Voloco Apk Mod Download For Android | Premium & Pro Version

Voloco Apk is the ultimate singing voice changer. It is not like professional programs, with millions of settings, you would lose yourself in; instead, being a straightforward app, you can do wonders with it. And so easy. Do you want to know more about Voloco and then download it to your mobile device? Well, then read to the end.

Voloco Apk Premium – Vocal Recording Studio, Beats, & Effects

Voloco is an application specially designed to make you sing in a harmonious and in tune way without knowing anything about vocal techniques. Just sing as you can, and voila. Voloco will do all the work for you so that everything will sound perfectly in tune and rhythm.


Download Voloco voice changer It is so fun that you can select any song from your music library (or the ones that Voloco already includes) and use it as a track on which you will assemble your voice. Also, you don’t necessarily have to follow a song. You can make your music, for example, by rapping, as there is an extensive library of rhythms for hip-hop and rap.

Overview Information Of Voloco

Name Voloco
Genre Music & Audio
Size 16 MB
Current Version 6.2.0
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Updated October 21, 2020

Download Voloco Apk (16 MB)

 How to use Voloco Apk Full?

Voloco comes with numerous rhythms to give you a comprehensive collection to designate. Scroll through your library of beats to listen to and select the one that suits you best. If you can’t find your ideal rhythm, you can always upload a rhythm directly from your device.

Once you get your ideal rhythm, you must choose the Enter pin to start printing. Interestingly, this application allows you to print your beats in the form of audio or video.

On the other hand, Voloco has numerous stocks that you can use to reach your best tracks. Just be sure to try as many as you can; the Voloco Apk Download premium will have up to 40 stocks for your consideration.


After printing your rhythm, you can use vocal sync to align the voices with the rhythms. In this way, you can be sure of flawless tracks. In this way, you can be sure of flawless tracks; once you are sure you have your ideal path, you can share it with your friends.

Here Are Some More Unique Features Of Voloco Auto Tune Apk

Light to share
You should make a video selfie and upload it to your Instagram profile after making your best videos. Be sure to tag your friends, who, in turn, can help spread your video to a senior audience.

Ability to export
You can export your voice to another platform and continue your work there.

Proportionately equipped rhythm library – You will have communication at numerous rhythms to sing or rap. Moreover, you can see some of the top-notch tracks that have been completed with Voloco.

Highlights Of The App

  • It is a music app widely used, more than anything, in Hip Hop, electronic music, and modern styles such as Reggaeton and Trash.
  • It allows you to polish your voice so that it does not clash. If you use the Great Chorus effect when singing, you can sing along with seven voices to help your voice sound like an artist.
  • It allows you to process your voice and correct it in real-time while the background melody plays; Never before have you heard yourself singing so well.
  • You can sing directly and listen to yourself (for this, you will need headphones), or on the contrary, record the song and then listen to it and make some corrections.

Imagine being able to express everything you feel inside to someone special as an artist. Break the ice and dare to bring out that singer that you have inside. The fun will be fully guaranteed; It is also one of the best ways to release the stress of work or free yourself from the routine.


To conclude, say yes to music, yes to singing, fun, and excitement; download Voloco App Auto-Tune on your device or computer and have great moments; you will see everything you can achieve.

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Advantages Of Using Voloco

  • Voloco offers a straightforward system to share your audios on almost any social network, including WhatsApp and Telegram.
  • It also allows you to record music videos to upload to Instagram, and everyone will see you sing.
  • It is possible to separate your voice from the track if you want to use another editing application or a professional program.
  • There is a section with a selection of the best creations of Voloco users, which you can review, share, and enjoy.
  • In addition to manual settings, this voice changer comes equipped with eight preset packs, including several for rapping, one in 8-bit, and even one that makes you sound like Daft Punk.
  • It is available in the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  • It barely weighs 34 mg in the iOS version and 7.7 in the Android version for such a complete application.

How To Download Voloco Pro Apk Free?

For both Apple and Android, the download process is practically the same. In both cases, you have to do the following: First, click on the link corresponding to your user’s operating system. This will take you to the store for one or another operating system. Then you will see a download button, but before clicking on it, it is good that you review the technical specifications of the application and its compatibility.

Download | Voloco for iOS

Download | Voloco for Android

If you already have everything clear, then you can press the download button. It will take a few seconds for the Voloco files to download and then a few more seconds for the application to install. In total, it shouldn’t take more than a minute or two, although this may vary depending on your internet speed and device.


When you have finished installation, click on the App icon, and the app will start. You may have to fill out some necessary information and grant specific permissions, but nothing to write home about. You are now able to make the best use of Voloco Apk Updated.

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Among the voice changers with effects, Voloco is a complete option if we focus on the musical area. It has the simplicity of a mobile application, but it goes further by including a vocoder system in charge of turning your voice to perfection. You don’t have to be a singer to play decent music in this manner. What are you waiting to add to your cell phone and become the performer you’ve always wanted?

Tell us, did you like this spectacular application to change your voice while singing? Download Voloco Apk; try it; tell us what you think. Until next time.

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