The Escapist APK Free Download for Android, iOS with Mod [v6262]

The Escapist APK is a top-down puzzle RPG game app developed by Moldy Toof Studios. The release took place in 2015 for personal computers running on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X operating systems, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360 game consoles.

In March 2017, a version for Android and iOS was released. The Nintendo Switch version of the game, including all the previous add-ons, was released in 2018.

the escapists apk android

The Escapists APK Overview

Game Overview
Name The Escapists: Prison Escape
Offered by Team 17 Digital Limited
Latest Version 626294
Download Size 100 MB
Downloads 100K+
Updated on Feb 12, 2020

Download The Escapist APK (100 MB)

The Escapists APK Download

The player controls a prisoner character who must escape from several prisons of increasing complexity.

Reviews were commonly complimentary, with critics praising the great freedom of choice provided to players, although some reviewers felt that the game was offering an escape puzzle by trial and error.

The second part of the game (The Escapists 2) was released on August 21, 2017, for personal computers running Windows and PS4, and Xbox One consoles.

the escapist apk

On January 31, 2019, the game was ported to Android and IOS. Are you thinking of The Escapists APK Download? No worry. Try it on this page just with a single click.

The Escapist Prison Escape APK

Get ready to play the Escapists Prison Escape APK. The player takes on the role of a prisoner whose goal is to escape from prison.

For this purpose, the character can acquire various items and tools, creating them on their own or stealing from other prisoners.

The character can interact with inmates, completing their tasks in order to improve their attitude towards themselves and replenish the game account.

Various activities, such as exercise or reading books in the library, can increase the characteristics of the character, increasing the chances of escape.

To prevent the prison guards from noticing the preparations for the escape, the PC must avoid their attention and follow the daily routine by participating in meals, roll calls, etc. The guards periodically search the cells of the prisoners.


So, the player must be careful to hide the tools prepared for the escape. Failure is punishable by the temporary placement of the character in a punishment cell with the loss of all preparations for escape.

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The Escapists APK Android

Download the Escapists APK Android. It is Chris Davis’s second game. Davis received £ 7,131 to develop the game through Kickstarter in November 2013.

Davis has signed a contract with the publisher Team 17 to better sell the game. Team 17 also ported the game with Multimedia Fusion to the Xbox One.

The idea for the game originated in 1984 with the video game Skool Daze, one of Davis’s favorite games. Davis limited the hint and tutorial system to encourage experimentation by the players.

He hoped that he would allow the players to find a solution for themselves, and they would feel like prisoners. For inspiration, Davis watched prison movies and researched prison break stories.

The Escapist APK Free

Do you wanna get the Escapist APK Free? No problem! Download it from our site. The game was released to Early Access in August 2014.

PCGamesN reviewed the Early Access version in November 2014. While the game still lacked meaningful escape options, crafting recipes were unclear.

Feedback from an early release allowed Davis to improve the game, for example by adjusting the difficulty. It also allowed him to experiment with ideas and solicit suggestions from the player community.

Davis stated that “society made the game what it is now” and that “early access gave the game a really good experience.” The full game was released in February 2015.

The Escapists APK Free Download

There were 5 downloadable add-ons released for the game. The first add-on for PC was released on February 13, 2015. It included 3 additional prisons.

On April 2, 2015, a new downloadable content called “Alcatraz” was released for PC, Xbox One, Android, and PlayStation 4.

Download the Escapist APK latest version to get the newest features. The last update took place on Feb 12, 2020. You can download the Escapists from the Google Play Store too along with our site.

The Escapists APK Download Android

Download the Escapist app on your android device without facing any difficulties. It is basically an android game though it has Windows and iOS versions too.

Due to having favorable user control, this game is awesome to play on android. Just hit the download button and start playing this amazing puzzle game.

The Escapists APK iOS

The Escapists is available for IOS too. So, if you are using an iOS operating system, do not hesitate to download the Escapists APK iOS from this site.

the escapists apk download

It might be great fun playing such an interesting game. In the entire gameplay, you will fall into different traps. You will have to escape those.

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Final Words

You are a criminal but you are doing something with the strategy that will save you. Don’t worry. I am talking about the game.

This is just an immersive game that can keep you indulged in another world. In this game, you experience life behind barbed wire fences. You are caught for your crime but now you have to make a way to escape it.

The FAQs about The Escapist Apk

The Escapist is full of thrills. This is such a game where you can escape with the help of your strategic tactics. Have a glimpse at some FAQs with proper answers.

What are the highlighted features of the Escapists?

There are a number of awesome features in this game. Among them, the highlighted features are:

  • Immersive Prison Simulator Game
  • Increase your strength in the Exercise Yard
  • Dodge Contraband Detectors
  • Steel and Trade Different Items
  • Escape by dint of your Strategic Power

Is the Escapist safe?

The Escapist is totally a safe game to play.

This Apk working iOS operating system?

Yes, this application supports iOS operating system without hesitance.

Can I get a direct link?

Yes, you can get the direct download from here. While scrolling down then you notice the download button.

Is the Escapist available for iOS?

Yes, this game is available for iOS. Download it from APK Adviser.

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