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Shop Titans Apk is a game about stars saves the world from evil forces that have become familiar to generations of players.

It’s well known that these games give you a sense of glory and egotism when you win your enemies and you defeat them very nicely.

Wouldn’t anybody be a star? Today, however, the game I want to bring is entirely different compared to the predictable games, but still based on the thought of heroes.

Shop Titans for android

For enjoying the game and becoming a hero need very crucial points and deep eyes to attack your enemies. So, here are going to discuss the whole thing for this apk.

Shop titans Apk latest version


Design & Trading Another of the games presented by the well-known Canadian gaming firm Kabam, which was developed and published in the game’s category such as Sai.

Moreover, you probably know that this studio has developed and published applauded games such as TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight, Marvel Champions Contest, Star Wars: Revolution, and Fast & Furious: Legacy if you’re familiar with Kabam Studios.

This time for the first time in Iran, and we have another enjoyable game from this studio with you.

Shop Titan

Design & Trade Apk is just as fascinating as other Kabam games and is another title for displaying Kabam’s control influence. In this fun and creative game, you travel to the legendary old world of warriors and knights in primitive times.

You are in the role of a store owner of weapons and not just a salesman but also a constructor and you have to produce all kinds of weapons like swords, bows so on. and weapons such as armor and other similar items, not just a store.

Successfully set up by the village heroes, but support the people and the village to protect against the monsters seen in a prison in mountains near this spot.

Shop Titans

You must work with a blacksmith, tailor, nurse, carpenter, botanist, and others in the production of the highest quality goods to produce the items required by the heroes of games.

You may directly sell or exchange the belongings for other possessions in your shop. In Shop Titans: design and exchange, there is also an opportunity to bid for items that will make your tasks more exciting.

Many other skills and features are part of your quest to help the village rid beasts. There are also many other features and structures.

Features of the game shop

  • Imaginary graphics with 3D design
  • Exciting emulator of shop and workshop system
  • Playing a character as a salesman, manufacturer, and businesswoman
  • The opportunity of selling products.
  • Simulation style – playing the game as a salesman.
  • Possibility to do buy and sale with other retailers and businessman.
  • Capability to produce and sell a variety of weapons, armor, and so on.
  • Working with Blacksmiths, carpenters, and others in the field.
  • Throughout the game playing several kinds of roles.
  • Sell ​​arms and other items to the legendary heroes to challenge the enemies.
  • Capability for managing the customizable and professional stores.
  • Initial and build exclusive heroes.
  • Battle with opponents and dangerous oubliette monsters.
  • Dozens of hidden items are available
  • A treasure to discover by playing the game.

Tap Titans 2 APK

Titanic world! who doesn’t want to control this world? To pamper in one of the largest indolent games ever released on your smartphone, download Tap Titans 2 APK for Android.

The global winner of the last year’s Best Mobile App Awards was considered by Tap Titans 2.

More than 70,000 unique levels are available in the battle of titans. And all the titans go freely in a universe, select your heroes and train them into heavy sword-fighting fighters. This game is massive and now take it to revenue the big action.


You can outfit your stars with great animals to help them fend off the aggressive Titan by this game, which gives the gameplay a whole new dimension and length. Take the sword and be prepared to take part in one of Android’s supreme fights ever.

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Information of Tap Titans 2 APK

Name Tap Titans 2
Compatible with 5.0
Latest version 3.13.0
Developer Apk Advisor
Google play link Download from Google Play
Price Free
Size 531 MB
Premium Yes
Category Playing Role.

Download Shop Titans Apk (531 MB)

Dawn of  Shop Titans Apk

War games have been really widespread ever since then and that’s proved. Players appear to get addicted to these sorts of games because of how playable it is.

These games typically encompass a lot of planning and strategy-building so it really contests players to play more.

Dawn of Titans is one of today’s most successful war policy games. It has fascinated millions with its bright play and procedure with more than 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store.

But what does this game differentiate from a sea of war games, precisely? Let’s just find out and read the next!

War is a topic that’s been around for ages whether we like it or not. People are very familiar with this type of game. We’ve had 2 World Wars in the modern era but uncountable more before those.

People appear to love the excitement of war and the only way to enjoy it without having to detriment real lives is through games.

Dawn of Titans is an epic game for the war category. All you prefer for war games here and more! But you can handle enormous titans and thousands of warriors in epic 3D battles in this game imaginably.

It’s your accountability to build your army’s effective plan to lead them to win. Basically, think of yourself as your military groundbreaker, you’re not going to intersection them in the war.

Shop Titans Apk

So, how will you prepare them just to make it as your thought?

For the game player, there are a lot of ways to victory. You can never know the result of a match until everyone’s defeated in an army.

However, this is an ideal game and not just an active one. But in order to be powerful, you’ll need to employ and train more military.


We are showing more than required about titans apk and all will be helpful to play this game properly. and acceptable for the receiving victory against your enemies. So, don’t be late to read all of the articles.

FAQs About Shop Titans Apk

Here we mention some important question with good solution which will help you to use this application properly. Follow the site for more information also.

Is it on android Titans store?

1 for Android Download – Titans Shop 6.4.

Does the shop pay for Titans?

It began good but with its pay to win rather exploitative. The majority of new material is purchased for the most basic gameplay aspects plus a monthly subscription. Have fun with the game, but the longer you play, the more you pay to stay.

How many heroes in Titans store can you have?

Three classes of heroes are available: warrior, rogue and spellcaster. A total of 18 hero types are currently available (6 types per class). As you step up, you are able to recruit heroes of better standard.

How can you add Titans buddies to your shop?

Use Facebook and other player friend’s code to add/invite your buddies. Press the left top of the button with two white people as an icon to access the Friends menu and your personal code. This brings you the menu to see your friends and those who are still waiting for you.

Can you offline play the Titans shop?

It’s an offline game in which the shop and the crafts are managed. Players may enlist and dispatch the warriors for adventure excursions where they grind the craft. Later on, the staff of the business will employ these material goods to manufacture distinctive articles, which Kingdom residents love to acquire.

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