Rise of kingdoms apk with unlimited money: lost crusade mod apk

Rise Of Kingdoms APK will allow you to enjoy much more when played fraudulently. Rise Of Kingdoms, one of the real-time strategy games, also includes Ottoman history.

There are eight different countries in this game, which is frequently advertised by many people. By choosing one of these countries, you can grow your civilization; you can improve.

You will have your say on many issues, from the game modes to the civil wars. The development and progress of the city are entirely up to you.

Rise Of Kingdoms Apk And It’s Gameplay

By having fun with Rise Of Kingdoms, you will not only be enjoying an incredible game; you will be establishing your authority in the history of that game. You will have the ability to form alliances or initiate epic clashes for conquests of previously unreachable worlds.

Rise Of Kingdoms

How about exploring worlds still unknown? Will you form alliances with former enemies to protect your people? Do you want to be a victorious leader?


At the beginning of the game, you will start with the basics, such as building farms, fields, factories, and buildings. The purpose is to prepare human and material resources for the construction of the empire.

The building, harvesting, training, and training of your army depending on your level. To speed up this time, you will perform and complete daily tasks.

With the game Rise of Kingdoms, players can bond with other allies. This is essential because this support will help you get valuable resources every time you win.

Besides, to win, you need to scout, scout, and capture information. The game is divided into levels; to a higher level, you will reveal the corresponding unit. The soldier system is also imposing, and there are also cavalry archers in addition to the infantry.

Not only that, but the RPG system of Rise of Kingdoms also allows players to choose a hero as a hero. In other terms, it is the commander of the land, a great emendator of its ability.

Overview Of Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

Name Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
Genre Strategy
Offered By LilithGames
Updated December 25, 2020
Size 709M
Current Version
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Price Free
Need Root/Jailbreak? No
Pro Features Unlimited Money, Gems

Download Rise Of Kingdoms Apk (709 MB)

The Best Features Of Rise Of Kingdoms

Rise Of Kingdoms is basically a strategy game. Thus, once you know your resources and use them with mastery, you will be able to stand out on that platform. Count on map, combat, strategy, and investigation resources. The main features of the game are as follows:

Real-Time Battles

If some games fall into the adventure category and have their combat system according to what the developer has prepared, this game is quite different.

Users can fight casually and don’t feel chased by time in playing. Users can enter and leave the battle in this game Rise Of Kingdoms App freely.

Besides, users can also play this game through the available backgrounds considering that there is also a mini-map feature, as explained in the previous information.

Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk

Users must take advantage of this feature properly because if the user is in a busy state, they can only play this game in the background. Besides being comfortable, it doesn’t bother users to spend time playing this Rise Of Kingdoms APK Game.

World Map

In this game, the world map’s point is that the user can see the entire game arena in the form of a small plan or minimap.

In Rise Of Kingdoms, you can see details on every element of the world map too, you know. Also In this game, people will have various sensations and emotions that they have not experienced before while playing it.

For example, various types of buildings in several natural resources look very real from the city’s structure.

Users don’t need to feel confused if they experience confusion in playing this game because the Rise Of Kingdoms application has a broad scope.

Who would have thought that the Rise Of Kingdoms Game had various kinds of natural appearances that could be considered quite complete?

You can travel your character across various lands loaded with unique natural features, such as rivers, mountains, or swamps, in this game. You can monitor all of these things through the existing minimap.

Access Unique Civilizations

Select from different civilizations. Currently, the game features 11 historical societies. Your objective should be to guide a member of your clan – initially lonely – until he is no longer alone and builds excellent power.

Each line or civilization has its own culture, architectural style, and special advantages.

Adventure And Investigation

Even though a world map or minimap is available, users still have to explore all the time to reveal some mysterious things in Game Rise Of Kingdoms Lost Crusade Apk.

If the user goes on an adventure continuously, the user will tirelessly find all kinds of unexpected things.

Users will find out about the mystery of the treasure that has been lost so far and must solve the mystery. Users also have to find and collect facts about various kinds of mysterious caves in the game; many lost temples are still a mystery.

Besides, users can also send intelligence to every enemy area and keep the intellect from being caught. This can be useful for the invasion and expansion of the kingdom.

Who is not happy if the kingdom that is owned advances and develops for a better direction?

Unlimited Troop Movement

In Rise Of Kingdoms, You can issue orders to your troops at any time. This offers numerous strategic possibilities.

Thus, when invading an enemy village, you can cast a bait and turn around and, together with an allied army, annihilate your enemy, all in the style of the most classic medieval clashes.

Take a few moments to move your army to collect raw materials, such as wood. Their forces can also be divided. Several commanders can carry out a dispersed combat strategy. That way, you can engage in multiple actions and clashes simultaneously.

Alliance Program

Count on a complete system of resources for the formation of your alliances. It will allow you and other competitors to collaborate.

You will have some map indicators for coordinating strategic actions, choosing official functions, and chatting with integrated translation, among other resources.

The formation of alliances, in addition to a possibility, is a necessary feature for this game. By forming a conjunction with another team, you will expand your territory, obtain more resources, master strategic mountain passes, and outposts, and strengthen your dominance in a region. They also allow you to reveal exclusive achievements for the group.

Dominate The Whole Kingdom

Establish alliances to secure your dominance and gain a vast kingdom. Fight with other players and use advanced tactics to achieve victory.

The Rise of Kingdoms acts as a strategy MMO, much like the Battle Royale style. So, conquer your kingdom and guarantee the longevity of your civilization.

Central Command

What happens in a kingdom or civilization, if there is no leader, will easily fall and lose its glory. Therefore, this Rise Of Kingdoms Pro has several generals or main commanders who are in charge of giving a command to the troops, all of the commands come from users.

Each of these commanders has their respective duties, some are in charge of defense commander, then some are in charge of attack and intelligence, there are even commanders in charge of ordering various kinds of developments in the civilization.


This is a manifestation of the developer’s commitment to the progress of this game. So what makes this feature interesting?

Of course all of that from the users themselves. Users of the Latest Rise Of Kingdoms APK as the command center must wisely give the command to the commanders in every aspect. That’s the point if the user has expertise in the area of ​​strategy.

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Some Of The Advantages Of The Rise Of Kingdoms Lost Crusade Apk

After reading the information about the various features above, users can then read about some of the advantages of playing the Latest Rise Of Kingdoms Lost Crusade Apk in the information presented below, including:


Who doesn’t want a game that has a straightforward interface and is quite dynamic? The answer is Rise Of Kingdoms app has precisely that.

It has a very flexible interface with only a few main menus, allowing its users to feel at ease when playing it. There are several menu tabs for their respective features.

The first is the direct to play function, which means it leads directly to the game. While others are about settings and tips to play this game easily. This is a form of the user’s active role in developing this best game.


The addition of graphics to the Latest Free Rise Of Kingdoms makes users feel like they are playing a luxury game. The reason is that with this graphic, the user does not feel a significant difficulty, given the clear enough detail in some parts of this game.

Users can set the graphics to be used in the settings menu tab; in addition to matching the device’s conditions, they can also adjust the user’s visual health condition.

Smooth graphics can help users play this game, but with a note not to be too close to the sense of sight.

Zoom In And Out

To add to the excitement of playing this game, the developer provides additional facilities such as zoom in and zoom out.

This function is for the user when monitoring several things such as constructing several architectures, then troop training, etc., can be done with this facility.

Rise Of Kingdoms Apk Download Latest Version – Unlimited Gems

Easily download and install Rise Of Kingdoms APK and enjoy a new virtual life. Make important decisions about your avatars and make sure they have a long, healthy, and successful life.

Rise Of Kingdoms Download

The FAQs about Rise Of Kingdoms Apk

People are also asking before installing this apk. So, We mention that’s all queries.

What is rise of kingdoms mod apk?

Rise Of Kingdoms, one of the real-time strategy games, also includes Ottoman history.

Why Download Rise of Kingdom

This game is addictive. Once you choose your kingdom, like, Arabia, Germany, Britain, Rome, etc, you already get intrigued by everything and how everything works in the game.

What’s the size of this game?

This game very lightweight. After May 28, 2021 updated size total 102Mb.

Is available current version at apkadviser?

Absolutely, Apkadviser provides the latest updated current version (v

What’s does allow permission?

  • This app has access to:
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • view Wi-Fi connections
  • receive data from the Internet
  • View network connections
  • full network access
  • reorder running apps
  • control vibration
  • prevent the device from sleeping

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