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Pokemon Omega Ruby Apk is a program, aptff6adv, adventure, Pokemon, omega, and ruby (PEGI-3). This application is ranked 3.03 by 37 users.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby Apk Features

  • Start a new adventure in Hoenn city, a natural beauty-rich area that includes a cave that shows the legendary scene.
  • Learn about Primal Reversion, the new and powerful transformation that Legendary Pokémon Groudon and Kyogre have undergone.
  • Get ever closer to solving Mega Evolution mysteries as more Pokémon learn this vital skill.

Additional Information

Name Pokémon Omega Ruby
Publisher Nintendo
Console Nintendo 3DS
ROM Type 3DS
Size 24.8 MB

Download Pokemon Omega Ruby APK (24.8 MB)


Omega Pokemon When a player moves with his mother and father to the Hoenn region, Ruby’s events start. The dad of the player is a Pokemon trainer and owns a fitness center in the city of Petalburg.

In the central town of Hoenn, Professor Birch goes to see them and starts his dream of being a Pokemon Trainer. Unfortunately, his Pokemon are troubled by Professor Birch.

The professor caught them with the aid of the player. Moreover, the professor agrees to send the player one of the three Pokemons, and the trip here starts to conquest Hoenn.

Pokemon Omega Ruby


You play a young man or girl’s part, as regular. You are going on an adventure in the Hoenn area and struggling to become a Pokemon trainer.

Omega Ruby begins in Pokémon in a small city. You will get the first Pokemon after meeting Professor Birch. You have to visit cellars, savannas, woods. There are several Pokemon to gather and gain knowledge.

New areas are to be unlocked at a later stage. You’ll visit eight towns, eight preparation sessions, and a beat mentor. This is the prerequisite for Hoenn’s championship competition.

Pokémon Omega Ruby, usually Team Magma, also has villains. The mythical Pokemon Groudon is to be summoned to wreck the coasts. Before things get worse, you have to save them.

Become a true trainer

The material of the Pokemon series is very fascinating, just not a lot of them. You will find an entertaining roleplaying game in Pokémon Omega Ruby based on the main plot. But if you want to read more about the system of Pokemon.

Also, If you can see, the forms of Pokemon are different. Each of the Pokemon has a unique skill and is split into various schemes of advantages.

It would help if you relied on the physical characteristics and morphology to produce new techniques. This strategy will allow you to beat more formidable adversaries. If he has the strength and the ambition for a Hoenn Championship, then a Pokemon Master will do that.

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Collect your favorite Pokemons

Firstly, Pokémon Omega Ruby will please you with hundreds of different varieties if you want to pick Pokémon. It’s pretty easy to catch Pokemon.

If you fight them, weaken them, and use Pokedex to take it, it will be best. For instance, the capturing of Pokemon takes place in all conditions, be it a Pokemon in the wild or a coach.

Download Pokemon Omega Ruby

Also, Pokemon Omega Ruby Apk has experience sharing features. This ensures that the entire team can acquire knowledge while there is only one battling Pokemon.

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Two gems of Pokemon

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire can lead players on a quest like none else while attempting to stop a shadowed gang and change the Hoenn area before they gather, struggle and sell Pokémon.

Pokemon Omega Ruby Apk

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Find the answers to some of the frequent questions that may help you have some clear knowledge about this game.

Can people play Android with Pokemon Omega Ruby?

You can, yes. You need to download an emulator from the Internet to play any games not designed for a telephone.

Can I play Pokemon Omega Ruby on Android?

Defiantly not, because it is a 3DS PC game and there is not available valid Android emulator.

Is Pokemon Omega Ruby offline?

Yes, You can play offline and enjoy with kicks you without it – Destructoid.

Is available Omega Ruby Nintendo 3DS ROM

Yes! It is available on Nintendo 3DS ROM.

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