VMOS Apk Pro Mod Download On Android | A virtual machine app

The VMOS Apk is an application for Android-based on a virtual machine system (VM). In short, it is an Android emulator for Android.

When installed on a compatible device, VMOS can run another complete system independently within the original system. It’s like a DualSpace on steroids.

The app’s official website offers both free and paid versions; however, you don’t need to purchase a premium version to access the paid features; instead, we’ve created a VMOS App, which allows you to access all of the premium features.


Emulating one Android system inside another might seem counterintuitive at first glance, but that’s the kind of thing you’ll find helpful over time.

VMOS Apk Unlocker Details

VMOS is an application that allows you to run the operating system on your independent android, even on the device you already have.

This operating system runs as an application and needs to be controlled or dependent on how the host system is. The advantage is that the appearance of the VMOS application is quite simple and minimalist, so it doesn’t make it difficult for you to use it.

As you probably know, for most Android Emulators for Laptops / PCs, VMOS is an alternative application to Emulators or Virtual Machines.

Still, the difference is that VMOS is in the form of an APK. So to be able to use this VMOS Apk, the phone does not have to be rooted. For that, let’s describe a little about the functions and uses of this VMOS application.

From what is commonly known that many people want to have two applications or more accounts on their smartphones, or you could say double accounts.

This VMOS is one of the answers you are looking for to meet those needs. Duplicate applications, of course, have sprung up a lot at this time, for example, App Cloner, Parallel Space, and many others.

By downloading and installing VMOS, it makes you feel as if you have two devices on one phone.


You can duplicate existing accounts or applications without worrying about being warned because you have two different characters on one phone, either IMEI, Device Id, or other manufacturers.

Additional Information About VMOS

Genre Tools
Developer VMOS|App Cloner
Original Author VMOS LLC
Size 317mb
Requires Android Android 5.1 and later
Stable Release 1.0.63
Mod Features All Revealed
Updated March 22, 2021

Download VMOS APK (317 MB)

VMOS APK Mod Features

Here are some features of the VMOS Emulator application on Android; you can root with just one click, so you will immediately be able to run several applications that require the phone to be rooted.

Eye-popping Settings Menu

The default features of the VMOS application are almost the same as the default features of the leading mobile phone.

There is a settings menu; in this settings menu, there are several sub-menus, namely System settings, languages, date or time, mobile phones, application manager, developer options, etc.

Floating Menu

A floating menu on windows allows VMOS users to operate the emulator, which contains the functions of the ON/OFF button, back, HOME, screen resolution settings, or notification buttons.

VMOS for Android

Users can run other applications behind the system (running in the background system).

Root Environment

To play many games in Google Play Store or App Store, we need to root our mobile, which is time-consuming and difficult. With the VMOS app, you can play root games effortlessly without rooting the device.

Running The App In The Background

You can run the app in the background in VMOS without any influence. Even when you work at the front desk, your background running apps will not lose any data and will not be disconnected.

Customizable Resolution

VMOS has a customizable resolution feature. You may think that the apps used in VMOS may lose their resolution, but this app has launched the customizable resolution feature with which you can find the default resolution of the mobile phone. Or you can reduce the resolution as you wish.

Impressive UI

An Android screen display that uses VMOS, which is different from the original android phone, will feel that the user has another phone.

Gallery And Contact Features

By default, this VMOS application also has Gallery and Contact features, but you still have to download and install these features separately for SMS and some other features.

Multiple Version

You will find several versions of the app on their official site. Many complained that the older versions from their updated version work quite well, in which case you can download the VMOS Apk Old Version from their site.

VMOS Requirements

In principle, VMOS requires 3GB of RAM and approximately 3GB of free disk space, as well as Android 5.1 or above.

Furthermore, since the software is still under development, it has experienced problems with Android 9 and some mobile phone types.

The good news is that it’s very easy to set up, so even if you’re unsure about the prerequisites, go ahead and download it and try it out!

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Useful Tips Of The VMOS

You can go back and forth to the virtual machine via the VMOS Menu, a small cube fixed in the center-right of the screen.

By clicking on it, you will see the options to Return to the application, minimize, close, among others. And to do the Root, go to the settings and then “ROOT.”

Use an app like Root Checker to confirm that Root was successful.

You can also import and export apps suitable from your original system by going to the VMOS Importer.

Download VMOS apk

Apps running in VMOS continue to run in the background while you are using the original system! This opens up a multitude of uses, but for this post, we leave it at that. Have questions? Comment!

The FAQs about VMOS Apk

In this article, we have tried to cover the details of the app. We have added the epic version of the app to the website. If you have any information about Epoch, please comment or email us directly. Then we also gave some crucial questions in the FAQS section.

Is it available in Play Store or App Store?

Yes, but you will get the premium version of the app; download the app provided from our site to get the free paid version.

Will the app be safe to use?

I often use the app for different needs but have not yet received any issue using it safely.

Why doesn’t the app work?

This type of problem can occur if you do not get your internet connection properly. In case of such problems, check if the internet speed is OK.

Is VMOS just an emulator?

You can use it as an emulator, but it is more important to me as an app cloner.

Can I use it on a PC?

Of course, you can use any app if you have an Android emulator installed.

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