Pro Series Drag Racing Apk Download MOD Version (Unlimited Money)

Pro Series Drag Racing Apk is a fun and thrilling Battle Creek Sports simulation game. As a professional racer, you can play and experience many supercars at an unbelievable pace.

Drag Racing is the most practical and fascinating experience of Drag Racing on mobile devices ever.

You can build, race, and change your car until its performance reaches its absolute peak. You can first gain your career experience, compete online, and go to the ultimate online multiplayer mode.

Many reviews compliment you, your ride, and your rivals, for the Pro-Series Drag Racing. The game has quick, easy-to-understand play, and after stressful business hours, you will have good entertainment.

Pro Series Drag Racing Apk Player Modes

Career mode Specialist

The Pro Series Drag Racing’s career mode provides four different racing cars, each with an acceptable gear head. Streetcars, Pro mods, funny cars, and fuel-changing cars are all available.

Pro Series Drag Racing Apk download

The career mode offers a detailed view of what should be an actual drag racing game. The design and graphics of Drag Racing work effectively and also evaluate the most possible players.

Online mode with complete adaptation

The Pro Drag Racing series also allows you full control over your cars’ design, including custom paint, packaging, wheels, and complete body kits.

The roller bar of the Pro Defense Department car can also change its color. There are millions of different variations and can make your car as you wish.

Multiplayer Mode

You can challenge other drivers in existence by using online multiplayer. There are three modes, including bracket racing, heads-up, and racing with ruthlessness.

Please review the instructions for the game if you are not familiar with these styles. There are challenges and obstacles for each race challenge. So, if you review the instruction then you will be successful.

Tips for playing Drag Racing Pro Series

It would help if you obeyed rules when it comes to dragging to take your enemies a better chance of victory. Here are some for helping you to win.

Shifting gears should be the first thing you learn in this game to make sure your enemies thrash, particularly in the online multiplayer races.

On your car, drop a few weights. You can make several improvements to your vehicle, but one of the most efficient improvements that does not cost much money is taking it somewhat off.

This helps you speed up – but still make sure you lift your pneumatic grip, as a lighter car has less traction.

Avoid purchasing new vehicles. It can be tempting to pick whips from the eye, but we strongly suggest you resist the temptation.

Pro Series Drag Racing

Instead, focus on one car and improve it to the degree that you can no longer afford to purchase the improvements.

Now, purchasing a superior (which can be much cheaper than upgrading a lower vehicle) makes sense, and concentrate on buying more affordable improvements for one in the course.

Thus, you can make your money long and remain in the race while building this collection gradually.

 Game Overview

Name Pro Series Drag Racing
Compatible with 4.1
Latest version 2.20
Developer Battle Creek Games
Google play link Download Now
Price Free
Size 83.3 MB
Premium Yes
Category Racing

Download Pro Series Drag Racing Apk (83.3 MB)

Quite a thorough tuning

One of the biggest things about Battle Creek Games is that they focus on the specifics, so their games will echo the racing genre’s loyal fans.

In this scenario, you can change your car to the smallest information. From the length of each gear to your wheelie bar, you can change anything.

You can start with a limitation system, change fuel consumption, change the suspension, and much more.

Seriously, if you’re in your cars, this game is going to come as a cool surprise for you – it’s just so detailed and realistic that fans of drag raising will enjoy it.

There were hundreds of improvements

You don’t end up in an unmodified car when you launch the drag races. The stock cars, not running, are for traffic.

Therefore, more than 300 amendments, including new engines, tires, exhausts, valve trains, and more, can be made to your vehicle. Plan your car in sufficient detail, take on the tracks, and make a lot of money on the way.

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What does Drag Racing Stand Out Pro Series do?

Model Diversification

You will feel the sensation of driving with outstanding 3D graphics in the Pro Series Drag Racing. You’re going to be confident of the quality of the game, right? Yet, even for professional gamers, the rider was never an easy task.

But when you come to this game, it is not as hard as you think; it is everything. It’s not as hard. The creator optimizes the control of the game. But you can’t do the job of confronting these problems, even though you’re a novice.


Nowadays, you have the newest super-automobiles from several world-renowned automotive companies such as BMW, Acura NSX, Spyker C8, Ford, Aston Martin Rapide, and Renault and Daimler AG.

You can more aggressively or modernize your automotive if it does not satisfy you with the car manufacturers you like.

Accessible Gameplay

Drag Racing Series Pro APK has simple gameplay. You are going to play as an accomplished horse.

You play every stage with original car models, and each series has style, length, structure, speed, and motor sound differences. In these stages, too, the control panels are different.

Your job is to handle your vehicle by pressing the mobile screen. The car is thus steady and quickly accelerated to defeat the opponent and finish first.

After every stage of the game, there is more and more difficulty. If you wish to win them all, you need to know how to drive and control the vehicle to reach full speed in the game.

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