Robokiller APK Free for Android – Download Premium Robocall App

Robokiller APK is a call blocker that blocks all the annoying advertising calls and spammy messages on our smartphones. Spammers are always trying to take some economic advantages from you even when you are taking a nap.

This application has a database of millions of phone numbers that are spamming on the internet. If you install this app, the number of annoying advertising calls will automatically be reduced. This will be fewer than 90%. So, you need not worry about these types of phone calls anymore.

The Robokiller has attractive subscription plans. You can purchase a monthly or annual package. Besides, you will be able to get a 7-day free trial. We can make your communication smoother.

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Robokiller APK Overview Information

App Overview
App Name Robokiller
Latest Version 6.2.0
Requires Android 7.0 or above
Developer TeleTech Systems Inc
File Size 116.39 MB
Price FREE
Updated on 25-11-2020

Download Robokiller Apk (12.6 MB)

Robokiller APK Premium Version

You can get Robokiller Premium APK at our store. The modded version has thousands of installs. It does not require a high-quality android version, rather you need to have only android version 2.3 or higher.

We are providing the link to the latest version of this application. This is just for your personal use. Now you share this app with all of your friends. Don’t forget to download such a useful app on your android device.

Download Robokiller directly for FREE. You need not worry about the subscription plans as this is totally free. So, have nice communication over the phone, and be safe from spammy attacks.

Robokiller APK

The Premium APK

Get Robokiller APK on this page. Is your communication on your smartphone getting bored due to unwanted spam and advertising calls? No worry! Only the Robokiller app will bring all the solutions to your problem.

Furthermore, this is really an interesting fact that you can take revenge on the spammers who are trying to get benefit from you. Some of the most renowned newspapers in the world are astonished at the performance of this application software.

Besides, the user of this app can enable an automated answering bot. For this reason, the spammers will always remain busy. Just be safe from the annoying calls and get ready to encounter the spammers.

Robokiller Update APK

Are you looking for Robokiller free version? We have provided the link below. Download it just by clicking the direct link. The grubbed version of this app unblocks all the key features that you had to purchase. But now you can use these features for free.

The application has been opened only for personal use. Spread this essential app among your friends. The subscription might be tough for some users. So, we were sharing the free app so that you can get the privilege without any pocket money.

This application has a 95% ability to block advertising calls and spammy messages. Moreover, it offers you to stand against the spammers. So, get ready to have smooth communication and keep your smartphone risk-free.

The Premium APK

Robokiller premium APK has the ability to route your call. It replies to the spamming audio calls and records them automatically. The premium version has both monthly and yearly packages.

Additionally, you will get a 7-day free trial before purchasing this with your pocket money. It’s really great. This costs $3.99 per month. It’s a monthly plan. But, you can also purchase its yearly package that costs $29.99 per year.

I always recommend the yearly pack, as it saves money and ensures your security for a whole year.

Robokiller Android APK

Robokiller is one of the best spam protecting applications. It allows you to get rid of the annoying phone calls that are sent for various commercial purposes. Besides, your android will completely be free from spam messages. This is an amazing filter of incoming phone calls.

Your answer bot will help you respond to spam calls. It is undoubtedly an interesting feature. Every android user wants to keep their phone safe from spam, as they may satisfy their commercial need by redirecting you into unwanted purchases. Therefore, we need such an android application that is able to keep you away from those unwanted spams.

This amazing call blocker can be your virtual partner on the way to your smart communication. It can easily report the scammers.

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The APK Download

Get ready to install the robocall blocker. The process is very easy. Just download it from the given link on this page and make it personalized.

The guidelines are explained below:

  • Download the robocall blocker by clicking the direct link.
  • Allow the third-party application from the device setting.
  • Permit all the things that you are requested.
  • Install this application.
  • Now, go ahead with this essential application.

APK Permissions

  • Access to the networks
  • Access to Wi-Fi network
  • Answer the suspected incoming phone calls
  • Disable the unsecured keyguard
  • Modification of global audio settings
  • Open network sockets
  • Read the call logs
  • Receive messages
  • Record audio
  • Vibrator access
  • Prevent screen from dimming
  • Read contact data, etc.

Robokiller The Free APK

Robokiller is completely a free application. The modded version allows you to get the premium package for free. There is nothing to worry about. All the features are available for free.

APK Features

  • Pause Call Blocking: It temporarily prevents blocking an incoming call. Therefore, you will come to know about an important call from an unsaved and unknown number. We care about all the important issues.
  • Monitor the callers who will be able to call you and who will not: You can select some particular phone numbers in the block list. On the other hand, you can allow someone if you wish him/her to call you.
  • Report to the Community: You can report to the community about the spammers. This, you can take part in helping the community.
  • View all blocked calls: Robokiller allows you to view all the blocked and missed calls.

Robokiller Pro APK

Robokiller Pro APK refers to its premium version. We always encourage you to use the premium version. It will undoubtedly give you a better service as it is a paid package. You can pay the options bill monthly or yearly. We already have explained its monthly and yearly subscription plans.

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Final Words

Robokiller APK is a very useful application that need not be explained anymore. Almost every one of us is facing various annoying calls and spammy messages. It’s a crying need to prevent this problem.

This application has come to eradicate those of problem and keep you free from annoyance. So, never be late to have this app on your own device.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Robokiller Apk

Some crucial asking from people who are very desire to get solution about the application. Here we are going to mention some of our experience specifically through QnA:

Is the app genuine for RoboKiller?

Yes, RoboKiller has much good feedback at the Apple app store, but before I try it for myself, I still have skepticism. Apps claim that it’s almost easy to set up, and it truly is RoboKiller.

Is it free and legal to RoboKiller?

In the app store the RoboKiller app is free. According to their Kickstarter website, the software tricks Robocall to get the logged message played before your phone rings.

Do you stop spamming RoboKiller?

The RoboKiller switch is enabled in the SMS Filtering area. When a message is considered spam, RoboKiller transfers the message in the Messages app to the SMS Junk folder, where you can check it.

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