects are not prominent in this game, the overall gameplay is interesting at all.

Muse Dash APK download

There are two important buttons to play the game: Air and Ground. If you are unable to miss a beat, your player will be losing his life. The player will completely lose his life if the HP is lost through missing the beat continuously.

Final Verdict

Muse Dash is not the first game based on this niche but the cute graphics and excellent scripts make the difference. You have to chase the boss so technically to complete the levels.

Each boss comes with a new song. However, you will be able to complete each stage after defeating the boss. Download this game APK and enjoy the thrill.

FAQs About Muse Dash APK

Here you go. Muse Dash is an exciting arcade game that offers you to be a singer and win thy luck. Read this section to know more details about these wonderful questions and answers.

Is this game paid for its players?

No, you have to pay for downloading the game. However, you can download the free version from a third-party website.

What’s new?

You will find some new features with the latest version. The new features are:

  • A new welcome screen
  • Two hidden sheets
  • Happy Otaku SP

How do you utilize Muse dash?

PC Controls. Keyboard: The Muse springs into the air and attacks while hitting D & F; the Muse attacks at the bottom when pressing J & K.

Does Muse Dash make it easy?

Another perfect Muse Dash can do easily, but still as part of the song. There are sufficient notes to make it feel like you are playing with the tunes, but it is still simple to miss a message if you are complacent.

Are you shutting down Muse dash?

PeroPeroGames, the creator of Muse Dash’s rhythm game, formally claims bankruptcy and shuts down effectively. You verified this yesterday in a Steam blog post update, which also announced the final game update and a great final price lasting until April 7, 2021.

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