Wattpad Premium Apk Mod For Android: Read & write stories

Download the latest Android version of Wattpad Premium APK and enjoy exclusive titles from super creative authors worldwide. Wattpad is now a place for young people to channel their desire to write. Many quality writings are published in book form or even made into big-screen films.

Do you like writing and want to follow in the footsteps of successful Wattpad writers? Or do you want to read exciting stories there? Know first the steps you must take as a novice user on the platform. Check out the following!

Wattpad Premium APK Mod: Premium Subscription Unlocked

Despite having revolutionized the reading industry, having a device like the Kindle is not always accessible for most people. At Amazon, the acquisition of any title is costly. Applications like Wattpad appear to remedy this situation.

Wattpad is an app capable of integrating both voracious readers and story producers into a vibrant community. Those interested in reading can enjoy countless free titles to download on their smartphones and consume them whenever they wish.


The app also has an exclusive area for writers. With access to the web platform, it is much easier to write there. However, the reader can comment on any paragraph of the publications he is reading and contribute so that the author can make his story even more exciting.

This interaction between author and reader was virtually impossible in real-time. But with the arrival of Wattpad, reading lovers are now more connected than ever.

Overview Of Wattpad App

Name Wattpad – Read & Write Stories
Genre Books & Reference
Publisher Wattpad.com
Size Varies with device
Current Version Varies with device
Requires Android Varies with device
Updated March 3, 2021
Modified Features All Revealed

Download Wattpad Premium APK (25.8 MB)

What Is Wattpad APK?

Wattpad is an Android-based program that helps you to read thousands of books. You can read them on your smartphone, web platform, or tablet.

The app has a community of members from several countries and encompasses around 80 million people. They are distributed among readers and writers and are connected through stories.

By participating in the community, it is possible to have access to thousands of titles produced that can be downloaded and read, even without an internet connection. This gives the reader greater flexibility in reading while traveling or even while on the move.

Within the community, the reader or writer is always challenged. These provocations happen through writing tournaments in different genres. They range from novels to short stories guided by a Wattpad sponsor.

Such challenges encourage participants to be increasingly creative, promoting a lively, engaged, and interactive community. Such characteristics encourage the reader to access the platform and to learn more and more surprising stories.

Features Of Apk Wattpad

Create Your Story For The World

Create a written production. It can be a short story, a novel, or an entire book. When you publish it, it will be accessible to the community as a whole through the technology of the Wattpad APK.

Members will appreciate your work, contribute with constructive comments and opinions about the characters, their dramatic arcs, sensations, and other perceptions. It is like being staging a play and watching the audience’s reactions in almost real-time.

No Subscription Needs

Wattpad is a free application. You, as a reader, have access to countless stories of authors distributed around the world.

Download Wattpad Premium Apk

Live And Interactive Stories

The application has about 80 million people between readers and writers. They are all connected by stories. When you download wattpad apk, you will have direct contact with this community. You will be able to give your opinion on works by incredible authors and publicize your career to the world.

Original Stories

Discover and feel the pleasure of reading several stories distributed in more than fifty languages ​​by writers from all over the world. Regardless of your preferred genre, you will have a great adventure, romance, mystery, comedy, or fiction at your fingertips.

Connect With A Community For Story Lovers

When you join Wattpad, you become part of an international community for story lovers. Connect with passionate readers and writers and comment directly on stories as you’re reading and supporting writers to create and share original stories. You can read together, share your library or create reading lists, so your friends always know what you’re reading.

A Community Of History Lovers

When you register for the app, you will be part of an international community. Interact with both readers and writers and develop authors with comments, helping them make their stories even more original.

Create your profile for free. Access Wattpad for free for Android and create your profile. Whether as an author or reader, you can, through your account, stories through different devices.

Stories That Inspire Cinema

Do you know films like “A barraca do Beijo,” from Netflix or “Light as a Feather” on Hulu, or the “After” series? All of these and other stories were available on the Wattpad APK. This is a platform that promotes authors to the largest publishers and film studios in the world. Who knows, your story may not be a box office hit?

Millions Of Story For Choosing

Based on 2020 data, there are around 400 million stories on Wattpad. The variety of story choices on Wattpad makes you never run out of exciting reading material, gang.

Wattpad Premium Apk

You can choose many genres from, Adventure, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Humor, and even supernatural creatures such as Vampire and Werewolf.

You’ve got to adapt it to your taste. After finding the right story, you are guaranteed not to stop reading until you finish the story.

Commenting Like Social Media

An exciting feature on Wattpad is that you can comment on every story or, more precisely, every episode or part.

The comment feature is at the bottom or bottom of the story, or more precisely in the message icon with the number of comments.


Besides giving various kinds of comments, you can also vote.

This feature is handy for writers as well as a token of appreciation as well.

Voting is possible for those with a Wattpad account.

Can Save Stories

Through the Library feature, you can save the stories you like so you can reread them at a later time.

There are 200 slots that you can use to save your favorite novels. The Library feature is also useful, so you don’t forget the titles of the coolest books you’ve read.

Besides, you can continue reading from various devices, either via PC, laptop, tablet, Kindle, or smartphone.

Just log in on the device you are using, then you can do the offline reading.

Connect With The Story Fan Community

You become a part of the international story fan group when you visit Wattpad.

This means you can meet other readers and writers, comment on the novels you read, and share your favorite books on various social media.

You can also read with your friends, share your library’s contents, or create a Reading List so that others can find out what you are reading.

Download Wattpad For Android APK – Free Premium Account

The Wattpad is a merely fantastic application. In addition to the possibility to enjoy countless titles utterly free of charge, the app has a diverse, creative, and committed community of members.

Thus, the consumption of specific, more established authors is very interesting. On the platform, access to these authors – for exclusive stories – is paid. When you download the Wattpad APK, you will have access to all the original app features, but you can visit the Premium titles whenever you want.

Wattpad Premium Apk For Android

To enjoy the full potential, download the latest Wattpad Premium APK for free for Android and you can also download Wattpad apk for pc.

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The Final Word

That’s the download link for the Wattpad Premium Apk latest version for those of you who prefer the Wattpad, from its appearance to its application.

What are you waiting for? Immediately download Apk Wattpad to read millions of interesting stories or create your creation.

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