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Project QT APK is an exciting game, and every day, thousands of people play this game. The game has more advanced techniques and has dimensions parallel to the game.

There will be some other existing parameters. An accident occurs in the game. The collision opens a door that is connected to other parameters.

Project QT Apk: Much Sensuality And Fights Await You In A Demanding Game

It is true that in the daily rush, we use our cell phones to assist us in the most varied tasks and commitments. But life is not just about obligations. So, today the subject is focused on your entertainment, with very high quality.

So, it’s time to talk about a game that involves beautiful girls, lots of magic and superpowers, mind-bending battles, and a good deal of reasoning and planning. All of this accompanied by many collectible items and a breathtaking story.

Project QT APK Download

If you like games and don’t deny fire for one of those fun, intriguing, and twisting challenges, get ready to embark on this new journey. We present Project QT Pro APK: a story of conquest, eroticism, and power.

There is a lot of good to be said about the game. So, let’s not waste any more time! Time to know a little more about the game’s proposal, what makes it so good, and everything else you need to know before this new adventure enchants you. Ready? Let’s start by getting to know the story of your next challenge.

Overview Of Project QT

Name Project QT
Offered By Nutaku
Category Simulation
Update Version 10.3
Updated 01/07/2020
Size 2.42 MB
Android Requirements 5.0 and up
Pro Features Unlimited Skills, Opened Character

Download Project QT Apk (2.42 MB)

 The Project QT Game Proposal

It is an adult-oriented game, full of sensuality and many challenges, in RPG style. In its main story, an explosion from a black hole located in the arctic unleashes super-sexy girls’ infinity with magical powers.

Each girl has her magical power, besides, of course, her fragility. Your mission is to gather a team of powerful and beautiful girls and overcome a series of challenges. Throughout the game, you will have new challenges, released weekly, in addition to daily tasks.

There are many items to be collected as if the whole challenge was not enough. Girls increase their powers and skill as you progress. Some collectibles also guarantee surprising upgrades.

Take a more in-depth look at some of the aspects that render the game so addictive and entertaining.

The Main Features Of Project QT Apk

A game full of items, battles, achievements, and collectibles has a lot to say. So, we focus on bringing what we consider the most significant highlights not to make this article boring.

Project QT APK

Therefore, we recommend that you download Project QT Grub Apk to discover, according to your tastes, all the best that the game has to offer. Indeed, you will be addicted to each episode lived within this adventure.

Below, our list of best features:

  • Dozens of super-powerful characters to reveal;
  • Missions updated in different time frames;
  • Constant updates with new content;
  • Challenges that involve different skills, with battles, reasoning, and decisions;
  • Exclusive stories;
  • More than 50 H-scenes available to be revealed;
  • Various collectible items;

There is much more that will make this game your next mobile addiction.

However, as you already know, we value a lot, in addition to what the game has to offer in terms of challenge and history, the most fundamental aspects that make a game attractive: gameplay, graphics, and sound effects.

Once again, the game surprises positively, capable of coping with platform titles much more powerful than cell phones when it comes to electronic games.


The graphics are colorful with exclusive special effects and very well worked during the fighting. Besides, the graph’s optimization allows for great fluidity, even though the drawings and animations are of first quality.

Sound Effects

The background music and the extraordinary sound effects for each movement and each combat give the necessary touch to give a lot of animation and dynamism for each adventure.

Everything is synchronized at the right time in each situation to immerse the player in each proposed challenge.


A game with so much to offer and graphics and sounds so accurate could not fail in the application’s response to every action and decision made by the player.

But don’t worry: the game is very responsive and intuitive, giving a lot of real-time loyalty to the user’s decisions. A desirable experience for all audiences.

To conclude, as if it were necessary, follow our conclusion on this journey of great fun.

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Download Project QT Pro APK And Fall In Love With The Most Demanding Game Of The Moment

Please don’t wait another minute; take advantage of our links and download Project QT Pro Apk quickly and safely. Leave in our comments what you think about our suggestion.

Thus, we can always bring indications even more in line with the taste of those who matter most – you, our reader.

Our Conclusion About Project QT

The studios of Nutaku – a game development company aimed at an adult audience – got it right, once again, in their specialty.

The game is full of action, requires a lot of thinking and strategy, and is filled with beautiful graphics and sensuality. Within the proposal, it is safe to say that we are ahead of one of the best titles for Android phones.

Project QT APK for android

This is another exciting point: the game, although very well designed, is very fluid and runs, without significant problems, on most devices.

An internet connection is essential for the game. Thus, as we always do, we recommend a wireless network with good speed and stability to avoid crashes and delays in the application’s responses.

FAQs Project QT APK

Some vital questions are mentioning here with the answer and all from apkadviser team experience. I hope it will help you to use this application with more confidence.

How rapidly are you upgrading your QT project?

Specific techniques can achieve rank 31 on the first day much faster than most other players in the first day or two. Note that you get 1 EXP for each 1 AP consumed, and each level up completes its AP. It delivers a good EXP increase to meet your daily quests.

What is the QT Project Bond?

You will increase some stats of a girl through the bond.

In Project QT, how can I open the secret store?

After a story, portal, exploration, arena, or tower battle is completed, the secret shop is random. After each daily restart (0500 ST), it emerged three times per day and remained open for 1 hour before it had to be reappointed. The upper left of the main screen is accessible.

How are you sending AP to a QT project friend?

You may also click on Send AP to Everyone in the top right corner of your Friends List. This will send 1 AP to your pals or collect your pals. You may delete it as a friend or pin their chat to your chat window by clicking on a friend.

How do I modify the QT project language?

Select Tools > Options > Environment and choose a language from the language field to change the language. After you restart Qt Creator, the update takes effect.

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