Raid Shadow Legends Guide and Character Tips on PC – Clan Boss

Raid Shadow Legends Guide is famous if you’re someone with thousands of dollars and hours of investments or someone who firmly refuses to play.

Although money can sometimes be a crutch in games or make progress difficult, if you’re smart and willing to put time into it, you can play Raid for a while. We, therefore, agreed to create a guide for Raid: Shadow Legends.

It is a very complex turn-based battler with a cool fancy and a practical esthetic that people are playing Raid for.

We hope that our Raid: Shadow Legends guide will include some tips and tricks so that your resources are intelligently handled, and a group of strong heroes is formed.

Raid Shadow Legends Guide

No need to spend thousands of cash-monies on this game. Get started with the details below.

Table of Contents


Affinity, Champions, Masters, Silver, Game Mode, Battle, Tips, and tricks Game and Silver


Though Raid: Shadow Legends has several different complexity layers, affinities are the cornerstone upon which all this is built and how successful units are to battle those other forms. The list of associations and their relationships is as follows:

Magic: Beats Spirit (green), Force low (red) Magic (blue)

Spirit (Green): beats power (Red), magic poor (Blue)

Power (Red): Magic beats (Blue), Spirit faint (Green)

No counter, no weakness (Purple) No counter

When you note that your champions are still following the affinity, they are most opposed to, things would be much simpler in the long term.


Whatever you saw or learned of Raid: Shadow Legends knows how valuable champions are in the match, as you assemble the best group of people you can and confront them with fearful enemies.

You start with two winners, but you can pick up more with Shards on the Portal that offer you a better opportunity at different levels of potential quality:

Famous, Special, Rare Mystery Shard

Rare, epic, legendary: Ancient Shard

Rare, epic, legendary Vide Shard.

Epic, Mythical, Holy Shard

You won’t invest too much at the start of the game in the Popular Champions, but a better choice to invest in Void, Epic, or Legendary, as they would be more challenging to hit and much more difficult to replace.

You may also use Fusion to merge a new one with four notable champions. But note that having Epic or the Legendary Champions in hand is always a good idea, so fuse no cards from that you have only one copy.

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Raid artifacts: Shadow Legends are essential things that offer your champions buffs. They can be demanded and modified, and sold for Silver via search and campaign:

  • Six objects are available for champions.
  • The Champion gives a buff more than one item in a particular set.
  • Basic sets give an impact if you are wearing two parts like that – for example, Life gives 15% HP buffers.
  • Advanced sets take four pieces, but they have a much more significant impact.
  • When you update your objects, you get bonus results.

Like Champions, your Silver should also be wise, and not all things you earn should be updated if it could soon be replaced by a better one.

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You can specify your Champion with a set of updates called Masters by using the scroll resource.

Of course, with Epic or the Legendary Champions, it’s only worth doing this, and it will be a waste of investment in general. The Masteries in Raid: Shadow Legend works as follows:

Master’s degrees allow you to open three upgrades – Offense, Defense, and support. Scrolls, which may be purchased in a shop or won from the Minotaur labyrinth, are required to open these buffs.

Master’s is an excellent way to concentrate your Champions on the exact position you want them to play.


In Raid: Shadow Legends, it is virtually impossible without a little using the game’s currency. But it’s just like this:

Silver is used to updating and name new Champions Artifacts. Gems are used for opening and upgrading the mine to purchase antique shards and can be used to buy several other currencies in the store.

Gems can be purchased in the shop for real cash. There are also resources, a resource you need to spend on almost all quests or missions.

The energy will recycle when you hit your bottom, so it is worth it. Otherwise, you will not gain from using any extra energy above the bucket. Energy recharges can also be purchased in the gem store.

Many of these currencies can be won through regular searches and challenges, so ensure you take these missions away. It’s also relevant to mention you can buy drinks, XP boosts, and Clan Boss keys from your store, but we just got there.


There are loads of game modes in Raid: Shadow Legends that allow you to earn crucial currency to upgrade your champions. The lowdown is here:

Access the mastery if you can: certain masters deliver unique advantages over certain rivals if you can open it. They are also worth it when faced with such enemies.

Never overlook items: buffs that are the difference between life and death from those sets.

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Recall cooldown: attacks and capabilities have cooldowns and should be used in any tactic you try against an opponent so that you can strike them when it is successful.

Synergy: successful fighting means synergy, mixing the ability to strong combinations, but it must be noted when you use your team’s capabilities.

Raid: Introduction to Shadow Legends – Tricks and Tips

Raid: Shadow Legends is a robust and meaty RPG strategy with tons to discover and master on your late-game journey. You could need a guide to start with total trust with various modes, multiple champions, and more to think about.

To launch your journey to becoming a legend in Raid, we’ve gathered several essential tips and tips. We’re going to go!

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Shadow Legends, the best start in Raid

You’ll be asked which Champion to pick when you start the game. It can be a tough choice for four of them to select from and on the unusual stage.

Either Kael or Athel is suggested as your starting point for the Raid: Shadow Legends.

Systems of Affinity

You will find that when you search out champions in the game, they have an affinity. Its affinities provide you with a rigid guide to its powers and vulnerabilities versus other relationships, including brick, paper, and scissors. This is what they mean:

What they mean:

Magic – Spirit-fighting, force-fighting

Spirit – Force-Strong, Supernatural Frail

Power – Magic-strong, Spirit-strong

You will also see Empty besides these three affinities. The void is different in that it is almost as effective in all cases, meaning that a Void champion is not especially good against any other relationship, nor is it a void champion.

Make Daily

You can’t understate that. The dailies don’t take long, and the incentives respect your time. Even if you have not much time to spend the game every day, it is essential to delve into your dailies. Thank you for accumulating money for your future selves.

Close to the Iconic Winners, Void, Epic, and you can decide the champions you want to carry (and you can check out our Tier List to ensure you know who), but at the beginning, we suggest that you keep hold of a Void, Epic, or Iconic Champion. It can be hard to catch it but once you have it, hold it.

If you need stars, try the development missions.

The progress missions were initially designed to serve as an introduction to the game structures so they could become a perfect guide to raid: Shadow Legends.

Each framework you have studied has been made to broaden into systems, so we strongly suggest that you try them out if you need any more points.

See the initiative 

It’s true the dungeons are better off than the game, but the benefits from the campaign will see you progress faster in the dungeons than you did before. Also, you can delve into the plot, which is an invaluable part of the game.

You have to grind occasionally

Grinding is part of the game and will earn you excellent prizes or help up laggard champions.

Modify the Mine, Business, and Pit 

Both of these are extremely necessary if you’re committed to playing the game for a long time. The Diamond Mine helps make crystals, the market is perfect for getting blue shards and objects, and the Sparring Pit gives you lots of XP.

Champions Update 

This refers to machinery as well as expertise. If you want a winner, make sure that you make them successful when you are on the way.

Use Tomes to improve, develop knowledge, and update your abilities, and when you play, you can find equipment that can be improved.

You find several ways to update and enhance the characters in the game, so ensure that you keep them in condition.

Our guide helps you immerse yourself in Raid: Shadow Legends, and you can not only survive. You will soon become a legend, big, beat bosses, and wear the most powerful champions’ best gear—happiness on the field of war.


Welcome, warriors! We have some useful early game tips for newcomers in the domain before you jump into the land of RAID: Shadow Legends. Our guidance lets you get started by clearing the items that you can stop.


Prepare for a profound and almost infinite experience. As we launch this RAID: Shadow Legends list, we must emphasize that anyone who listens to the call is prepared for the tremendous adventure.

Take a look at the Affinity System. 

RAID includes four forms of affinities: Shadow Legends, and to be effective; you will have to learn them all. The fourth one gives no particular advantage or drawback to the other, however. Three affinities are in equilibrium.

Magic (blue): spirit beats (green), power poor (red);

Spirit (Green): Defeats Power (Red), Fairy Powerful (Blue);

Power (Red): Magic Beats (Blue), Spirit Poor (Green);

Void: No counter, no faintness. No faintness.

Comprehensive awareness and knowledge of these affinities and how they communicate is sometimes the decisive aspect of the fight.

Switch off the auto war as you try new champions

In the phase that RAID: Shadow Legends becomes more technical, challenging, and challenging, players must be mindful of the synergy that a team of Champions brings.

To truly understand how the group and its abilities in a fight will affect each new Champion, take the time to get their skills in the manual mode, and guide them into battle.

Also, check the ability in the Champion’s profile under the Skills tab. You will also look at Champion qualities you haven’t learned yet in the index.

Whatever your team’s power, if you are always running over the same segment to redress the mysteries and hazards of the universe, learning about the game and the potential of your champions in the natural fashion of the campaign will pay off quickly.

Furthermore, it would be easier to outfit the champions with campaign equipment to go deeper through the dungeons to obtain better weapons. As such, it’s better only to skip the dungeons before the game is almost over.

Work your way through missions of success

Progress Missions will be a great benefit for those who believe the tutorial is too short. These meticulously curated missions have been planned to acclimate players into the various structures of RAID: Shadow Legends.

They also give completion content incentives! Consider them as an expanded guide optional.

Enter one of your favorite clans 

There will be many players who would like to start a RAID clan: Shadow Legends, so many will hop in to join some random family right away.

We recommend that you hang on until you feel the culture, though the benefits of joining a clan can be appealing. Try to locate a line of people who are more likely to share time with you or offer a hand to a new player.

Taking the time to smell the ideal culture is one of the most effective RAID tips we can offer: Shadow Legends.

Get the 3-star ranking

A significant part of the grind is to learn the three-star structure shared with all raid: the campaign quests of the Shadow Legends. Players win a higher prize for ranking each mission with a higher star rank.

If you double in a task and aim to reach a 3-star initiative ranking, you will earn more and better benefits. The game will also award you on your star tracker so that the more stars you can snag during your adventure, the merrier.

Fit-out full equipment for the Champions

The equipment scheme in RAID: Shadow Legends makes the equipment for the job crucial for players. Savvy players can pick individual champions to load with certain appliances.

Winners fitted with HP-boost or “squishy” Champion equipment will make an enormous difference in combat by fitting out more life-stealing objects.

Adjust the equipment also

You will boost each object to a maximum level of +16 to improve the ability of the entire gear you collect. This device also makes everyday things worth investing in.

You certainly won’t want to upgrade equipment until +12 in the early game. If the machinery is getting more costly, you are wasting scarce money by sinking too much silver into machines, which will eventually be overridden by new lots.

Note that a range of primary stats can include Gloves, Bolts, Boots, Rings, Amulet, and Banners. You want to be cautious not only to pay a correct fixed incentive on equipment with the right primary figures.

Make mates have fun! 

Although the game could take a series of turns, Raid Shadow Legends Guide is a fun, complex experience.

It’s crucial for you to share essential plans with your fellow explorers, get your chosen groups out, and finally make friends. You will speak to other players in our official Discord, join the star-style clan and join.

Look at the winners of the field. 

Any champions can be awarded when you finish some phases of the camp, and all of them can be very useful in some of the more challenging areas of the game.

Look to see which champions could be open to you in the campaign if you are fighting for any specific struggle or quest. One of them may only be the addition you have to conquer the army!

Champions with Limited Rarity 

It would help if you lost other Champions of the same level when you classify a champion. But don’t think about rushing.

You will want to or need later to get rid of Winners; you may regret it. Level champions up to use them instead as sacrifices!


Our RAID:  Raid Shadow Legend Guide Tips list also contains a range of critical avoidable items. Some change your mind, while others are directly attached to your strategic choices.

Don’t get hit by the first Champion’s election.

When the short combat lesson stops, you (the story hero) get a chance to rescue one of the four Champions titles.

Whether you want to go to Athel, Elhanan, the high elves, Galek, or Kael, the Dark Elves, don’t be too worried about your decision.


You are still involved in this matter. All four champions are ready to open the contest. You can begin by simply choosing the party you associate with most of the Champion whose style you like.

Don’t be scared to grind! Do not be afraid to bite! 

Throughout your adventure inside RAID: Shadow Legends, you may be outnumbered by enemy hordes or want to work with new champions that fall behind the rest of your party.

These situations are the perfect way to grind. Both campaigns and dungeons you require can be readily replicated.

Any missions can come with time limitations, but as many adventures as you want can be re-visited, providing you have energy in the game. Tasks may be replayed for several reasons, and only one of them is leveling up.

Don’t horde champion duplicates.

On your RAID: Shadow Legends quest, you will win several champions as prizes and open the locks. Some of them are champions that are repeated that you have won already.

You should also feel free to use any (if not all of your Tavern duplicates to update your preferred ones. However, it is essential to hold some strong champions from different factions in Faction Wars game mode (coming soon).

Don’t ignore the questions. 

For those who start your journey, this is particularly important: don’t miss the searches!

Day by day, week, month, and even progress quests are perfect opportunities to maximize the money while offering an absolute path for players at the same time.

Don’t give up those drops! Don’t give up those drops! 

What is the main benefit of campaigning or dungeon missions in certain grinding times? Loot drops. – Loot drops. Often a low percentage reduction for you to track down would be used in specific tasks. Don’t just give them up, even though you don’t automatically receive that handful.

Don’t think about loving a team member. 

When it comes to the construction and the exploration of the right team configurations, do not get over complicated.

Although diverse strategies and new things are essential to try, players are also acceptable for a particular team building.

The champions that you open are quick to develop and to progress so that any winner will become successful with a little effort.

Don’t skip signing in once a day. 

As compared to grinding, you earn login bonuses, the fastest way to collect resources and release objects. Newer players will also be awarded several very imposing champions as consistent login incentives.

Rewards such as these are distributed regularly, so be sure to launch RAID: Shadow Legends every day to help make materials more readily accessible and more.

Don’t take you too far ahead. 

All sorts of players always try to open up all game modes and adventure as quickly as possible, but some elements of RAID are hidden behind the caps.

This can, at first, seem stressful, but it’s designed. The aim of keeping the player’s content safe is to allow them to feel familiar with the structures of the game by the time advanced adventures are available.

The efforts to make the game open to your champions’ many experiences will also allow you to level down the key pieces when you are in a more challenging position.

Don’t forget: Mind the Taverne. 

Upgrade champions is a critical feature since, in the later game, you tweak your favorite team, but this doesn’t mean that you ought to neglect them early.

This is hugely valid when you’ve discovered any champions that you like. Use the material you learned in dungeons, quests, and clanny hunts to improve your favorite warriors’ efficiency.

Don’t go anywhere without a cure. 

This could sound like “Role Playing 101,” but as soon as you can reveal one, you’ll undoubtedly want to have a healer in your squad.

Finding a healer ready to mend your party wounds will always save your day (Handily, there’s a special healing hero, Warpriest – who drops this directly after you finish Chapter 1.).

The Raid Shadow Legends Guide Help Class Champions: The Shadow Legends involve straight-healers, champions capable of raising dead allies, champions based on building your squad and defacing the opponent.

Do not forget the Aura you have 

Some champions hold a passive professional “Aura” that enhances the status of each team champion. Only the Champion in the team’s “Leader” role will project his Aura in battle.

Making sure you still have your chief and Aura! Each Champion has Auras, so please be careful to make use of them.

Hopefully, these RAIDs will support new players on their journey. Shadow Legends tips. Keep these doses in mind, and you’re not going to be a Warmaster in no time during the early stages of your quest.

How to progress for RAID SHADOW LEGENDS GUIDE? 

  • Make lifestyle and Pace Package available to your Champion for improved survival.
  • Bring the Champion to 6* and 60 levels so that both camping and farming champion modes are plain to you.
  • Get all levels of essential information to improve the productivity of this Champion in clearing charts.
  • Step 1-3 repeats with two more champions to help alleviate the Dictator, Dungeon, and Arena club.
  • Start earning Minotaur Stage 13 with three six* level 60 boosters to achieve Giant Slayer and Warmaster mastery.
  • You can hurt bosses in Dungeon and Clan Leader to regain better benefits after you’ve done so.
  • Return move 4-5 for two other champions so that in Dungeon, Clan Leader, and Arena, you can compete more effectively.
  • You can scrub all the content in-game in less than two months after your five core champions are made. •
  • It takes about six months to finish the whole process as a F2P (Free Play Player)

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Mission Part 1/4: Objective & Rewards

Campaign Clear Stage 7 of Kaerok Castle on Normal
Reward: 1 XP 1 Day, 5K Silver
Artifact Equip a Rare ATK type Champion with 6 Offense Artifacts
Reward: 5K Silver
Artifact Equip a Rare ATK type Champion with 6 Offense Artifacts of Level 4 or higher
Reward: 50 Energy, 5K Silver
Campaign Clear Stage 7 of Sewers of Arnoc on Normal
Reward: 7.5K Silver, 10 Gems
Artifact Equip a Rare Support type Champion with 6 Life Artifacts
Reward: 5K Silver
Artifact Equip a Rare Support type Champion with 6 Life Artifacts of Level 4 or higher
Reward: 4 Magic Brews, 5K Silver
Champion Use 4 XP Brews at the Tavern
Reward: 5 Mystery Shards, 5K Silver
Champion Summon 5 Champions from Mystery Shards
Reward: 5K Silver
Dungeon Clear Stage 1 or higher of the Arcane Keep
Reward: 10K Silver, 3 Lesser Arcane Potions
Campaign Clear Stage 7 of the Catacombs of Narbuk on Normal
Reward: 1 Rare Skill Tome
Champion Upgrade a Rare ATK type Champion’s Skill with a Skill Tome
Reward: 1 Refill Arena Token, 5K Silver
Clan Get a Referral Link
Reward: 15K Silver, 30 Gems
Arena Fight in the Arena 3 times
Reward: 10 Basic Scrolls for strongest champion, 5K Silver


Mission Part 2/4: Objective & Rewards

Dungeon Win five 5* Artifacts from Stage 7 or higher of the Ice Golem’s Peak
Reward: 5* Epic Defense Artifact
Campaign Earn 3 Stars on Stage 7 of Palace of Aravia on Hard difficulty
Reward: 4* Speed Artifact, 25K Silver
Champion Pick three Tier 2 Masteries for 4 Champions
Reward: 100 Energy
Dungeon Win 10 Greater Arcane Potions from Stage 7 or higher of the Arcane Keep
Reward: 1 Superior Arcane Potion
Campaign Clear Stage 7 of Tilshire on Hard
Reward: 25K Silver, 10 Gems
Champion Get 3 Rank 5 Champions
Reward: 10 XP Brews
Dungeon Win five 5* Artifacts from Stage 7 or higher of the Dragon’s Lair
Reward: 5* Frost Artifact
Campaign Earn 3 Stars on Stage 7 of Tilshire on Hard difficulty
Reward: 50K Silver
Dungeon Win 5 Greater Magic Potions from Stage 7 or higher of the Magic Keep
Reward: 1 Superior Magic Potion
Campaign Clear Stage 7 of the Valdemar Strait on Hard
Reward: 25K Silver, 10 Gems


Mission Part 3/4: Objective & Rewards

Campaign Clear Stage 7 of Kaerok Castle on Brutal
Reward: 50K Silver, 15 Gems
Champion Upgrade a Champion to Rank 6
Reward: 20 Random XP Brews
Dungeon Clear Stage 10 or higher of the Ice Golem’s Peak 10 times on Auto
Reward: 100K Silver
Artifact Equip a Champion with 6 Level 16 Artifacts
Reward: 150 Energy
Campaign Earn 3 Stars on Stage 7 of Kaerok Castle on Brutal difficulty
Reward: 2* Offense Equpment, 50K Silver
Dungeon Win 1 Superior Arcane Potion from Stage 10 or higher of the Arcane Keep
Reward: 2 Superior Arcane Potion
Campaign Clear Stage 7 of the Sewers of Arnor on Brutal
Reward: 50K Silver, 15 Gems
Dungeon Clear Stage 10 or higher of the Dragon’s Lair 10 times on Auto
Reward: 100K Silver
Campaign Earn 3 Stars on Stage 7 of the Sewers of Arnoc on Brutal difficulty.
Reward: 5* Life Equipment, 50K Silver
Dungeon Win 1 Superior Magic Potion from Stage 10 or higher of the Magic Keep
Reward: 2 Superior Magic Potion
Champion Upgrade a Champion to Level 50
Reward: 50K Silver
Arena Reach Silver III in Arena
Reward: 1 XP 1 Day, 75 Gems


Mission Part 4/4: Objective & Rewards

Champion Upgrade 5 Champions to Level 60
Reward: 300K Silver
Artifact Equip a Champion with a Ring, an Amulet, and a Banner
Reward: 250 Energy, 100K Silver
Champion Pick a Tier 6 Mastery for a Champion
Reward: 50 Energy, 250K Silver
Clan Deal 10 milion damage to Demon Lord on Min. difficulty Hard in 24 hours
Reward: 5* Epic Cruel Artifacts x6
Arena Reach Gold II in the Arena
Reward: 75 Gems
Dungeon Clear Stage 14 or higher of Ice Golem’s Peak 10 times on Auto
Reward: 75 Gems
Dungeon Clear Stage 14 or higher of Dragon’s Lair 10 times on Auto
Reward: 75 Gems
Dungeon Clear Stage 14 or higher of Minotaur’s Labyrinth 10 times on Auto
Reward: 75 Gems
Dungeon Clear Stage 14 or higher of Fire Knight’s Castle 10 times on Auto
Reward: 75 Gems
Dungeon Clear Stage 14 or higher of Spider’s Den 10 times on Auto
Reward: 75 Gems

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