Pocket Ants Apk: Colony Simulator – Best Strategy Game

If you are using your cell phone today, you are indeed looking for apps and games that help kill that time on the bus, in the queue, or even at lunchtime, during your workday. Of course, there are many options, but not all of them surprise us. At least, not positively. However, a game is gaining popularity very quickly, and there are many reasons for this: Pocket Ants Apk.

If you didn’t know it yet, it’s time to find out more about this highly addictive craze that keeps on getting new downloads every day. Let’s start with the game proposal, the challenge, and what you can and should do during this new adventure.

Pocket Ants

Pocket Ants Apk game proposal

Ariel Software built the game with the proposal of placing the player in the position of an ant, fighting against the daily challenges with its anthill. So, as you can imagine, there is a lot to be done to survive.

The player controls a worker and, as such, must serve and protect the queen ant from various threats. Spiders, other colonies, the need to seek resources, and, in particular, food are some of the tasks that are up to your ant. But, the list is extensive:

  • Gather resources for your anthill;
  • Upgrade your anthill chambers and unlock bonuses;
  • Feed your queen ant and raise hardworking soldier ants;
  • Defeat and capture other creatures;
  • Collect all creatures and make them stronger;
  • Invade other players’ colonies for resources and bonus items;
  • Defeat the colony of red ants every day to get extra items;

Just like in real life, every day will be flooded with new battles, needs, adventures, which guarantees a unique and non-boring experience to the game. But, just a good idea does not make any game good. You need to know about gameplay, have good graphics, sounds and enrich the players’ journey as much as possible.

Once again, Pocket Ants is brilliant at what it proposes, as we will present below.

Download Pocket Ants Apk

Overview Of Pocket Ants App

Name Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator
Publisher Ariel Software
Genre Strategy
Size 59M
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Current Version 0.0642
Updated March 29, 2021
Modified Features All Revealed
Price Free

Download Pocket Ants APK (59.1 MB)

Why is Pocket Ants so good?

First, of course, because it brings a little-explored concept but very curious for most of us, controlling an animal. In fact, in this case, a creature very well known and admired by us, the ant.

But in particular, because it can be played online with other players and delivers quality in all critical aspects for a game to be successful in the market, as we will see.


The game is very fluid and goes through a flat view of a map, where you must travel to conquer the missions and survive, both as an ant and as a colony, protecting the queen.


The commands are pretty intuitive and straightforward, as well as the interactions and movements between all Pocket Ants elements, which guarantees ease for the user to focus his energy only on playing and having fun. All status, resources, and real-time data about your situation, that of your army and your queen, are easily accessible, at a touch, throughout the game, without disturbing what happens while you play.


The graphics in Pocket Ants are also very lively, full of animations, and very rich so that you can identify yourself even more with the game. Furthermore, they are also created to optimize the experience without being heavy, increasing the fluidity and contributing to the gameplay.

The diversity of creatures, well-built, and labyrinths of the anthills are carefully designed to find the perfect balance between a friendly and beautiful graphic with a fluid and intuitive game.

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The life of a worker ant is very dynamic, with different situations occurring and rapid changes of scenery. An example of this is when you are looking for food and are suddenly attacked by an enemy colony.

The game’s soundtrack ensures that all of these scenarios become even more mind-boggling, with drastic yet timely changes in tones and rhythms. It is an addition to be applauded, especially for a mobile game. You will undoubtedly be plunged into moments of high adrenaline, like when you are fighting other insects such as tarantulas or if you realize that another player is invading your colony.

Now, time to know what it takes to play this adventure.

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Technical Data Of Pocket Ants Colony Simulator Apk Latest Version

Pocket Ants Colony Simulator Apk runs on Android, versions 4.4 or higher. It already has more than one million downloads and a score of 4.3 out of 5 in the official Google store.

Pocket Ants Apk

The application’s size is only 59 Mb, but it receives constant updates that can increase this number, but with many new entertainment options and challenges. Finally, there is still the possibility to make in-game purchases to improve your adventure further.

Download Pocket Ants APK for free right now and start your battle for your colony’s survival and prosperity!

FAQs About Pocket Ants Apk

Apkadviser is providing some critical issues for the application with a good answer. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a solution to your doubt about this application.

Does Android contain Pocket Ants?

That appears to be what you’ll be able to accomplish in the recently launched Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator, which is available today for Android smartphones.

Can Pocket Offline Ants be played?

Finally, Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator is a game where you can make some progress even if you’re offline, related to the time you need to build and improve, or while you’re waiting for a new creature, an aphid farm, or a colony of red ants.

How do ants acquire nourishment?

Go out of the nest and look for seed and leaf. Once identified, touch the Pick option -> select Gather or Set it as a source in the lower-left corner. Make sure to set the start if you want to collect resources at Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator.

How are you getting rid of beetles from pocket ants?

Strategy. Send your ants to attack and click ‘retreat’ when your bodies get red, and your ants go out of the belt before they assault. Then click ‘again.’ When you battle against beetles, you send the ants to attack.

Do you idle Pocket Ants?

When the food processing chamber is updated, the maximum number of worker ants is increased. New ants are idle unless they are told to perform anything by the player.

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