Pokemon Go Apk Mod Latest Version Download For iOS & Android

The augmented reality game “Pokemon Go Apk” brings the little monsters straight to your home and neighborhood.

In the adventure, you set out as a young and inexperienced trainer to find and catch all kinds of Pokemon. You can see which creatures are near you via your Android smartphone. You have to catch them with a targeted throw of a Pokeball.

If you succeed, you will have the creature in your inventory from now on and compete against other Pokemon in arenas.

For fulfilling battles and quests, you collect experience points that allow you to increase your character level. This allows you to catch even stronger Pokemon. Refill your supply of items at Pokestops.

Pokemon Go Apk – Pokemon go hack ios & android

Anyone who has downloaded the app must first enter their date of birth: Pokemon Go players should be at least 13 years old; otherwise, they need the consent of their parents.

You must register or login with your Google account in case you have acknowledged the terms and conditions. Attention: Pokemon Go was initially able to access all user data here but has already improved.

Then Professor Willow welcomes the user and initially guides them through all the essential steps. You can put together your avatar: There are a male and a female version, and you can choose between different hair and eye colors and other clothes.


Then it starts. Necessary: GPS and internet must be activated and connected.

Now you choose a starter Pokemon: you can choose from the classic Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. But if you prefer to start with Pikachu, like Pokemon hero Ash Ketchum, ignore the three Pokemon and patiently walk around until Pikachu appears.

If you have caught your starter Pokemon, you have to choose a username. Creativity is required here: With over 10 million users, many are already taken.

Now at the latest, you should go outside and explore the area: There are various real sights on the map, there are Pokestops that function as shops, arenas, and a lot of wild Pokemon.

Overview Of The Pokemon Go App

Name Pokémon GO
Genre Adventure
Offered By Niantic, Inc.
Updated December 22, 2020
Size 121 MB
Current Version 0.195.2
Requires Android 6.0 and up
Price Free

Download Pokemon Go Apk (121 MB)

 How To Catch A Pokemon

As soon as a Pokemon appears, Pokemon Go vibrates. Now you should go as close as possible to the being and click on it.

Then the camera opens, and the Pokemon appears in the camera image. Simultaneously, in the lower center, you can see the Poke ball.

You throw it at the Pokemon with a sweeping motion, but the Pokemon likes to hop to the side so that – especially at the beginning – you need a few attempts. Caution: With every throw, you also lose a PokeBall.

If the Pokemon is caught, it appears in the Pokedex: You will find all the relevant information such as the level, the type of the Pokemon, and its abilities.

If you don’t want to keep the Pokemon, you can always send it to Professor Willow. In return, you get items to increase the power of your previous Pokemon.

How To Get New PokeBalls, Eggs, And Potions

You start with 50 Pokeballs. There is a replenishment of relevant items at the Pokestops: Turn the window with a swipe.

There are also some extras for reaching a new level. If you want to speed things up a bit, you can buy more in the Pokeshop via in-app purchase – but only for real money.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk

Up to level 5, there are only Poke balls or eggs at the stops; there are also other items after that. Then, the finish is for a few minutes deactivated before you can use it again. So wait or take a walk to the next stop.

How Do I Train My Pokemon

If you catch a Pokemon again that you already had, you get stardust and candy. This is how a Pokemon can take to the next level and eventually evolve after consuming enough sweets. Dust and candy are always tied to a Pokemon, so try to catch the same Pokemon as often as possible.

Tip:  Which Pokemon are currently nearby is shown in the lower right corner of the map.

Evolution stones and automatic level advancements are not initially included in the game. To be prepared for the arenas, it is enough to concentrate on six Pokemon.

How Do The Fights Work In The Arenas

You can fight from level 5 and then first choose a team color. On the way, you should have noticed that the arenas are red, yellow, or blue. The color decides in which arenas you can fight. It is best to decide on the same color with friendly players.

The aim is to defend the arena of your group and to take over that of others. To protect yourself, you park several Pokemon at the arena during the game. During training battles against teammates, the defense value of the arena increases.

To conquer an arena, you have to fight the defenders and win. With every victory, you also get extra trainer points and thus increase the chance of finding rare Pokemon.

The fights take place in real-time. You have a weak and a strong attack at your disposal, for whose application you tap the opponent briefly or long. You may also use special moves on enemy Pokemon in the process of the battle.

As before, the following applies: Some guys have a small advantage over others. A water Pokemon is the right choice against a Fire Pokemon; against a Ground Pokemon, you should choose a Flying Pokemon.

Pokemon Go: And In General

Pokemon Go On Apk is and will be just a game, so keep your eyes open in traffic. Before you stop to catch a Pokemon, you should also make sure that you are not blocking anyone or even walking across a busy street.

Then the tip: When you’re out, put your mobile phone in your pocket. Because when a Pokemon comes, the cell phone vibrates.

So you’d better take a walk around the area in the spirit of the game, take a look at a few sights and keep an eye out for prominent points such as subway stations – and only then pull out your cell phone to find the Pokestop.

What Do I Do With An Egg

In a Pokemongo Apk game, you can carry up to nine eggs with you simultaneously. To hatch them, you get an egg incubator at the beginning.

If you want to hatch several eggs simultaneously, you can buy additional machines in the shop – at certain levels, there is a machine for free. But be careful: they break after a few eggs.

Pokemon Go Apk

Then it’s time to run, run, run. Depending on the Pokeei, you have to travel 2.5 or 10 kilometers before the Pokemon hatches.

However, there are already numerous tips on the Internet for being lazy to walk; for example, you can put your cell phone on a vacuum cleaner or attach it to a pet.

Catch Even More Pokemon With The Go Plus

If you don’t want to keep looking at your smartphone and still want to catch a lot of Pokemon, you can think about investing in a unique bracelet.

The so-called Pokemon Go Plus can be held in hand or worn like a bracelet and signals Pokemon and Pokestops that appear nearby.

With a simple push of a button on the glowing button, the little gadget now catches the Pokemon or turns a Pokestop for you.

The escape rate for Pokemon is higher with the ribbon than if you throw a Pokeball yourself, but the ribbon is an excellent addition.

A Pokemon Go Plus bracelet

I always wear the ribbon under my cell phone to catch less important Pokemon as I walk by with one click. Another plus point: You can catch Pokemon while fighting in an arena or a raid.

A similar gadget is the PokeBall Plus. This offers the same functions in a different form factor and is rechargeable.

The Pokemon-guide For Beginners

Here is my little guide for beginners:

  • During your walks, you will find Pokestops. These Pokestops will activate when you get closer to them, and you will be able to collect objects of all kinds.
  • With these Pokeballs, you will be able to capture all the little Pokemon you meet! Don’t be choosy; grab everything you encounter (in the game, not diseases, eh): Each Pokemon captured earns you a specific candy as well as experience points. For example, to evolve a Roucool, you will need 12 “Roucools,” so you have to capture 12 other Roucools.
  • At the bend of a Pokestop, you may collect an egg. These eggs can be placed in an incubator, which will work as you take your steps. For example, a Stari egg takes 5km to hatch.
  • Are there any crappy Pokemon around? You can use incense to attract all nearby Pokemon.
  • By dint of nabbing Pokemon and objects everywhere, you will gain experience points and change level … At level 5, you can choose one of the three teams (yellow, red, or blue) and fight d other trainers in the arenas for what to be under your team’s flag.

That’s the goal of Apk Pokemon Go! As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care about fighting other players or winning arenas; I want to catch Pokemon everywhere and evolve them.

Download Pokemon Go Apk For Android

You can rest easy when you Download Pokemon Go Android APK; we have verified that the APK For Pokemon Go does not have any virus or malware since the news has spread APKs distributed over the Internet would be infecting some mobiles.

Pokemon Go

We also confirm that all the hoaxes unleashed on the Internet about bans are a lie; Nintendo is not banning anyone from using Pokemon Apk .

They are eager to launch it worldwide! And there are not so many of us who decided to download it this way; they would never ban you for this cause knowing that you are a genuine Pokemon follower and are eager to play and enjoy this Pokemon in augmented reality.

Go Pokemon Apk is a game in augmented reality, so it will force us to move in real life, through our entire city, to look at the mobile and see Pokemons, trainers, and gyms as if it were a video game.

A vice that, as a fan of the saga, you probably don’t want to miss. The game is free and includes micropayments for some details, although you can enjoy the title free without having to pay at any time.

Within the game, if we want to buy Pokeballs, it is done with Pokecoins, and these can be acquired with real money, although also through rewards that the game grants by playing it usually.

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Steps To Install Latest Pokemon Go Apk

  • We make sure that our mobile phone has the option to install applications of “unknown origin” or “Unknown sources” activated, that is, the factory lock so that you only install applications and games from the Play Store.
  • It is not recommended to install many apps outside the Play Store, but there is no problem as long as it comes from a trusted source.
  • In any Android, it is in the “security” tab within settings/configuration. If you want to install Apk Pokemon Go on a Samsung Galaxy, you have to look for the “Lock screen and security” option in “Settings.”
  • Download Pokemon Go APK for Android from our site (Link Provided)
  • When downloaded, we will have the file in the notification bar. The easiest thing to install Apk Pokemon Go is to give that notification. It will proceed to its installation, asking us, depending on Android’s version, about the permissions that Pokemon Go requests to function. It uses the camera, the GPS, the contacts (to check the friends who have the game), and the phone’s memory.
  • If asked for something else like the microphone, access to calls, or SMS, be suspicious, since the Pokemon GO game in the official APK does not need that, and it may be that it is a version that is swarming the Internet with malware that allows full access to your phone remotely.
  • If the downloaded app does not appear in notifications or accidentally deleted, go to “My file” or download a file explorer if your mobile does not have it, to go to the “downloads/download” folder. There you will see the application to run it.
  • Ready! Run the game, try it out, hit the streets, and grab them all!

Pokemon Go Apk Free Download For PC

  • Downloading the Pokemon Go Update Apk private server apk can provide you with a next-level experience in the enhanced game. But how to deal with an operating system contradiction problem?
  • Just as Windows IOS devices are not directly compatible with apk files, to have Pokemon go apk without root, you can download an Android emulator, “BlueStack,” from here.
  • Sign in to your regular Google account right after installing an Android emulator.
  • Now it’s time to download the Apk Pokemon go for windows from here.
  • Open my applications on the android emulator, drag and drop the downloaded file.
  • Follow these simple steps, and with this fantastic application, you are good to go.

Pokemon Go Consumes A Lot Of Battery

It’s true, a game like Pokemon Go Apk where we have the screen on most of the time, using the camera, GPS, Internet, etc.

It consumes a lot of battery, like any other game or application with that type of use, and that’s how the game is, and those are also its advantages since augmented reality allows the game to be linked to the fact.

Neither Nintendo nor anyone else has miracle cures for the consumption of your mobile battery, so but you can follow these tips:


Tips For Apk Pokemon Go To Consume Less Battery

As lovely as the game is, the smartphone’s battery level drops just as quickly with intensive use. To still be able to play longer, these tips will help:

Deactivate apps

Active apps in the background consume electricity, even if they are not actively used. Before starting the game, you should, therefore, make sure that all apps (including those in the background) are deactivated. This saves energy and allows you to play longer.

Adjust display brightness

Adjusting the brightness can also help save valuable battery power and lengthen the interval between two battery charges.

Switch off unnecessary telephone functions

A swipe from the device’s upper edge shows the phone functions that are currently active on most Android smartphones.

Whether Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS, or NFC – the activated functions scan permanently in the background for other devices, routers, or satellites and suck on the battery.

To save battery, you should therefore switch on only the necessary tasks.

Can I Get Banned For Downloading And Installing Go Pokemon Apk?

The short answer is no; they will not ban you for downloading Pokemon Go Latest APK and playing it, although yes, they can ban you if you don’t make fair use of the game.

The bans that can be given when playing Pokemon in augmented reality are caused by installing the game on rooted mobiles, that is, mobiles with special low-level access, which allows you to defeat the game and use positioning tricks for Pokemon Go Apk, moving around the map from your sofa, etc.

If you use tricks, if you can be banned, and if you are a root user, consider that they can deny you both in this game and others, whether you download it from the Play Store officially or install the APK.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Pokemon Go Apk Latest Version


  • Pokemon go android pro version is a fun game that encourages people to exercise and walk around to benefit them both in reality and the game.
  • The graphics are high definition, and the sound effects are very realistic
  • On the Pokemon Download Go Apk platform, you can interact with other national or international players, an excellent social interaction source.
  • As it works with GPS and network connectivity, you will learn more about your local interactions in your city.
  • This game is a great source to unleash the next level of hidden creativity in children.


  • It would help if you always connected to the network and the GPS. You, therefore, can’t benefit from the offline Pokemon mode.

mod apk

Frequently Asked Questions

Get benefit from our experience that we gather from this app, and here we are going to answer you from the lucrative question:

What’s next with Pokemon Go?

While the server problems are now reasonably under control, Niantic has announced that Pokemon Go will receive updates every two weeks – including a trade function, customizable Pokestops, etc.

According to Niantic, Pokemon Go currently only contains 10 percent of the features that the developers want to implement.

How do I get legendary Pokemon?

There are no details yet. However, it was indirectly announced in the launch trailer that there would be events in which many people can participate and possibly receive legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo.

There are no Pokestops / Arenas near me, what can I do?

A few days ago, Niantic offered the opportunity to add new arenas and Pokestops via a contact form. This possibility has now been removed – presumably due to the enormous onslaught.

Is it safe to install on my device?

Yes, it is safe to play. We never provide any app with Virus and Malware.

How do install Pokemon Go on Android?

  • Download from Apkdviser or Google play
  • Go to settings options
  • Tap to allow unknown sources
  • Click the Install button and after successfully installing play with pokemon go

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