WhatsApp APK Latest Version Download for Android and PC

Do you wanna download the WhatsApp APK Latest Version? No worry! Here you can download WhatsApp V2.21.9.15 on your mobile phone.

This is the newest version that was updated on 14th May 2021. WhatsApp is a free and easy-to-use messaging app that lets you chat with your dearest and favorite persons.

However, you may have a question about what is the newest version of WhatsApp. V2.21.9.15 is its latest one that you can download directly by clicking the attached download button above.

WhatsApp APK Download

WhatsApp APK Latest Version for PC

Some people have become fed up with using this app on smartphone though most people like to use it on their mobiles. Interestingly, WhatsApp APK for PC is available now.

If you can install this app on your PC, it may lessen your effort and give a comfortable messaging service when you are busy with your work on PC.

Download WhatsApp for Desktop PC for having smooth messaging privilege on Desktop. Anyway, this is like WhatsApp web.

De facto, this is an enhanced system of this app. Enjoy unlimited chat with your friends on your PC. This application works with Windows 7, 8, and 10. It means you need not think of its requirements indeed.

Let me clear about WhatsApp for PC. This is actually an android application that is optimized for PC too. This app does not work directly with any computer device.

Basically, it mirrors the chats from your android device. Just install this program and start enjoying an unlimited chat with your closest ones.

Let me say something about its security system. This application is completely secured. Honestly saying, it is Virus and Malware-Free.

WhatsApp APK Latest Version

Besides, WhatsApp ensures your maximum privacy. Interestingly, WhatsApp runs with end-to-end data encryption methods.

It makes us sure that even WhatsApp is ignorant about what you are messaging. Download WhatsApp V2.2119.6 for PC.

Download Whatsapp APK (42 MB)

WhatsApp APK UptoDown

Let’s download WhatsApp APK UptoDown. Use this app on android, iOS, or even on PC. This application has so many features that cannot but amaze you.

A messaging app can hardly be like WhatsApp. This is a lightweight app you know. Amazingly, this lightweight application has heavy features.

Free Messaging

WhatsApp offers you a free messaging service through the internet. Generally, you need to pay money if you send messages from a SIM operator.

No SIM gives you to send messages for free forever. But this is such an app that never requires any fees to provide its services to you. It gives a golden chance to communicate with your family and friends without any cost.

Group Messaging

WhatsApp gives you the opportunity to send messages and share photos, GIFs, videos, and other files to 256 users at a time. Just you have to create a WhatsApp group for getting this service.

Create a WhatsApp group with a maximum of 256 users. Then all of you will come to see the messages whatever you share.

Voice Calls

WhatsApp lets you make real-time chat with your friends. It does not matter if your friends are from home or abroad.


You can make voice calls through the internet. Interestingly, WhatsApp does not require a single penny for this service.

Once we had to spend a lot of money to communicate with friends who are out of the country. But now an app like WhatsApp saves your money to offer free calls.

Video Calls

WhatsApp allows you to share real-time videos too along with voice calls. You can make video calls directly. Besides, if you are on an audio call, you have an option to send video requests to your friends.

If they allow the request, the voice calls will turn into video calls.

Default Security System

WhatsApp secures your chats by default with its end-to-end data encryption system. Whenever you send messages, it becomes encrypted automatically.

You need not do anything about this. The system itself will do everything. None will be able to overhear or oversee the chat and messages.

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WhatsApp APK Pure

Are you looking for WhatsApp APK Pure? Download this app from here on this page. This is the fastest means of communication in the present world.

Your mobile calls may be interrupted due to overload issues but it will give you endless limits. The server of WhatsApp rarely goes down. So, you have no chance to be bored on WhatsApp calls at all.

Highlighted Features

  • The Fastest medium of communication
  • The Fastest app for android, Mac, and Desktop
  • Voice call facility
  • Default security system
  • ‘Group messaging and calling
  • Share up to 100MB files
  • Free calling and messaging
  • Use of Microphone and Webcam
  • Real-time communication

WhatsApp APK Pro

Are you searching for WhatsApp APK Pro to install it on your device? No worry. Download it right now. This is a superb app for both Android and Windows users.

Okay, although this is the fastest and latest medium of communication, the speed of communication depends on your mobile device and internet connection.

But this weak point is nothing in comparison to its close rivals like Telegram, Line, We Chat, TextNow, etc.

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Final Words

You might try out hundreds of messaging apps but you just have to come back to the WhatsApp Apk latest version. Do you know why? It is because this is a tested medium of communication by billions of users.

WhatsApp APK Latest Version Download

It provides a very smooth messaging service. Messages do not usually take even a single second to be sent. Though it’s a messaging app, it provides other facilities as well like voice calls, video calls, location sharing, etc.

Besides, the privacy of WhatsApp is better than you can imagine. So, download WhatsApp APK right now.

The FAQs about WhatsApp Apk Latest Version

Here are some FAQs with answers you need to know.

For what purposes I will install WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a free messenger and voice calling app. If you want to make free calls and send messages without spending a single penny, WhatsApp is strongly recommended for you.

In addition to this, you can share Docs, PDF, photos, videos, and other files with your friends on this platform.

How will I be able to use the old WhatsApp without updates?

First of all, you have to install an APK Editor for this. Open the editor and find WhatsApp. Then you need to click on Common Edit.

Here you can alter the version name easily. Finally, apply this in this Editor app. Now, install it. Yes, you have already nailed this.

Can I download Latest Version?

Yes, you can download all versions with the latest version on our site.

Do I need to upgrade WhatsApp?

Please note that you’ll need to upgrade WhatsApp if you got a message that isn’t supported by your version of WhatsApp. The newest WhatsApp version is always recommended. The latest releases contain bug fixes and the newest features.

Can we attack WhatsApp on mobile devices without victims?

You need a spy program like Flexispy, Cocospy, or mSpy to hack a WhatsApp phone without a victim’s mobile phone. These surveillance applications may work over a distance without harming the mobile phone target. You don’t have to jailbreak your phone with any of them.

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