Download YouTube Music Premium APK Latest Version 4.29.50

In today’s world, YouTube is the most popular medium for watching any type of video. However, we go to YouTube not only for watching videos but also for listening to the songs. Video songs are not always appropriate for us. So, we need a platform that will let us listen to the audio songs that are available on YouTube. The app is such a platform that offers us to listen to music. YouTube Music Premium APK is an exciting music app build on a gold mine. YouTube authority realizes our necessity. So, they developed this amazing app for satisfying our needs.

Download YouTube Music Premium APK

YouTube Music Premium APK Overview

App Overview
App Name YouTube Music
Genre Music-Audio
Publisher Google LLC
Latest Version 4.29.50
Size 17.67 MB
Update May 19, 2021

Download YouTube Music Premium APK (19.1 MB)

YouTube Music Premium APK Download

YouTube Music is a unique platform. You will find a vast stock of music here. YouTube authority is aware of our necessity.

This app was built in 2015. Since its inception, it has gone through many transformations. It has become one of the most praiseworthy applications throughout the world by 2021.

Whenever we talk about YouTube, we immediately think of YouTube videos. Undoubtedly, this is an undisputed video streaming platform in the present world.

YouTube Music Premium

But when you need to listen to the music only, YouTube is an absurd choice to play on. First of all, it is because of the battery drain.

Suppose, we do not need to play videos but we are bound to play them just for listening to music. So, at that time, YT music is the best choice.

Apart from this, our mobile phone is very personal to us. When we play music in front of a lot of people, our personal information might be exposed.

In addition to this, sometimes we have to neglect the unwanted videos with our favorite songs. So, YT music is a very useful platform for music lovers. You can download the YT music App right now.

YouTube Music Premium APK Free

Do you wanna enjoy YouTube Music Premium APK Free? No worry! This platform provides free basics. But when you enjoy this platform for free, there are some limitations.

This platform will show you an ad before listening to an audio song. Apart from this, the free app will never give you the opportunity to play music in the background.

You can easily search for your favorite artists and music. Then, play on and enjoy unlimited music. This is a cool music player as well.

Besides, playing music online, you can play music from your mobile device too. However, you want to have an ad-free experience with a background play facility, you have to choose a subscription plan.

There are two subscription plans: Family Plan and Individual Plan. If you subscribe to the Family Plan, your family members will be able to share your subscription.

It requires $14.99 per month. But individual subscription lets you use it alone. It requires $9.99 per month.

Besides, you can get to use a 1-month free trial before purchasing any of the subscriptions. I suggest you use this free trial before purchasing.

The users who have subscribed will be able to have an ad-free experience. Besides, they can play music in the background.

YouTube Music Premium APK Free Download

Are you thinking about YouTube Music Premium APK Free download? There is nothing to worry about. You can download the YT Music app from our website on this page.

This is completely free to download. Besides, this app is completely safe as it is published by Google LLC.

You can download this application even from the Google Play Store. As this is a popular app. So, it is available in almost all app stores.

However, the YT Music app is a perfect platform indeed. You are able to listen to over 100 million songs on this platform that cannot finish listening to them even in your entire lifetime. Apart from this, tons of new songs are added every day.


The playlist is like a normal music player. So, you probably understand how easy to use this platform is. The free app provides all of its basic features.

But you are recommended to buy a subscription if you wanna use it without annoying advertisements.

Besides, a subscriber is able to download music too. The ability to download music is very necessary because it lets us listen to the songs even when the data connection is off.

In addition to this, a subscriber is able to play music in the background. You can listen to music even though your mobile screen is off. You know how essential feature this is. We need not like to waste the battery at all.

YouTube Music Premium APK Reddit

Many people search for the YT music community on Reddit. However, you can ask us any questions about this app in the comment section. We will be by your side anytime.

YT Music app is horrible to use. Those who are fed up with using Spotify can try this app once. This is just amazing as it covers all the music that is available on YouTube.

This platform suggests songs based on the songs you have heard. This is obviously a nice suggestion as you will find relevance between your search history and recommended songs.

YouTube Music Premium APK Indir

Are you looking for YouTube Music Premium APK Indir? However, you can download this application from here too. There is not a single person who does not like to use YouTube.

It is a popular platform for enjoying videos on everything we want. However, YouTube never allows us to play audio-only. So, the YT Music app is a perfect application to enjoy audio songs.

Highlighted Features of YT Music Premium APK

  • Over 70 million official songs
  • Thousands of playlist
  • Music content including official songs, covers, live performances, remixes, etc.
  • Many genres and activities
  • Personalized playlists
  • Personalized library
  • Relevant recommendations
  • Ad-free experience
  • Background Play even when the screen is off

YouTube Music Premium APK Download

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Final Words

YT Music app is the name of a music store that offers tons of audio songs online. You will be able to have an advertisement-free experience if you subscribe to a monthly plan.

This is such a music platform that lets you listen to the YouTube songs in the background and even when your phone screen is off. Download YT Music now!

The FAQs about Youtube Music Premium Apk

Here are some FAQs with answers regarding the YT Music app.

Is YT Music safe?

Definitely, YT Music is a safe application. Moreover, it is published by Google LLC. So, we need not think about its safety measures anymore.

Do I need to purchase a subscription for downloading the songs?

Yes, to download the songs, you need to have a subscription. You cannot download any song if you are a free user.

How Can I get a Free YouTube Music Premium application?

Apkadviser provides a real and valid premium application for users.

Is it worth paying for a YT Music subscription?

Yes, it is because you have to watch annoying ads if you are not a subscriber. Besides, the free users are not able to play music in the background or when the screen is off. Apart from this, only the subscribers can download music.

How to Install this Apk?

  • Download the APK.
  • Install on an android device [Enable unknown sources]
  • Now, install YouTube Music Premium APK.
  • Open the YouTube Music Premium application. If you have a new user, you need to create a new account or have an existing account. just sign in account.
  • Now enjoy free music on YouTube.

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