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It is a simulation game on android that simulates dating and romantic relationships. This game has even been reviewed by various significant media globally, of course, particular media discussing games such as MSNBC, Kotaku, etc. Then what are the features, and what is the gameplay like when we download this My Virtual Girlfriend Apk?

Take it easy because we will discuss it here. Please also note that we do not provide the Google Playstore link because it is no longer available on Google Play. So you have to install and download using the manual alias apk file.

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Virtual Girlfriend Apk: Premier virtual dating game

Virtual girlfriend app is a chatbot-powered AI (artificial intelligence) simulator, providing users with the best virtual girlfriend experience. In this case, the applications installed on your device behave like a virtual girl, and the user can discuss her life experiences, make love, and adore almost real human friends that you may not have experienced before.

The app also provides a whole new level of experience for those looking for a partner but never got the chance to find one in real life. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into our list of the best virtual girlfriend apps we’ve compiled for you.

Overview Of My Virtual Girlfriend

Name My Virtual Girlfriend Love
Genre Dating simulation game
Offered By Wet Productions Inc
Size 54.8M
Language English
Current Version 42
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Features Updated Premium Features

Download My Virtual Girlfriend Apk (54.8 MB)

 Details About The Apk

My Virtual Girlfriend game is perfect for those of you who are still single. Because from this game you will like having a boyfriend but in a virtual world. You can also treat your fake boyfriend as in the real world.

With this application, you can choose your boyfriend’s type; the meaning is that you can decide how the body, face, skin color, and others of your virtual girlfriend will be. Besides, you can also determine the size of your breasts, body, clothes, pants, and all things related to your virtual girlfriend.

My Virtual Girlfriend application is entertaining to play, where you can directly choose how your boyfriend’s taste will be, whether you want black, white, or others. You may be able to make up a suitable woman who will become your boyfriend.


In addition to designing a virtual version of a boyfriend’s form, with this application, the user can interact with the girlfriend through commands given to her boyfriend. The boyfriend can also talk like a real girlfriend in the real world, and you can again ask him to go on a date. You can see the application description video below:

My advice is, don’t get too caught up in the virtual world because the real world is more fun.

Game Play

In terms of gameplay itself, it is quite impressive. We can see the simulation of romance that occurs in everyday life. You can choose various game characters to choose one by one by then dating virtually with your chosen partner.

My Virtual Girlfriend Apk

This game is included in the simulation category because there are indeed many character types ranging from physical characters, personalities, and so on that are following real life. When you have chosen a name, we can take him for a walk, like playing golf and have fun chats and other exciting activities.

Of course, every choice has consequences that must be accepted. The products can be in the form of rewards or prizes and get additional points that increase our benefits.

Several levels in the game can be reached up to 35 stations to win your crush. Of course, when playing this one game, you have to avoid actions that might hurt your partner and careless behavior that reduces your partner’s points.

By downloading My Virtual Girlfriend Apk, you will be running a love story precisely like in the real world. So feel the exciting sensation with only an Android mobile device.

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Additional and Main Features Of My Virtual Girlfriend Grub Apk

There are a few key features that are worth a closer look; here are some of them:

  • More than 100 characters to choose from
  • There are many dialogue interactions, activities, and also various other interesting things
  • Gameplay that is not boring with multiple features that will continue to increase with each level
  • Vampire and Zombie Features
  • List of unique personalities
  • Exciting romance simulation game
  • Achievement and rewards
  • Many costumes and unique clothes can be obtained easily

Quite exciting, right? If you download this Apk, you will get an android simulation game, which is quite entertaining. So still hesitate to play it? With the features and gameplay clearly described, you feel that you shouldn’t hesitate anymore.

Download The Apk

You can immediately download and play this love game right now. Use some of the links listed below:

Remember, two types of files can be used for APK features as well as regular features. Please choose according to your wishes. Have a good try, and don’t forget to share too so that the Series will be more enthusiastic about providing other exciting content.

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FAQs About My Virtual Girlfriend Apk

Some questions need to know for using the application, and here Apkadviser providing the solution from experience. So, everything is very crucial for you.

What is a girlfriend virtually?

A virtual girlfriend simplifies the dating scene by delivering love to the next computer or mobile phone.

Are you able to speak to an app?

HearMe is an app that allows you to chat with a stranger one-on-one. It’s a textual encounter that might make it a bit easier to open up to a stranger. You’re not conversing. It’s only somebody who volunteers to chat with you, and there are no further interactions with you.

Could I get an online girlfriend?

Try to join an online dating service to meet individuals to obtain a buddy over the internet today. Whether you match, date a few days to see out if you like them, then try to schedule a meeting in person. You might also attempt to connect with someone via a website that addresses particular interests.

What is romantic virtual relation?

A virtual marriage or relationship is a connection between individuals who only know one another online. In many respects, virtual relationships are comparable to online or pen pal friendships. For example, such a relationship might be romantic or platonic.

What is a virtual connection?

A virtual relationship involves connecting with someone in the world who doesn’t physically exist but is produced by the software.

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