Torque Pro APK Download for Android with Mod [OBD 2 & Car]

Torque Pro APK is a mobile application that lets you understand the performance of your car more accurately. Maybe you are an adventurous person or you like to drive your car very much.

Then you are in need of a tool that will effectively help you monitor the car performance. Torque is such a mobile app that makes the thing possible.

Torque Pro APK Overview

App Overview
Name Torque Pro (OBD+Car)
Offered by Ian Hawkins
Latest Version 1.10.120
Download Size 16.04 MB
Price $4.95
Genre Communication

Download Torque Pro APK (16.1 MB)

Torque Pro APK Download

Do not hesitate to download the latest version of Torque APK. It will give you all the features related to the car for around 5 USD only.

Torque Pro APK for android

If you drive your car by yourself, you need to get a tool like this. You can read the fuel flow, fuel cost, CO2 emissions, and much more information.

Besides, this app will give you notifications or alarms about an issue whenever it is necessary to know. Even it has a voice recognizing system too.

Just you will be able to know everything about your car or truck that you really need to know.  This app enables you to share information via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Torque Pro APK Full

Do you wanna get Torque Pro APK Full? The app is attached above. Interestingly, you can download Torque Pro just with a single click.

However, you need to know that this app is not free at all. To use the premium features, you have to spend around 5 USD. Anyway, it’s not so much in consideration of its usefulness.

Amazingly, this light tool can measure Torque, OBD faults data in the Google earth and BHP of your car. See what’s going on with your car.

It will give you real-time engine data, OBD faults notification, sensor data, and so on. It’s a diagnostics app indeed. The scanner can use an OBD. This app manages your OBD2 engine via Bluetooth.

Highlighted Features of Torque Pro

  • HP & Torque, Horsepower, and Dynometer
  • Can display Transmissions Temperatures
  • CO2 emission readout
  • Take a video of your car journey using a special plugin
  • Theme support for the dashboard
  • Turbo boost feature
  • GPS Speedometer
  • Realtime tracking
  • MPG
  • Graph Data
  • Car dock support
  • Fault code database
  • Send logging information
  • Customizable dashboard and many more

Download Torque Pro APK

Torque Pro APK Free Download

If you wanna think of Torque Pro APK Free download, you are in the right place to get it. You can download Torque totally for free from our site.

Anyway, it works on the cars made by Mercedes, Chrysler, GM/Vauxhall/Opel, VW, Ford, Skoda, Mitsubishi, Renault, Nissan, Kia, Honda, Toyota, Citroen, Peugeot, and many more companies.

Interestingly, this app is supported by many more devices. Get ready to use this amazing tool on your android phone or tablet or iOS.

You will are going to get a lot of features unlocked. Just imagine such a great app is available for free for android or other operating systems.

Torque Pro APK Gratis

Are you looking for Torque Pro APK Gratis? Then I am giving you good news that you can download this app for free from APK Adviser.

You can get all premium features just at no cost. This is something like getting diamonds for free. Could you be able to get it anywhere?

This app enables you to take screenshots of the car data and you can share them on different social media. Besides, it will give you necessary alarms about anything that you need to know urgently.

Torque Pro APK

It bears a large number of fault databases that can track the faults of the car engine and many more.

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Torque Pro is an amazing tool for drivers. You might be a very busy person and do not care about going to any specialists to know different things and damage to your car.

Then, Torque is a great solution for you. This app will give so much useful information about the performance of your car. You might be blessed downloading this amazing app on your android phone.

The FAQs about Torque Pro Apk

Do you wanna know more about this app. Go through the FAQ section. Here we have arranged some popular questions about Torque. You will be happy to know the answers to those questions.

Is Torque pro a paid app?

Torque Pro is not a paid app. You need to purchase the app from Google Play Store. But the developers have brought a free version of this app, namely Torque Lite. So, instead of using Torque Pro, you can use the free app.

Is App will be safe?

Yes, this app will be more secure and safe for your device

Which is the latest version of Torque Pro?

The latest version of Torque Pro is V1.10.120. This version was updated on September 22, 2020. It’s now a heavy app indeed. It’s only 16.04 MB.

Can I download the pro version?

Torque Pro APK Free download, you are in the right place to get it. You can download Torque totally for free from our site.

What are the Key Features of this app?

The Key Features of Toque are-

  • Trip Data
  • Check for incidents
  • High compatibility

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