PowerDirector Pro Apk Mod Downloads – Best Video Editing App

PowerDirector Pro Apk is well known as an application for easy and feature-rich video editing. Even the results are not inferior to the edits from the PC.

This video editing software should be familiar to those who want to edit videos on their smartphones.

You don’t need special skills to edit videos using the PowerDirector. Just by using a few of its features and a little creativity, you can produce professional-grade videos.

Well, for those of you who are curious about using this application, Apkadviser has this PowerDirector Modified Version, which you can use more freely.

PowerDirector Pro Apk Premium Download For Android & iOS

Both Android and iPhone smartphones have now become a part of our daily lives. You can do most of our work with these tiny tools.

You can do anything, from typing, taking pictures, listening to songs, or even editing videos that you take using a smartphone.

Editing videos seem to be in great demand lately due to the growing public interest in watching videos, like most on YouTube.


If you are one of those who has a hobby of editing videos, you can try the PowerDirector application. Developed by Cyberlink.com, a multimedia company that is well known for its video applications and software, it certainly won’t disappoint.

On Android, PowerDirector is quite popular, which has a very simple user interface, not as complex as the PC video editing software you imagine, gang.

So, even those of you who have never edited a video will easily use this application and the hundreds of features in it.

For those of you who want to use it more freely, Apkadviser has a more reflective PowerDirector APK!

Apk PowerDirector Pro is a modified PowerDirector application so that you can enjoy several premium features in it for free.

Apart from that, you will also use several items such as additional videos, effects, audio, and free stickers offered for premium users.

You can add captions and subtitles even more exciting, and even you can also use your own recorded voice as a voice-over video.

PowerDirector Apk Pro has excellent features that can make you edit the background. You can record your video with a plain background and combine it with the experience you want.

After you finish editing, you can start the rendering process with the highest quality, up to 4K, and the results will spoil your eyes.

Overview Of PowerDirector Pro

Name PowerDirector – Video Editor App, Best Video Maker
Genre Cyberlink CorpVideo
Publisher Players & Editors
Size 87M
Current Version 9.0.0
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Updated March 11, 2021
Modified Features All Revealed

Download PowerDirector Pro APK (87.4 MB)

PowerDirector Pro: Incredible Videos That Don’t Even Seem Edited On Mobile

We recently brought the recommendation of FiLMiC to our readers who use their cell phones to manipulate videos daily. Perhaps, you have tried it and, if so, we believe you are happy with the choice since it is a good application.

However, today we will tell you, above all, that you need an app capable of offering the tools and resources of professional programs developed for large platforms, such as PC and Mac.

It is the PowerDirector Pro Full APK: a robust tool that offers a wide range of advanced features, a friendly interface, a professional environment, and stunning results. We will review everything interesting about the free PowerDirector Pro in this article.

General Features Of PowerDirector Pro

Features and high performance are the trademarks of this application. However, while it is possible, of course, to explore and learn to tinker with its most advanced resources, these are not the easiest-to-use tools you will find.


Even though it offers a friendly interface, especially for those who already have a good background in the world of editing and creating videos, the fact that the app provides many resources, very several complexes, also ends up transforming its interface in an environment with too much information, which can keep users away from, say, less technical.

PowerDirector Pro

Operability And Fluidity

Some of the more professional options for editing your video require much of the phone’s hardware, making the PowerDirector Pro APK Full 2021 unsuitable for simpler models.

However, suppose you have a dotted phone or, at least, with an intermediate processor, a good amount of RAM, and a screen with adequate brightness and resolution. In that case, the experience becomes very fluid and the resources fully operational. You can check on the Cyberlink website the compatible processors for the main cell phone brands.

In this scenario, the user will produce close to those seen by professional computer programs.

Outstanding Features Of PowerDirector Video Editor Pro Apk

As one of the most popular smartphone video editing applications, of course, PowerDirector App has a myriad of exciting features that you should pay attention to and consider if you want to use them.

Following Apkadviser’s explanation above, PowerDirector Pro Apk is a modified version that can make you enjoy premium features for free. Relax, the interface is not much different from the original version.

So, what premium features can you enjoy with the PowerDirector Pro? Check it out below.

No Watermark

Like most free video editing applications in general, what is annoying is that there is a watermark on the video that has been edited. For premium users, you can indeed remove this watermark feature.

But with PowerDirector Pro Apk No Watermark, you can also enjoy this feature without paying to become a premium user. All videos that you edit will be watermark-free and won’t interfere with the appearance of your video.

Apart from being without a watermark, the PowerDirector Pro Apk Free application is also ad-free. So you no longer need to feel annoyed because you are bothered by advertisements that suddenly appear.

Chroma Key

Chroma Key is a superior feature of PowerDirector Apk. You can adjust the context of your video with this tool.

However, you need to pay attention; to change the background, you need to take a plain and solid background video. Otherwise, the background replacement process will not be smooth.

Of course, this feature is entertaining and will make your video feel like a professional edit. All you do is just a few clicks on your cellphone.

Speed ​​Control

Want to make an excellent slow-motion video? PowerDirector Pro Apk can help you quickly and very simply.

Not only do you make the slow motion, but you can also speed up the motion in your video. Anyway, with the Speed ​​Control feature, you can adjust the video’s speed to your heart’s content.

You have to scroll and choose the speed you want, slower or faster. That way, the video that you edit will be more colorful.

Full HD 4K Quality Videos

You can use the PowerDirector application to create videos with a quality of up to 4K Full HD. So, the produced video will look very clear, and there are hardly any broken images. The consequence of this high quality is that the file size is the largest. Besides, this software can also insert videos in various formats such as H.264 AVC (.3gp, .mp4, MKV), H.263 (.3gp, .mp4, MKV), VP8 (MKV), and MPEG- 4 SP (.3GP, MP4, MKV). During the video creation process, users can add images and sound files of various shapes. Image files that you can import are PNG, BMP, WebP, JPEG, and GIF. Meanwhile, the sound that you can insert is in the form of MP4, WAV, MP3, M4A, and AAC files.

No Ads

The easiest thing to see to differentiate between the free version and the pro version is advertisements. These ads will always appear every time the internet connection is turned on while using the application’s free version. Even though it is annoying, it is only natural because that is where the application developer revenue comes from. It will look foolish if someone comments to remove ads even though they are using a free application. Even so, the PowerDirector Pro Full APK Latest Version 2021 application will not display ads at all.

Premium Items

The premium features indeed present several items that are not in the free or free version. As a result, you’ll be able to get premium pieces for free using PowerDirector.

For example, such as stickers, additional videos and images, and some premium music and transitions. So, the options for editing your video will increase and make you more creative.

Your edited video will be good with these additional items, and it’s also more exciting and different.

Audio Features

Not that they are not also one of the most sophisticated functions, but we decided to create our category to manipulate audios in your video since the application integrates an exclusive Audio Editor so that you can do more and better, without the need for a third-party tool.

  • Edit and add songs perfectly synchronized with your video;
  • Create, edit and save recorded narrations from your device with the Voice Editor feature;
  • Adjust and use audios from different sources in high quality;

If that wasn’t enough, you could still count on the Apk PowerDirector Pro 2021 premium’s exclusive features, which adds even more content to the previous libraries. Some examples below:

  • + 15 video effects
  • + 20 title templates
  • + 80 transitions
  • + 100 sound effect clips, plus background music tracks
  • + 210 artistic color filters
  • + 220 stickers

But, none of this is enough to deliver results at the highest standards if an application does not excel in resolutions, compatibility, and support. Time to get to know how you can use your videos created and edited in PowerDirector Pro.

PowerDirector Pro Apk

Transitions, Effects, And Animations

A varied library that allows quality animations for the most different types of video is certainly one of the flagships here. When choosing to Download PowerDirector Pro Apk Full, the user will have access to:

  • Glitch Effect:

It is a kind of special effect that allows you to create videos with a futuristic touch, dynamic photos full of action, and stories with dystopian themes;

  • Different Effects:

There are more than 400 different effect models for all tastes, no matter the impact you want to cause, from something more causal to a corporate presentation;

  • Incredible Transitions:

Choose from over 40 possibilities for moving between scenes or images in your videos in a natural and enchanting way;

  • Fun Stickers:

Bring your productions to life with a rich library of almost 300 stickers;

  • Professional Color Filters:

About 70 color filters for your videos don’t fail in any detail. Speaking of color, it is still possible to edit the background with the green screen editor using the chroma-key;

Basic Editing Adjustments

All the tools you need to make the first corrections to your footage and make them more faithful to the experience you want to show.

  • Optimized Handling:

Crop, rotate, or split your video into smaller clips with just a touch of the screen;

  • Sensitive Adjustments:

Balance the color, saturation, brightness, and contrast of each frame of your video or image with professional calibration.

  • Shooting Stabilization:

Correct your shaky camera takes and improves the quality of your result in a simple and automated way;

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Advanced Features

If you are the professional we talked about at the beginning of our article, this section is probably the one you most want to see. Sophisticated features that will allow your work to be done, even on a bus or subway.

  • Blending:

Use different overlapping clips to produce double exposure effects with various blending modes;

  • Timeline Mode:

Multi- timeline interface, so you don’t miss any details, even those that happen in a matter of seconds;

  • Title Designer:

Exclusive tool for creating texts to be added to your videos;

  • PiP Overlays:

Create collages of videos and images for enchanting results;

Pros of PowerDirector Pro

PowerDirector Pro is a solid video editor application that various groups can use. The free edition of this application can be used as an opening gate and an introduction to how good this video editor’s quality is. There are three advantages of PowerDirector Pro. The three benefits are:

  • The definitive editing tool.
  • Impressive editing performance.
  • An interface that is easy to understand and master.

Complete Editing Tool

You can do any editing through this application. Migration and transfer of files to PC are not required because this video editor application for Android can perform editing operations, which can be pretty robust. This suite of editing tools comes with a large number of effects and templates available.

Steady Editing Performance

In other programs, sometimes, you cannot do editing smoothly. There are always bottlenecks in terms of sluggish performance when editing or adding a variety of content. As long as you use a cellphone with a good machine, there will be no editing process obstacles.

Easy-To-Master Interface

This is the main factor that makes many young people use PowerDirector Pro. Most young people don’t need a lot of editing for a vlog or other simple video to upload to the internet. Users will have no trouble accessing various tools and completing editing quickly.

Download PowerDirector Pro Apk

PowerDirector Pro 2021 Compatibility And Support

The video editor leaves nothing to be desired in this vital aspect when producing your content. What you should expect in terms of service and usability as outlined below:

  • Compatible with 720p, Full HD 1080p, and 4K videos (including exporting them at these resolutions);
  • Compatible with Chromebooks ;
  • 64-bit video support (much more stable);
  • Compatible with formats of various social networks, such as YouTube and Facebook;

Before you decide, give it a try and tell us what you think in the comments that are just below our content; let’s present our conclusion.

PowerDirector Pro Apk Download Is Simple And Straightforward

You can find the best at the moment in the publishing world in this app of many possibilities. In addition to features ranging from basic to advanced, it also has great compatibility and constant updates that always bring more value to your editions.

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The Verdict On PowerDirector Pro

Currently, as you can check out by exploring our site a bit, there are a plethora of good video and photo editing apps for mobile phones. However, most of them bet on intuitiveness and intermediate resources to be popular for all audiences.

The idea of ​​the PowerDirector Pro APK is a little different since it allows you to have access to functions that normally do not exist in mobile apps, that is, much more advanced and, even, that can be considered premium.

Thus, its use is not the simplest on the market, but it should not be a problem for users who already have, even if little, knowledge of editing. Of course, a little time to adapt and explore the tool will be crucial to make you even more comfortable.

Thus, we consider it the perfect choice for publishers that vary between intermediaries and professionals, with a good range of options and medium difficulty usability. The results are the highlight.

So, how about trying it yourself?

The FAQs about PowerDirector Pro App

Some essential questions with a good answer can help a user more to find everything about the application. Apkadviser is providing a more demandable part of this application.

Is this app compatible with non-root Android devices?

Yes, on condition: your phone is running Android 4.3 or later.

Can this program run normally on low-end devices?

Yes, with a note: before running this program, please disable all applications that you are currently using or running in the background.

Is PowerDirector Modified Apk safe?

Of course, it is very safe because it doesn’t contain any harmful elements, such as viruses or malware.

How to solve an application that force closes/exits itself?

If that happens to your smartphone, the first step:

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Let it sit for a while (1 – 2 minutes).
  • Please switch it on and start the application again.

Second: If it still happens, delete and reinstall the application or the latest PowerDirector Pro version.

Is PowerDirector Pro freely available?

The most popular video editing program is PowerDirector Pro. PowerDirector Pro Mod Apk is free for PC and Android.

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