Tinder Premium APK Download Free V12.8.0 [Gold, Mod & tinder++]

Tinder Premium APK is a mobile application for dating, making friends, and meeting new people. This app lets you match, date, and chat with nearby people.

Amazingly, there are around 30 billion matches available here to date. It is one of the top dating apps that makes people possible to coming closer.

Are you looking for a beloved with whom you want to chat and date? No worry! Tinder brings the local singles to their perfect matching.

Free Tinder Premium APK

Tinder Premium APK Overview

App Overview
App Name Tinder- Dating, Make Friends and Meet New People
Offered by Tinder
Latest Version 12.8.0
Download Size 46.03 MB
Last Update May 9, 2021
Downloads 100,000,000+ Times

Download Tinder Premium APK (44 MB)

Tinder plus APK Gratis

Are you single? Are you searching for a real partner for you? Then, you can download Tinder plus APK Gratis. Tinder app will give a real companion as a perfect gift for you.

You can swipe the profiles anonymously. If your profile matches someone, you can send her/him a message and make her/him a part of your life.

Tinder is a perfect dating app where you are able to find your perfect match easily. This is like a social media platform that allows you to like or dislike other’s profiles.

Tinder Premium APK android

Interestingly, you can do it anonymously. On this platform, you are able to see the photo, common interests, and a small bio only.

Only when your profile matches with a profile, you will be able to chat with him/her. Tinder has a Super-Like feature that will help you impress a girl or a boy.

You need to justify to others whether you have better understandings or not. If you think, she/he is perfect for you, then you can start chatting. Thus this platform works for finding your perfect match.

Tinder plus Gratuit APK

Before approaching to download Tinder plus Gratuit APK, I would like to say it is a premium application. But surely you will have some free basics in this app.

But they are limited. So, you need to purchase a premium pack to have unlimited features. Let me explain the premium packs.

You may choose Tinder Gold or Tinder plus. Be clear that you have to purchase the premium pack from your Google Play account.

You can purchase with auto-renewal that will charge the balance within 24 hours after the end of the ongoing purchase. However, there is an option to purchase without auto-renewal too. So, this is up to you.

Subscription Policy

Package Title Starting Price Available Packages
Tinder plus $9.99/month 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month packages are available
Tinder Gold $14.99/month 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month packages are available

You can purchase Unlimited Swipe and Super Likes in the app store. Undoubtedly, this app is a little bit expensive. But be sure whenever you want to get something perfect, it is simple to be expensive.

This is a quick, reliable, and long-term dating app. It’s full of fun and easy-to-use mobile app so far. I recommend you to download this app if you wish to have a nearby friend to make her/him a part of your life.

Tinder plus APK Mirror

Some years ago, people used to make relationships going to school, college, bar, and railway stations. We watch this type of plot in old-day movies. Now everything has become changes due to the advancements in science and technology around the world.

Today we need not go outside for watching movies or chatting with our friends. So why won’t it be possible to make relationships staying at home?

Tinder Premium APK Download

Tinder has made it possible. So, if you wanna date your perfect match and making her/him a part of your life, you are recommended to download Tinder plus APK Mirror right now.

You can scroll the profiles of others who are using Tinder. Check them whose profiles match the most with you. If you find someone’s profile is a perfect match for you, you can send her/him a Super-Like to impress her/him.

But Super Likes are not unlimited. To get unlimited Super-Likes, you need to purchase a premium pack because only the subscribers can enjoy unlimited features.

Descargar Tinder plus APK Gratis

Tinder is a super popular app for singles around the world. We can clearly understand its popularity as it’s been downloaded over 100M times across the globe.

Undoubtedly, it’s an amazing and nail-biting creation of the developers. Download Descargar Tinder plus APK Gratis.

Anyway, it does not matter where you are from. This app is available in several languages: Arabic, English, Hebrew, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Greek, German, French, Danish, Czech, Catalan, Italian and Bulgarian language.

Highlighted Features of Tinder Premium

  • Unlimited Super Likes: Tinder premium ensures unlimited Super Likes that help you impress a girl or a boy. You can download this mobile app for free but you need to purchase the premium pack to get some romantic features like Super-Likes. As this is an expensive one, many users like to use only the free features.
  • Unlimited Swipe: Tinder Premium offers unlimited swipes to its users. The free users have to wait much time after using the fixed swipes. So, if you need to use this feature continuously without any delay, you have to have to be a premium user.
  • Free Profile Boost: This feature lets your profile boost and reach your profile in front of others. It might help you find your life partner in the shortest possible time.
  • Ad-free Experience: The tinder premium app won’t show you annoying ads.


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Final Verdict

If you are looking for a partner with whom you want to date and make a part of your life, you can download Tinder APK. Tinder is such an app that is super effective to find a perfect matching for you.

Interestingly, it is completely an easy-to-use app with so many romantic features. So, download and install this app. Purchase the Tinder Gold pack to have unlimited control over your profile.

The FAQs about Tinder Premium Apk

Tinder is the world’s most popular dating app. Here are some FAQs about the Tinder app with appropriate answers.

Is Tinder safe for dating?

Tinder is aware of the safety measures of its users. In 2000, the Tinder authority added a panic button for the ultimate safety of US users.

However, there is nothing to worry about the safety in Tinder because you are dating with the help of this outstanding app, not with any unreliable platforms.

Why should I purchase a premium pack where it offers free features?

Undoubtedly, you can use Tinder features for free. But if you are a free user, your facilities are limited. So, if you wanna get the most of it, you need to purchase a premium pack.

What are the premium features of Tinder APK?

The Premium Features are:

  • Ad-Free Experience
  • Unlimited Super Likes
  • Unlimited Swipes
  • Free Profile Boost
  • Find a Perfect Match

How do matches work with Tinder?

To match, two members must utilize Swipe Right® to match each other.

What if Tinder® claims that you missed a game?

It indicates you’ve made the Swipe LeftTM feature to someone you liked when we say you missed one match.

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