Pokemon Emerald Cool ROM Free Download for Android [GBA]

Pokemon Emerald ROM is a role-playing video game offered by Game Freak in 2004. This game first came to light by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company.

Undoubtedly, this game is an excellent one as this was published by such a famous game publishing company. This wonderful game was launched in Japan in 2004.

This is an advanced version of s popular game, namely Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Besides, this is the final game of the Pokemon Series.

pokemon emerald randomizer rom

The producers of this video game are Hiroyuki Jinnai, Hiroaki Tsuru, Gakuji Nomoto, and Hitoshi Yamagami. There are both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Pokemon Emerald ROM Overview

Game Overview
Game Name Pokemon Emerald
Category Free Adventure
Latest Version 1.0.0
APK Size 24.8 MB
Requirements 2.2 or higher
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Download Pokemon Emerald ROM APK (24.8 MB)

Pokemon Emerald ROM Download

Do you wanna download the Pokemon Emerald game? Then there is nothing to worry about. You may download it directly by clicking our provided download button.

In addition to this, you can download it from Google Play Store without any difficulties. We are providing Google Play direct link for you.

Besides, this article is going to deal with the gameplay and different features of this game. So, keep your eyes on and explore what the game is about.

This is an attractive game that is praised by millions of players around the world. I hope, this article will make you understand why this game is so much popular.

Interestingly, the gameplay and controls of this game are mostly the same as other games in this series. The Pokemon gameplay is well-scripted and so loved by so many people across the globe.

The writers of the scripts are Hitomi Sato, Akihito Tomisawa, and Toshinobu Matsumiya.  All of them are famous scriptwriters.

Pokemon Emerald Randomizer ROM

Someone may ask what the heck Pokemon Emerald Randomizer ROM is. Ok, this is the last game of the Pokeman series and has a lot of similarities with Pokemon Ruby.

The term “Randomizer” is added due to its more random events than the previous versions. Besides, this is a reason why this game is so much unique.

This game is actually an enhanced version of the previous versions of Pokemon games. The events are so much random that sounds weird you know.


But the gameplay is very cool at all. There is no way to be bored due to its random aspects. The random aspects will give you a random feeling breaking down all the numbness.

However, you will come to understand if once you install it on your device and play this game. Everything is just different.

The program will offer you something extraordinary and randomize the Pokemon. Apart from this, all the Pokemons in this game will be randomized. You have to encounter all of their efforts.

There is no scope to predict the future. Everything may happen so randomly. You need to be prepared to overcome the situations.

This feature of unpredictability is a little bit thrilling indeed. The main aspect of this game is to randomize the Pokemon. It will mess up other aspects too. Interestingly, all the items in this game are randomized as well.

The randomizing feature is designed only for the diehard players of the Pokemon game. After installing this game, you will be able to taste something different than the previous games of this series.

Honestly saying, if you have not played any of the previous Pokemon games yet, I will have strongly suggested you play one of them.


  • The alteration feature is cool.
  • You will discover a lot of changes.
  • The randomness will alter the game a little bit.
  • This is game is totally free to play.
  • The controls are mostly the same as the previous games.


  • This game is very hard to play if you are totally a fresher in this series.
  • You must have to work so hard to develop your skill.

Pokemon Emerald GBA ROM

Download the Pokemon Emerald GBA ROM game without any difficulties. This is an Emulator Game. The Emerald version is available only in the United States.

You can download it from your computer or easily play it online. Besides, you can download the Fire Red version. Both the Emerald and Fire Red versions work well on all devices.

Pokemon: Emerald Version ROM download is available here on this page. This is actually the US-English version. Download this game and play this with an emulator.

Playing it online is also available. It will save your time and effort indeed. You can play this game on mobile, desktop PC, and tablets. I believe you will love playing this a lot.

Pokemon Emerald ROM GBA

Download Pokemon Emerald ROM GBA. This is an outstanding game that can be played with an emulator. This is the combination of Ruby and Sapphire.

The whole story is set in Hoenn, a Japanese region. Though it is just a game, you will get a real-like pleasure while playing this game.

Like other Pokemon games, this is a fun game based on interesting scripts. Besides, the gameplay is full of fun. This game is in the Role-playing genre where you have an awesome scope to play your own role.

The main goal of the players is to cross and overcome the Hoenn region. You need to win over eight Pokemon Gyms to throw the challenge upon the Elite Four (Exceptionally skilled trainers).

Then you have to challenge the champion of the Elite Four. There are subplots inside the gameplay. The main subplot is so interesting. Here you have to chase two criminal organizations. The players have an extremely positive reaction to this game.

ROM Pokemon Emerald

ROM Pokemon Emerald is another version of Pokemon Ruby Sapphire. Based on the story of Pokemon Ruby Sapphire, new episodes have been added to make it even more powerful.

Speaking of Kyogre and Groudon fighting fiercely, you will understand how amazing it is. Also, the newly added Battle Frontier is a pleasure unique to this software.

Pokemon Emerald Rom

This facility, where you can enjoy Pokemon battles with various rules, has enough volume to become one game by itself, and it is enough to play!

The adventure stage of Pokemon Emerald is in the same Hoenn region as Pokemon Ruby Sapphire. The main character, who has moved to Mishiro Town, gets a Pokemon and a Pokemon Book from Dr. Odamaki and goes on an adventure trip.

The Magma and Aqua teams, which appeared in only one of them in Pokemon Ruby Sapphire, both appeared in Pokemon Emerald, blocking the path of the main character!

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Download Pokemon Emerald ROM

Get ready to download Pokemon Emerald ROM. In Pokemon Emerald, two super-ancient Pokemon, Groudon and Kyogre, fight fiercely.

Groudon should have only awakened in Pokemon Ruby and Kyogre only in Pokemon Sapphire.  Moreover, it seems that another super-ancient Pokemon, Rayquaza, is involved in the clash between Groudon and Kyogre.

GBA Pokemon Cool ROM

Download GBA Pokemon Cool ROM. Okay; let me show an overview first.

Equipped with Battle Frontier

It can be said that it is the biggest additional element in this work. There are 7 facilities including the previous battle tower.

Significant addition of trainers

A trainer has been added overall. In particular, the number of double battle scenes has increased significantly, and by entering between two people facing each other, it becomes a tag battle against both of them. An event to fight with friendly NPCs will also appear for the first time.

Function change

You can make an entry call from Trainer Eye and use it to talk with registered trainers such as gold/silver and crystal versions.

Rematch with the gym leader

After clearing the scenario, it became possible to rematch with the gym leader (the party will be strengthened to the same level as the four heavenly kings).

The dark leap of the Magma and Aqua teams

Both ruby ​​and sapphire organizations have appeared at the same time in this work and are confronting each other. In the story, the main character will deal with both of them. Both Groudon and Kyogre can be summoned and both can be obtained. You can also get Rayquaza.

Introducing the second generation Pokemon

Some of the Pokemon that could not be obtained with only the four works of the third generation so far, such as Usokki, Gligar, Delville, and Shuckle, can be obtained after obtaining the Zenkokuzukan.

Furthermore, when the Hoenn book is completed, Dr. Odamaki will give you one of Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile.

pokemon emerald rom download

As a result, all 386 Pokemon up to the third generation can be obtained with only 5 Game Boy Advance versions (delivery data is required for phantom Pokemon and Lugia Ho-Oh).

However, since it was after the Pokemon Coliseum was released, it was available for a long time (excluding Lugia).


Pokemon Emerald is the third-generation game software of the Pokemon series released by Nintendo. It was released as a minor change of Ruby Sapphire.

Pokemon Emerald is a game based on Ruby Sapphire, with additional elements. Many of the added systems have been carried over to Diamond Pearl. Download and install this enhanced game and enjoy unlimited pleasure.


You can find out confusing any question in the bellow section. Check out and follow our FAQ section to know more details about this Apk.

Can I Download from Here?

Definably, you can direct download just click the download button and get it free.

In what languages is this game available?

This game is available in several languages. They are:

  • US English
  • Japanese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Spanish

After arriving in Lilycove city in Emerald, what do you do?

It would be best if you left Lilycove east, but Team Aqua/Magma blocks the route. You may only return to Route 121 and then use the pier to Surf Süd to Route 122 in the center.

Is it preferable to flygon than salamence?

If you search for a stronger Pokémon, then Salamence is the method to answer WingedAsian’s query. The attacks are more severe than the Special attacks. But Salamence’s considerably more powerful; Flygon’s nice still, too.

Can you obtain all 3 Pokemon Emerald starters?

In Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, you can only receive one of every starter. Other players have to get the rest through deals. Unfortunately, that means you have to hope that somebody has been breeding the starters. You don’t have to join the same team to obtain Torchic, Mudkip, and Treecko at once.

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