Download YouTube Premium Apk : Vanced App (Updated Mod)

YouTube Premium Apk is one of the most significant communities of video sharing in the world for several years. But how YouTube functions as a flexible repository contains almost every form of video with genre and no limits to duration and content, as opposed to TikTok or Bigo.

It is also undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest visited websites/apps. The following is a version of Youtube Apk. When you use the Premium version offered by us, I will explain the features and benefits.

Enjoy high-quality, official music videos on YouTube Premium Apk

The growth of YouTube is divided into two major stages, which are 2005-2011 and 2011. YouTube is currently developing strongly, and many people and enterprises trust that.

YouTube Premium Apk

Therefore, YouTube has been converted from brands, future goods to music trailers and MSV of renowned singers and bands into a solid advertising growth tool.

And so far, YouTube has been everybody’s video channel. In the event of the MV premiers, you will make the most of the tracks, music videos in the country, follow the details of your favorite groups.

Additional Information

Name YouTube
Publisher Google
Category Social
Version 16.15.36
Size 32M
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Requires Android 5.0

Download YouTube Premium Apk (49 MB)

Livestream with fans

The most renowned singers and actors are on Youtube. Often, they have conversations with fans to share and to chat. You can enter the live stream at that time, make questions and connect with your idol.

The comment has been integrated right to (or below) the video to enable you to connect with your idols. Furthermore, the Livestream function gives streamers workspace. Know you Pewdiepie? A Streamer – a world-renowned leading Youtuber.


He still plays gaming regularly, showcases exclusive items, and showcases fantastic content for the games he selects. Naturally, like him, you can create a channel and Livestream, too.

Content discovery

Today, YouTube is progressing slowly and is progressing a lot. You can find unique editor-selected content or your favorites, such as Games, News, Music, and Trends, like exploration. New features.

In addition, YouTube introduces two new features, Story and Video Short. It is very similar to the Facebook and Instagram story feature.

Like a social network, you can share your moments. People will nevertheless like, hate, share, and like a post to add public comments.

Video sharing community, but tightly controlled

In reality, content that is moderated for you or any other company sharing on YouTube. You will remove it shortly afterward without a license to operate or pirated/unsuitable material.

You sometimes create a channel and make your videos available. YouTube also considers and sends you updates if too much is recorded by users even though you may not violate the policy. So make sure you share with others what you are trying to share.

Watch offline

The Vanced application is currently available to download on Youtube Premium A.P.K., as known. You can view videos without advertisements on Youtube advanced, and you’ll get an element such as background play.

Youtube is a forum for all to be found, create a company, and prosper on their own and for people who are not portrayals to determine what is famous.

You can also download the premium app Youtube from our website, which is also known as Youtube. The Vanced Youtube app is Youtube’s most famous mod apk. If you want a modded youtube version, then the right place is yours.

You can add videos to your gallery, series, or favorites while you are using the app. you can also download the videos for offline viewing.

YouTube Premium Features

Background Play: Play: This is one of the features that people expect since YouTube was in its early stages. Often, instead of an MP3 player application, people prefer Youtube.

However, you still need to activate the screen of the device. Otherwise, the app will stop the video automatically. And so the function of background music was born.

YouTube Premium Apk Download

The premium scheme is incorporated. For a better experience, users must pay daily or annually. Our Premium A.P.K. edition, however, is a solution that anyone will use.

No Announcements: advertising is always an issue. In the middle of the video, video owners can insert advertisements. As a result, your video will be played and stopped. Ads are no longer available in the Premium A.P.K. edition.

YouTube Premium Features (Vanced)

  • Based on YouTube API — Core U.I. and features are just like Google’s YouTube App. The advanced appears the same as the original Y.T. application.
  • Blocks Ad-Block Every video announcement. No pre-roll, mid-roll, and supported advertising when a built-in ad blocker is provided. It has the power to skip irritating parts of sponsors.
  • Context play—You can listen in the background to the music/audio because the Vanced has background playback
  • PiP Mode: You can view the video when performing more on your mobile phone in the image-in-image mode as a pop-up multi-tasking box. You can decrease the video to a small amount of your screen to do more on your computer. (PiP mode only on and above Android Nougat)
  • Save Offline—You can save your No Root offline videos just like the original YouTube app does.—The application operates without root and can be used without problems with machine access on any Android computer. However, a non-root version is available.

Other Features

  • Dark Mode — enjoy the YouTube Vanced App app darkly.
  • Using parallel—you can use the app with the original default app. The software has another kit, and you can use the original YouTube app. You should not uninstall the regular YouTube application to use the Advanced YouTube application.
  • HDR mode: you may force the application to use HDR or Forced HDR, which significantly boosts video quality. You may force the application to use HDR mode with Forced HDR.
  • Codec Support: You can bypass codec choices like imposing H264 for old devices or VP9 to force HDR playback or switching off a 60fps experience if you choose to do the movie.
  • Advanced Settings: The advanced software can also be configured for personalized settings, including more control of video playback and choice, buffer settings, Swiping control, mobile phone, and Wi‐Fi video quality settings.
  • Management Controlling — Swipe Controls allow gloss and volume control as is done in other V.L.C. and MX player applications (with configurable padding) Support for Android 4.4+ and the software is very stable. Stability and Support.

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Download YouTube Premium A.P.K. for Android

YouTube is mainly used on smartphones running Android. You can download and use the Premium A.P.K. edition according to the connection we have if you are not happy with the regular app because it includes too many advertisements.

YouTube Premium


Youtube premium apk is undoubtedly the better Forked Version of the YouTube App with its features and reliability. We do not support or associate the app in any way.

This post is just for research. The app has many features which the standard YouTube application lacks.

The FAQs About YouTube Premium Apk

Some Important question which is very helpful to solve your doubt on the topic. Here we are trying to mention all of our experiences.

Is YouTube Vanced Premium Secure?

Yeah! Yes! Yes! The software is fully secured; it only uses the YouTube API to look and run with added functionality, just like the Google YouTube app.

How is Vanced Premium A.P.K. available from YouTube?

Download the Download links above from YT Vanced and MicroG files, and you’re okay with doing so.

Do all YouTube Premium features support it?

Well! Yes!  It supports almost all Y.T. Premium features except for YouTube Originals, which are impossible to browse.

Is YouTube Vanced legal to use?

You don’t use Vanced legal or unlawful, so you don’t download YT-countered videos; you still use a fake version that could contribute to your G-Account prohibition.

YouTube Vanced Alternative?

There are not many precise options, but you can try OGYouTube and Newpipe for the same features.

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