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With Shop Titans Apk, you represent your role as the master of the town. By creating your store, you produce weapons and equipment for the heroes who come for war.

You can team up with blacksmiths, tailors, priests, carpenters, and healers to market the items you produce.

Besides, you can customize your avatar to your liking. You can go on an epic adventure in the game where 3D graphics are used, and you can design your shop yourself.

Shop Titans Apk

You can create a more comfortable town environment by teaming up with your friends. By collecting your heroes, you can customize them and use their abilities.

You can exchange and increase your earnings with players all over the world.

Shop Titans Apk: Epic Idle Crafter, Build & Trade RPG

Shop Titans: Design and Trade – casual simulator store owner, a thematic display of supplies, combat and villains, and visitors to each shop who come to complete the order quickly.

Blacksmith and carpenter, priestess and herbalist, a noble knight and soldier warrior, nobleman and heir to the throne, contingently immoral and very disorganized, so please, it will be difficult for each client.

It’s hard to believe, but this efficiency and literacy depend on the owner kingdom’s fantasy stalls taken separately for peace and prosperity.

Create swords, swords, and crossbows, шейте military uniforms, and outfits for the first state officials, in cooperation with different masters, improving their level, and at the same time quality produced their goods.

Reference to this, accounting and manufacturing jobs, innovation Shop Titans: Design and Trade require design approach design trade point.

Purchase additional furniture storage, decorate space shops flowers and thematic qualities. As a result, extend the useful square shop.


  • An organized, profitable business in a medieval fantasy world;
  • The selectable screen in landscape or portrait orientation;
  • Creative design approach decoration store;
  • Lots of characters related to the setup
  • Native heroism for high heroes;
  • Wooden mutual agreement;
  • Complete daily tasks.

Simulator Shop Titans: Design and Trade are full of features and content, so follow the wise and experienced elder Owen to help the user at first, to understand all, and progress does not take long.


Overview Information

Name Shop Titans
Genre Role-Playing Game
Developer Kabam Games
Current Version 6.0.1
Size 530 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Updated December 1, 2020
Pro Features Coins & Diamond Unlimited
Price Free

Download Shop Titans Apk (530MB)

Features Of Shop Titans Design And Trade Apk

Glossy Graphic Design

The game features an intimate art style in which players engage only in peaceful activities. And even if you’re going to have to look for loot, it’s mainly the work of heroes. As such, the game is friendly, and anyone can play it anywhere.

Also, the well-polished graphics and detailed elements will make you feel like a faithful, crafting creature.

Explore Trading Options With Online Players

To grow your business, players at Shop Titans Design And Trade Apk can trade with other artisans from all over the world. Take your time working on interviews to get yourself the best offers. Get rich fast by selling your goods around the globe.

Be The Boss And Hire Your Heroes

As he gets more affluent and more prosperous, it is no longer necessary to risk his life for crafting. In reality, players can sit back and relax and hire skilled heroes to collect goods for you.

Collect and take care of your squad of heroes. Give the best weapons and equipment for your heroes to support them with their quest.

Since we have different hero classes in this game, you’ll want to pay attention to team compositions. Before you apply your assignments, make sure that you have what it takes.

Help The Heroes

You set up your shop in the mobile game Shop Titans. You try to sell stuff like a real shop. The most important customers in your shop are the heroes, and they want to buy from you before they go to fight in the dungeon.

Shop Titans

They will get fantastic and incredibly magical items from you to get into the jail more powerfully. You sell these heroes from the shop, earn money, and try to help them win in the dungeons.

Improve Your Shop

Of course, as in all management strategy games, you must continuously improve your shop and keep up with the needs of your day in this simulation.

Heroes of any kind can come to your shop at any time. An object appropriate for them should still be available to you.

Sound & Music

Experience peaceful and relaxing music as you spend hours playing Shop Titans.

Other Features

I can briefly list all the features as follows;

  • Become a master shopkeeper and make a lot of profit.
  • Build and develop a fantastic shop.
  • You can join forces with your friends. This way, you can improve the whole town.
  • You can create your group of heroes and assign them to dungeons to add profit to your wife.
  • Real-time trading is one of the critical features of the game.
  • You can trade with real players all over the world.

How To Play The Game

The player must open a modest store and gradually expand it. For that, it is necessary to complete missions that involve defeating monsters, building armor, swords, and other equipment to sell in the store and that can be used to defend the village.

The goal is to work hard to expand the store until it becomes a commercial tycoon.

How To Install Shop Titans Pro Apk

  • First, if you have downloaded the Shop Titans app, you need to uninstall it and re-download it from our site.
  • After downloading, find the Shop Titans app from the file manager of your device. Now click on the app to install and enjoy with friends.
  • Many times a warning may come in the case of installation, but it is not a significant issue if you have enabled unknown sources on the device.

Shop Titans for android

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Shop Titans Apk central theme is that in this game you are the hero and it is your job to protect everyone in your town and make it a security head.

That means you have to play a role here, and among the games we play, the role-play games are much more popular.

Undoubtedly, I can say that you will like the Shop Titans game much more for the sound, graphics and other features of the game.

FAQs About Shop Titans Apk

Some crucial questions are solving here by the experience of the admin panel from Apkadviser. Our site will provide you more solutions besides this article. If you need any help, contact our admin panel.

Is the shop on android Titans?

Titans shop 6.4. 1 – Download Android.

Does the shop pay for winning Titans?

Well begun, but with a pay to win exceedingly predatory. Most of the new content is purchased for the core gameplay aspect, plus a monthly membership. Good enjoyable game, but the longer you play, the higher you spend staying.

How many heroes in the Titans shop can you have?

Three classes exist fighter, rogue, and spellcaster. A total of 18 different hero kinds are currently available (6 types per class). In addition, you get the opportunity to hire higher-level heroes as you level up.]

What’s big money on the Titans shop like?

Overburdening is how in Shop Titans you make most of your money, but it isn’t free of charge. The overload costs your store owner’s energy more or less, depending on the price of an item.

How do I unsubscribe from my Titans shop?

Go to your Google Play, then select Subscriber Management. There you can cancel.

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