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SoundCloud Pro Apk is a very popular music streaming and audio sharing app where you can upload your audio file and invite everyone to listen. The SoundCloud Premium Apk is a modified version of the original app that we have made to use the premium features for free. Read the full article for details.

SoundCloud Pro Apk, See How It Works On Android

SoundCloud started its journey in 2007 with Alexander Ljung and Wahlforss from Germany. Since its launch, SoundCloud has been the largest music streaming and internet community globally, with 176 million monthly users worldwide. Their primary function is to provide an online music streaming service, and any user can upload and share audio on their site.

They offer both free and paid membership, but many are hesitant to buy a paid membership. We have a SoundCloud  Apk on our site with which you can get all the benefits of a paid membership for free.

SoundCloud Pro Apk

Take An Overview Of The SoundCloud Premium Apk

Name SoundCloud APK
Version 2020.09.10-release
Pro Features SoundCloud Pro, Premium Version, No Ads
Updated 14 Sep, 2020
Android Version 5.0 and up
Developer SoundCloud
Category Music & Audio
Price Free

Download SoundCloud Pro Apk (44.2 MB)

Features Of Soundcloud Pro Unlimited Apk

Huge Audio Content

SoundCloud, the largest music streaming platform, recently announced that over 200 million tracks had been uploaded to their platform. While there were only 125 million songs on their platform in 2016, their subscribers and song uploads have increased in the last few years. Other platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer, no one is as huge as SoundCloud in terms of the number of songs. With more than 20 million artists, you can enjoy songs of different genres such as Pop, R & B, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Folk, Metal, Rap, and many more music types.

Upload Your Tracks

If you think SoundCloud is just a music streaming site, you will be wrong. If you are a user of them, you will like to hear that you can upload any song you sing on their site. SoundCloud is the best platform for you to explore yourself and listen to your songs to the world. If you are a free plan user, you can upload up to 180 minutes of audio. If you are a pro plan user, you can upload up to 360 minutes. On the other hand, if you subscribe to the unlimited plan, there will be no limit on song uploads.

Support Your Artist

You can support your favorite artist by like, comment, repost, and download. Usually, we like to listen to a song again; moreover, we appreciate the artist by doing it. The song or playlist has a heart icon, if you click on it, the icon will be orange, and the song or playlist will be added to our favorites list. Below the song or playlist, there is an option to repost the song or playlist; you can share it with your friends by clicking here. You can also comment below the music to give your opinion about the favorite song or download and keep an original copy.

Offline Mode

You can download and store your favorite songs in your storage; for example, if you are a free user, you can download up to 100 Audio; if you are a pro user, you can download 1000 songs. On the other hand, if you are a pro unlimited user, you can download unlimited songs, and later, You can listen offline without any network connection. Moreover, some SoundCloud Downloader Apk on different websites; with these, you can download content.

High-Quality Audio

You need to be a subscriber of SoundCloud Go + to get the best quality audio from SoundCloud. You can stream music at 320 kbps bitrate if the audio content is uploaded at a high-quality bitrate. However, high-quality audio is always available in their Go + plan.

soundcloud downloader apk

Create Playlist

Do you want to listen to some songs over and over again? However, you can arrange the pieces by creating a playlist from SoundCloud’s app or website. If it is the web, you will see the Add to playlist text below the song; you can click there and put the music in your choice playlist. If the playlist has not been created before, you will get an option called Create New after clicking on Add to Playlist. If it is an app, you will see three dots at the bottom right of the song that you will play; by clicking here, you will get the option to Add to playlist.

Excellent Interface

There are many streaming music apps, but the maximum app’s functions and features are almost the same except for the user interface. Since SoundCloud can be used to upload and download songs simultaneously, they try to provide a user-friendly interface for listeners and artists. They have been attempting to give a simple interface without making it too complicated where even a newcomer can easily understand everything.

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How much does SoundCloud cost?


  • Ad-supported
  • You can listen to some songs, but you may not get access to listen to the tunes of many famous artists
  • Free of cost

SoundCloud Go

  • Pay $ 4.99 per month
  • Here too, you will not get access to listen to the songs of Major Artists
  • No ads
  • Advantages of offline mode

SoundCloud Go+

  • Pay $9.99 per month
  • With this plan, you will get access to listen to music in all types of libraries and listen to songs of all artists
  • High-quality audio streaming
  • Ads-free
  • Download and offline listening facility

Moreover, they have another plan called SoundCloud Go for Students. It has the same features as SoundCloud Go, but the price is lower.

soundcloud apk

How to install SoundCloud Apk on your device?

You can get the Pro app on your device by following some simple steps below.

  • On our website, there is a box for downloading SoundCloud apk; click on it.
  • When the download is complete, open the file from the notification bar or from the file manager where the file can be found.
  • Now install the SoundCloud Pro app on your Android or iOS device. In this case, you may have to follow some instructions.
  • Now start the app and enjoy it.

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Whether you are a listener or a singer, it is safe to say that SoundCloud Pro Apk is the best choice for you. The app brings you a platform where you can take your voice to the highest level and show your skills in front of everyone. Download the SoundCloud app now and find out all the premium features, along with many more.

The Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about SoundCloud Pro Apk

Soundcloud is the most popular music platform. Million of million audio files are included. You can enjoy free and premium version Apk files on your android device. It’s safe and secure for any device. If you have any query please follow our some common queries and answer.

Can I upload audio to the Pro app?

Yes, you can. The Pro App is another version of the original app to find everything here, like the original app.

Is the SoundCloud Pro app safe for the device?

Yes, it is safe. Our site is trusted; nothing unsafe is provided here.

Will I get the opportunity to use all the features for free?

Pro app means allowing you to use premium resources for free. You can use our app for free.

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