Saint Seiya Awakening Apk Mod Pro : Knights of the Zodiac

Saint Seiya Awakening Knights of the Zodiac is an RPG strategy game based on Knights of the Zodiac’s classic mood. Throughout the adventure, you relive the Knights’ epic saga, enriched with stunning landscapes and excellent graphics that bring all your favorite Knights to life, all in 3D. The game is packing with the original soundtrack of the series and official Japanese voice actors’ performance. The Characters of Saint Seiya Awakening Apk are collectible, as usual in the “Gatcha” games.

You combine the heroes of your collection into teams to create your strategies. San Seiya Awakening calls to mind unforgettable wars from Galactic Dueling to the Sanctuary’s Twelve Quarters, Poseidon’s Temple and the Wailing Wall, and eventually to the Champs Elysées.

The game is available for Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). It is also possible to play on the computer through specific apps.

Saint Seiya Awakening mod apk

Saint Seiya Awakening Apk: Knights of the Zodiac

Complete Story Mode

Saint Seiya: Awakening is a super complete game where you will find hundreds of different forms and play modes. Besides, PVP is enjoyable, and all of this can take you out of Story Mode, especially you who already know Anime from head to toe.

However, this is one of the best ways to gain experience, obtain gold, and other items that will help your team, so if you are looking to improve your composition, it is super important to go ahead and complete the story mode.

Master The Combat Mechanics

You must have already played some other turn-based combat game, so you should find everything straightforward. However, the difference between a novice and a veteran is mastering the details of these mechanics. The order of attacks will always depend on the speed of your characters on the field.

Each Rider has skills that will consume a team’s energy value. Take care and manage your energy if you need to use basic attacks to save for another time. Avoid using Auto Mode; it is not suitable for managing power and can get you into trouble because of it.

Don’t Miss Daily Quests And Parallel Quests

Although Saint Seiya is super fun, he still has some recurring mobile gaming issues. One is that your stamina, the energy needed to do missions and events, is consumed. So it is important to always balance with activities that do not consume stamina or even help to recover.

One is to do your Daily Quests and Parallel or Event Quests. One of the quests that you need to pay attention to is Train Gourd; they help restore your stamina; moreover, if you play enough, your daily limit can increase.

Saint Seiya Awakening

Learn How To Use The Cerberus Event

If you are already making your Epic Ruins, Dimension, or Titans, this tip is for you. Once you are in ruin, you can receive an invitation to participate in a Cerberus Event.

This event allows you to receive 50% more XP in the results than other activities that cost 30 stamina. Besides, you can obtain some exciting fragments during the event, such as from the Development Book or even the complete one. So wall ignore this event and start accepting it!

Learn To Recover Your Stamina

Your stamina is limited, so planning how you will best use it will help a lot in your day today. But let’s say you urgently need a little more stamina. You can buy Stamina replenishment with diamonds every day.

You can click on the ‘+’ button in the screen’s upper right corner, where your stamina is shown. He will charge you 30 Diamonds for 60 Stamina. Each refill will become more expensive until it is reset at the end of the day. I recommend buying a maximum of 2 refills; after that, it will no longer be worth the price.

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How To Download Saint Seiya Awakening Apk Pro

Step 1
Open the game’s official website in its English version on your smartphone or tablet. You can also download the game to the PC and transfer it to the device chosen.

Step 2
Click on the “Download APK” button in the screen’s bottom right corner.

Step 3
Your device will download the APK file, a kind of game installer.

Step 4
After completing the download, click to install the game. Android should warn about installing APKs from external sources, something that should only be done when the files come from trusted sources.

Step 5
Ready! Now face the battles with the Knights of the Zodiac.

Download Saint Seiya Awakening Apk (98.4 MB)

Or you can download Saint Seiya awakening from the link given below since we developed it ourselves, so it is entirely safe.

Saint Seiya Awakening mod


It is not a challenging game to understand, not least because the many features are released little by little as the level progresses. Saint Seiya Awakening Apk is a complex game that requires reading each champion’s skills and forming strategies to compose teams with synergy and dedicated to specific tasks, such as PvP, dungeons, or story mode.

It has beautiful graphics, dubbing with the characters’ original voices, ongoing events, and not-for-win. The most significant positive point of the game is the ranked PvP and the constant team strengthening system. In contrast, the most significant negative energy is its repeatability.

At least there are automatic farm options in dungeons to let your phone run the game automatically while doing something else.

FAQs Saint Seiya Awakening Apk

Some crucial questions are very needed for the user to know the safest way of the application. Apkadviser provides their experience here. So, don’t miss it.

What is the awakening of St. Seiya?

Saint Seiya Awakening: the Knights of the Zodiac is a visually captivating, action-packed game with fantastic 3D visuals. In their struggle against another god of Olympia who wishes to control Earth, the fans of this original story recall the mythical Warriors known as Saints – vowed to guard Athena.

How should I look at St. Seiya?

First, then first, I would recommend the three Hades chapters OVAs watch the main series (Sanctuary, Inferno, and Elysion; in that order). You may observe the films at any moment, and Soushuhen (it’s a recap) may be entirely disregarded.

How can diamonds be awakened in St. Seiya?

Diamond Grinding: The Hardest
And you have to grind for a long time – don’t expect diamonds to be accessible by just playing San Seiya Awakening for a few hours if you don’t want to buy them with real money. These are your most basic diamond methods: Missions to complete the tale.

Are 3 Knights of the Zodiac going to be the season?

Therefore if the creators give Saint Seiya a green signal: Knights of the zodiac 3, then at the beginning of 2021, we may expect the release.

Seiya is dying?

After Hades, Saint Seiya died.

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