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Notability Android APK is a classic and simple note-taking application. You can use it for your personal or professional purposes. You may be a student, a teacher, or a businessman. Notability can be the best note-taking partner for everyone.

This app is designed uniquely for each device so technically that might give you the best experience at school, college, university, home, and work. Notability has no optimized version for computers. But you can run it by using emulators on your PC.


Notability Android APK Overview

App Overview
App Name Notability
Offered by Ginger Labs
Latest Version 4.4.3
File size 94.08 MB
Category Productivity
Compatibility Android P 9.0, Oreo 8.0, Nougat 7.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Lollipop 5.0, Android KitKat 4.0, iOs 10.13 or above

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Notability Pro APK Android

Get Notability premium APK for Android. Teachers, students, businessmen use this app due to enriching their lives. Anyone can take a new note suddenly anywhere. This is very important to take notes in the classroom or in the market. But for the absence of paper, we cannot do that right here. Notability will fulfill the absence of paper. Just pick your phone up and take a note.

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  • Notability includes so many popular fonts, colors, and sizes. Besides, it is featured with left-aligned
  • You can create text boxes, interactive checklists, and outlines.
  • Here you have a lot of chances to show your artistic mastermind with custom colors. Apart from this, you can easily match a color by using the color dropper.
  • Anyway, you are able to create a perfect shape and erase all-ink precisely in various brush sizes.
  • Just use a mouse or trackpad to make the handwriting smooth and expressive.

Notability APK Android

Notability APK is the mobile notebook that fills the gap of the notebook application of a computer. Well, this is not all about Notability. Rather, you will get more than this. This application offers handwritten words for your content. So, you’ve probably guessed its uniqueness and popularity.


Now you can totally be paper-free in your classroom, home, and workplaces. We carry our mobile phones wherever we go. It has become a part and parcel of our day-to-day life. On the other hand, we do not usually carry paper when we wander to and fro. So, this app will lessen your pressure. Even you can note down anything all of a sudden whenever you wish.

Download Notability Android APK

You can sign and share documents. This system allows us to create and edit notes quickly. This is easier to do here because you can easily do this by dragging and dropping photos, documents, or audios from the desktop. Even you can do these tasks with keyboard shortcuts. Okay, have you any questions about its security policy? You can lock and keep your documents secured using Touch ID.


Here you can look for handwritten words from the Notability library. The system shows this view in 14 supported languages. Write something in hand and convert this handwriting into the text. Everything happens on your own device. So, you need not worry about privacy. All the information stays private.


Multi-note allows you to open one more note together in new windows. So, you can save valuable time by opening multiple notes. Sometimes, we may forget the recently opened notes. But no worry about this! You can easily browse the recently opened notes from recent history. Therefore, you have no way to forget that you have opened recently.


You can easily import and share PDFs, PPTs, DOCs, GIFs, images, and more. Conversion to PDF is available in this system. As it goes on in your device, there is no scope to lose your documents. It stays absolutely private. Even you can add footnotes to lecture slides, imported pictures, and meeting agendas. It will help you complete your class assignments without any difficulties; rather this is easier in this app.

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You can easily use iCloud that will sync the notes automatically on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So it is easy to retrieve the previous notes that you created. Send the notes to the iCloud service using auto-backup. Google Drive, One Drive Dropbox, and Box all are supported.

Notability Android APK

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Notability Android APK is one of the best-featured note-taking apps. undoubtedly; it is easy to take notes due to the help of this amazing application. It is a registered trademark of the famous developer, namely Ginger Labs. Ink can be rotated, transformed, scaled, nudged, and restyled. So, download this super essential and best-suited app directly.


Questions are presented in this article from our experience, and every answer will help you clear your doubt about this application.

Does the system have a record and audio playback facility?

Yes, it has. Get something new out of the meetings and lectures. You can record them. Notes are synced here automatically with audio recordings.

Does Notability offer auto-backup?

Yes, it offers auto-backup. You can use iCloud to sync your notes automatically. Using auto-backup you will be able to send the notes to a cloud for recovery.

Is Notability available for iOS?

Yes, it is available for iOs too. But the iOS app is sold separately.

Is Android noteworthiness available?

There are several alternatives to comparable functions, but noticeable features are not accessible on Android. Microsoft OneNote is the most excellent alternative to Android.

How do I open an Android noteworthiness file?

The Notability can produce or open NOTE files alone. If you pick File è Export and pick the format of the note, you may generate NOTE files. By choosing File § Import, you may open NOTE files and then browse to the NOTE file.

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