Pool Corruption in File Area for Windows (Fix)

Pool Corruption in File Area is a nasty death screen that triggers machine restart. It is one of the unpleasant death screens.

Many problems might create difficulty. The usual reason for the issue is outdated drivers or software, file or program corruption, or antivirus program malfunction.

Windows provides a Blue Death Screen and starts your machine again if anything goes wrong. Users are showing the following message:

Your PC has run into difficulty and must restart. We gather some error information, and we’re going to restart it for you.

Pool Corruption in File Area

Users should install the available OS, software, or driver Updates as soon as the machine is turned on, check for corrupted software or files, and ensure the virus is not installed on your computer.

One potential explanation for a POOL CORRUPTION IN FILE AREA Error is malware infestation.

Can be used to repair Windows 10 POOL CORRUPTION IN FILE AREA issue

The error is connected to a computer-related problem if your system is inspected using security software and nothing has been discovered. Consequently, all available systems, applications, and drivers’ updates need to be installed.

Method 1. Drivers update

Outdated drivers often lead to Blue Death Screen. However, the following actions can remedy this problem:

  • Press Windows Key + X and choose from the selection Device Manager.
  • Find the driver, right-click it to update, and choose Update Driver Software in the device management.
  • Choose Search for updated driver software automatically in the window shown.
  • Warrant updating and installing Windows by following on-screen prompts.

In rare situations, however, the OS is not able to detect the latest driver versions. [3] You should therefore check the newest version on the website of the producer.

Method 2. Windows 10 updates are available

  • To navigate settings, click Start.
  • Update & Security selection.
  • Click on the update option for Windows.
  • Hit the Update check button.
  • Then, as described in the screen instructions, install available updates.

Method 3. Antivirus Uninstall

If you worry about the safety of your computer, this might not seem a pleasant proposal. However, the POOL CORRUPTION IN FILE AREA issue might cause some security programs. You’ve had to inspect it, thus.

You have to enter the list of programs and delete them like any other application to uninstall your antivirus. If you have difficulty, try another antivirus or rely on Windows Defender, a Windows 10 antivirus incorporated.

System Recovery Method 4.

  • Restart your PC to activate Automatic Repair many times during booting.
  • Select Troubleshooting.
  • Click on Options Advanced.
  • Click Restore System then.
  • Choose your password and input it.
  • Click Select another restoration point and click Next.
  • Choose your favorite spot for restoration and click Next.
  • Wait for the completion of the task.

Pool Corruption in File Area for Windows

Method 5. Reset Windows 10

If System Restore failed to correct the POOL CORRUPTION IN FILE AREA problem, consider resetting your operating system. This is a clean-install approach. [4] Therefore, you need to build data safeguards and obtain a Windows 10 bootable USB flash drive.

  • Reboot your computer for Automatic Repair a few times throughout reboot.
  • Choose Troubleshoot and Reset the PC.
  • Select Remove all. Installing Windows 10 media may be requested. Do not forget to attach your USB flash bootable disc as well.
  • Only choose the drive where the Windows option is installed.
  • Then, delete my files, click Reset.
  • Follow the on-screen reset commands.

Method 6. Hardware problems check

If no solutions listed above helped repair a hardware-related problem for POOL CORRUPTION IN FILE REA error. RAM, motherboard, and CPU issues may occur.

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The FAQs About Pool Corruption in File Area

Here we mention some important questions with a good answer for those who are still confusing about fixing this problem on your device.

How do I fix the caller? How do I repair it?

Correction of 0xC2 error:

  • Press and hold the power button to turn off your PC, then wait and press again. Turn it on. Could you turn it on again?
  • Click Troubleshoot on the following page, then select Advanced Options > Startup Settings.
  • Choose the button Reset.
  • You may pick how to start when your PC restarts this time.

What is causing a corrupt PFN list?

Instead of PFN LIST CORRUPT errors, you may make sure that defective hardware, usually RAM, works properly. Download and run MemTest86+ for a few hours to achieve this.

Many customers are claiming that the problem entirely fixed after changing their RAM.

What’s the corruption of a pool?

The POOL CORRUPTION IN FILE AREA is a stop code that can occur with file or program corruption, outdated drivers or software, or antivirus program issue on Windows 10 computer screens.

A frequent issue in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and even Windows XP is PFN LIST CORRUPT BSOD (blue death screen).

What is causing a mistake in calling the pool?

Often driver problems or overclocking leads to the Windows 10 Bad Pool Caller. A Windows Speaker pool is for drivers’ memory.

Pool failures often occur where either the memory assigned cannot release or if there is no part of the data in the memory.

What’s wrong with the Blue Screen pool header?

Bad Pool Header is a popular blue death screen, which might occur in Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, or Windows 10 editions, etc.

Numerous causes of misleading, including physical memory, damaged registry entries in Windows, viruses, malware and incompatible applications.

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