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For lovers of famous RPG titles, or even for those who fall in love with the tales of ancient history, today’s game is guaranteed fun, with the exploration of gigantic maps and many battles. Introducing Titan Quest Legendary Edition APK: Lots of exploration, magic, skills, powers, mythical enemies, and locations that have marked history as we know it.

If you are a fan of discipline, games, or excitement, you are in the right place.

No matter how much you know about this game, we bring you everything you need to know before facing this epic that goes from the lost world of Atlantis to iconic ancient Greece.

Titan Quest Legendary Edition Apk: All That Hack and Slash onto Android

The application is a game that features mechanics very similar to the famous Diablo franchise, such as the unforgettable Diablo Immortal. So, as the fanatics say, it is a diablo. However, without making comparisons, Titan Quest also has its merits there, as we will see later.

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The game’s aim is to establish a hero. For that, a campaign-style of play, with several side quests – that allow, among other things, to acquire items or learn special skills – to prepare your hero for the triumph.

The game is relatively easy to be understood in the first contact, which ends up keeping it, since 2006, among the charts for mobile. The great innovation of Titan Quest Legendary Edition APK, in addition to its content, is to bring together all the DLCs already released. So far, this is the most significant game in the franchise.

It’s a never-ending pleasure.

To be successful, you will need to understand the game’s fundamental principles and develop your character during the adventure. So, let’s talk a little about the gameplay you will have when downloading Titan Quest Legendary Edition for free.

Additional Information About Titan Quest Legendary Edition

Name Titan Quest: Legendary Edition
Genre Role-Playing
Offered By HandyGames
Size 3.67 GB
Current Version 2.9.8
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Updated February 18, 2021
Price Free
Modified Feature All Revealed

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What You Need To Know About Titan Quest Legendary Edition Gameplay

The game model you already know, so let’s talk a little about the collectibles and what you will face during your journey. The game world is vast, and the number of items and skills to be acquired allows many possibilities.

The key to success is strategically choosing what to use in each situation and what skills your hero should learn. There is no ready or wrong recipe; everything goes from your ambitions and your style of play.

Download Titan Quest Legendary Edition

Let’s get to know a little bit of this whole world of items, spells, and abilities that will be on your way.

Amulets And Relics

You can get these things by beating several enemies. You can use them to enchant a variety of weapons and provide one of many possible effects, such as protection against an element, additional damage, and so on.

The excellent news about amulets and relics is that you can use them as often as you like. This means that they are not consumable. However, the bad news is that you don’t find them whole, but in parts:

Relics → one-third of a relic is found when defeating his enemy;

Amulets → One -fifth of any charm is found when defeating your enemy;

Everything is random, which can give you good luck (or not) depending on who knows, your state of mind, or the application’s goodwill.


The artifacts are similar to amulets and relics. However, they are present only in DLCs and are, in fact, the combination of different items, such as magic scrolls, relics, and others. Its effect is usually potent. However, you will only be able to use that particular combination once. So plan well.

Master’s (Mastery)

Although not strictly an item, mastering is something that develops and is vital to the game. It is as if it were a school of magic, that is, based on your choice of masters, your player’s class will be resolved, with particular skills and spells being the main ones.

The points used to buy masters, unlike others that can be used to purchase minor skills, cannot be reset. Therefore, you must make your choice carefully. Repenting is not an option here.

Of course, the heart of the game is epic battles, always with lots of special effects and graphics that are just the right measure to be attractive enough without crashing on most phones. In this way, it is time for you to prepare for combat.

Understand The Combats Of Titan Quest Legendary Edition

The fighting mode is straightforward and intuitive, which will certainly not pose any difficulties even for first-timers. But knowing the right weapons and types of damage can be crucial to your survival.

Main types of weapons


Sword arms fast and low damage. They are good options for beginning your adventure, especially when starting a build of Wizards, Hunters, or even facing a Dual Wielding Warriors. They tend to lose their usefulness later on since more lethal weapons will be available;

Titan Quest Legendary Edition apk


Perhaps the most balanced choice among the primary weapons. Although not as fast as the sword, this weapon does more damage than the previous one, making it a safe option for intermediate enemies;

Maces ( Ax )

Weapons for hand-to-hand combat, the famous one-on-one. Although they are slow, these beauties cause significant physical damage to opponents;


The great thing about this weaponry is that, depending on the mastery you chose, it can be evolved, improved, and become a real killing machine;

Arcos ( Bows )

Slower weapons, but that in addition to causing significant damage, also have a good range, which gives a substantial advantage in certain combat types. As with spears, it can be improved depending on your master’s degree and become a real death beast;

Staves ( Staffs )

Powerful ranged weapons that cause harm related to the elemental game as Thunder ( Lightning ), Elemental ( Elemental ), Frio ( Cold ), Fire ( Fire ), and Stamina ( Vitality );

Now, let’s get to know the damage types of the game.

The Types Of Damage

The different types of weapons and abilities don’t just give the player a different look and choices. They’re still in charge of a wide range of methods for injuring and defeating their enemies. Each will have its strengths and weaknesses, and it is up to you to find the best way to damage your opponent.

Physical Damage

Physical Damage is joint Damage. Any ability that indicates + X Damage (Damage) or + X% Damage (Damage) refers to the common. It is a type of Damage that is continuously reduced by armor and that may not affect certain enemies much;

Piercing Damage

Piercing Damage is an alternative for enemies that defend themselves from Physical Damage. Typically, a variety of weapons deliver a percentage of piercing Damage, in particular spears and bows;

Bleeding Damage

Bleeding Damage is one of the specialties of mestragem Hunting and Rogue. Giving by bleeding takes place over time, that is, after being hit, as time passes, the enemy loses more and more life;

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Poisoning Damage

Poisoning Damage is much like bleeding Damage, and poisoning also worsens over time. On the one hand, the Damage caused by it is slower than the bleeding; on the other, however, it can trigger other problems to the affected enemy;


Elemental Damage

Elemental Damage is magic Damage and usually also makes use of the time factor to fulfill their missions. The big thing here is that the more intelligence you have as an attribute, the more deadly this attack will be;

You already have in hand the most potent gimmick of all for life: knowledge.

Time to explore the most historic ancient civilizations and end the most fearsome monsters in mythology. Time to be a hero.

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Download Titan Quest Legendary Edition For Android And Immerse Yourself In Historical Combat

Please don’t waste any more time and enjoy all the content revealed and at first hand with our exclusive Titan Quest Legendary Edition APK. It is a stable and very safe way to have the best fun that the title offers with the quality you are already used to.

FAQs About Titan Quest Legendary Edition APK

Some crucial questions are mentioning here with a good answer. Everything from the Apkadviser team experience and most demandable questions is presenting below.

How is Titan Quest different from Titan Quest’s Legendary Edition?

Titan Quest is an action-playing hack and slash game. The original Titan Quest and its DLCs are Immortal Thrones, Ragnarök, and the latter DLC Atlantis in Titan Quest Legendary Edition.

Is it mobile multiplayer for Titan Quest?

Despite technical difficulties and the absence of the component for the multiplayer, Titan Quest nevertheless makes it the most OK game ever on iOS. Accordingly, this is an imposing single-player RPG action to be found in every iOS RPG fan collection.

Is Quest free? Is Quest free?

For owners of the original, the new Titan Quest Anniversary is free of cost on Steam. The highly revised edition of the iron lore action RPG contains both the original game and the expansion of the immoral throne. If you possess one of the earlier versions of the game on Steam, you receive it free of charge.

When did Quest come out? When did it come out?

26 June 2006 2006

Does iOS support Titan Quest?

The most excellent takeover is that Titan Quest now supports iOS and Android controllers. For extra versatility, you may swap between the control input and return to the fly touch controls.

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