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Wresting Revolution APK is an epoch-making gaming application of MDickie. It is both tasteful and colorful to its users. The player can choose his own position. He is the sole distributor of the format and he wishes to pleasure.

In this game, the player is offered to immerse himself in the dazzling world of wrestling. This is more professional. Here the player not merely shows off his strength as a wrestling fighter. Besides, he solves various clerical and directorial problems. He plays his role just like the professional wrestlers and combat players.

Wresting Revolution APK download Overview

Are you ready to throw your challenge forward? Then this game is the perfect recommendation for you. Download Wrestling Revolution 3D APK. Try out for a look at how your proficiency in wrestling officials is.

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Game Info
Name of the Game Wrestling Revolution 3D
Latest Version 1.702
Developer MDickie
Apk Info Yes
Size 35.33 MB
Well-suited with Android 4.0 or above
Category Sports
Price FREE
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Download Wrestling Revolution Apk (35.3 MB)

The player of this game can get millions of spectators worldwide. Though the plot is scripted, you can have a quality amusement playing this. This is exhibited like the real WWE championship game.

The plot of this game has been cast from some of the popular movies made on professional wrestling. This virtual wrestling game is popular worldwide. It can be presumed by its number of downloads. Almost it downloaded more than 50 million times all over the world.

Wrestling Revolution 3D APK Latest Version

V1.702 is its latest version that transcends the history of downloads within the shortest possible time. Though every one of us knows it is pre-scripted, this game is still popular. Do you know why? This is because of its tremendous thrills in its every stage.

In the WWE championship game, the players know the result before starting this game. They even perform wrestling. Never be late to download it.

wrestling revolution 3d mod apk download

Wrestling Revolution APK Download

The game may be pre-scripted, but its physical aspects are not so. The players kick, punch, and wrestle indisputably. This is second to none for its spectacles. The wrestling lover never loses their opportunity to seize the incredible amusement.

Let’s have a glimpse of its major features-

  • Superstar Characters- The most interesting feature of the Wrestling Revolution game is its cast of characters. This game offers you the opportunity to fight against so many well-known superstars. Even you can make your team of superstars play against your opponents.
  • Modes- There are two game modes for this game. They are- 1. Practice Mode, and 2. Competition Mode. You have scope to practice before the main game. Make yourself an expert in skill to be the conqueror playing against those well-known superstars.
  • Rich Customization- This game is easily Customize crowd details, shadows, and whatever you like.
  • 3D Graphics- This game is featured with 3D graphics. You can ramble around the walls to be more strategic. Keeping your mind and you are the opponent of superstars.
  • Reveal all- The features offer you to open everything you want.

Download Wrestling Revolution APK right now.

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wrestling revolution 3d mod apk latest version


The above description has surely made it clear how lively this game is. You cannot but play again and again. Wresting Revolution APK has just penned through the lines of boredom.

FAQs Wresting Revolution APK

Here we are mentioning some important questions to clear your doubt about using this application. Apkadviser provides all the solutions from its experience.

How are you going to wrestle?

It may be easy, but your opponent must be ground. Then stand beside him and push T. Your Player’s going to begin to pin him.

Can you retire amid the revolution of wrestling?

You may have a “To the Death Loser departs” match, for example. In addition, the one way to stop your carriage is to retire or die (you can die in this game, really). Thus, the career mode of Wrestling Revolution 3D is something that you really must play to grasp what it’s like.

In the wrestling revolution, how do you beat people?

If you wish to kill your attacker, choose talents that let your face touch the ground from the front panels. Now control your player and let the enemy’s face strike everything, such as board, mike, camera, etc. If the skilled person performs, the health of the adversary will turn green into crimson.

How do you reverse the revolution in wrestling?

When you make a move, you merely press down rapidly, and the adversary reverses the arrow while you push it up. Just press the opposite one with no button if an opponent reverses your move while pressing an arrow.

Can we play 3D multiplayer for Wrestling Revolution?

Paul replied: These are the multiplayer possibilities. Plug any linked official controller Xbox or Playstation, then access multiplayer control options. Appropriate buttons are allocated to commands.

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