Zepeto Apk Mod Download With Unlimited Money And Diamonds

Come back to us, who will give information about Android games, which are, of course, exciting games. This time we will talk about the game that everyone knows. This game is called Zepeto Apk. Yeah, we’ll chat about this game; we don’t understand what this game is like and what it is about. And now, let’s talk about what’s unique about this game and how to play and the fun of this game.

Learn About Zepeto Unlimited Money And Diamonds

This game is based on the simulated genre; maybe several games are similar; however, there are different gameplays. You could think that the game is like My Talking Tom because both have the same characters, but wait, this game is different from the My Talking Tom game I’ve seen previously.

Because this Zepeto game is a 3D model that you use with cameras in the real world, unfortunately, who is the only friend of this game and how to play it, let’s read the following article.


This game is a kind of simulation, as we have been talking about before about this Zepeto game. You draw a character in this game with a 2D story to make it much more comfortable.

Not only that, but my friend can also role-dress up, so she really looks like a friend or looks like a cast afterward. For example, like the choice of clothes and even skin color and all the members you can customize to your liking. And once you have set your roles, you are ready to start the game the way you want them. For instance, too much excitement in the game is like taking a picture with a friend with the previous one.

Additional info

Name Zepeto
Category Entertainment App
Updated October 30, 2020
Size 201 MB
Current Version 2.27.0
Requires Android 5.1 and up
App By Naver Z Corporation
License Free

Download Zepeto Apk (201 MB)

 Zepeto Premium Apk Features

This Zepeto game has a variety of exciting features to play. Zepeto makes this game widely downloaded by all users who like this game. The following are the features available in the Zepeto game:

Create 3D Drawing Illustrations

This Zepeto game is an exciting game that is even unique. This one game can carry out a command where this game or application can turn user photos into very cool 3D animated images.


Users only need to open the Zepeto application; the camera scan interface will automatically appear. Users can also take from gallery photos to turn them into 3D animated illustrations.

Avatar Modification

This Zepeto game also provides the opportunity for users to change and modify the user’s avatar. After pasting the photo and turning it into an animation, the user can add a few touches. Users can change skin color, eye color, hair color, hairstyle, face shape, cheek shape, mole, and many more. The user selects the modification features available in the game and starts to create a new look.

Naming And Organizing Movements

In this Zepeto game, users can give their avatar the name they want. The name will be located at the top of the avatar. Users may freely pick the name of their avatar. After making edits to the face and the name, the user can set the type of movement to be used and match it to suit the character.

Pairing Clothes

Besides changing the avatar’s face, giving a name, and determining the movement by playing the Zepeto apk latest version, users can also modify the clothes used with more attractive clothes.


Users can adjust and add various accessories to the avatar to make it look more appealing to the eye. Starting from changing clothes, changing pants, shoes, to adding accessories such as glasses can be used. You can find all of these apparel products in the store. You can pick some stuff for free, but you have to pay coins first for specific pieces of clothes.

Zepeto Apk Unlimited Money

You can find this Zepeto premium game with exciting game features and coins as well. Even though the game is straightforward, the game can get rid of boredom and still be fun to play. Users will also obtain unlimited coin from the game; even users will also get coins when they successfully add friends.

Creating A Background Design

In the Zepeto game, apk unlimited money, users can also create their home background. Starting from determining colors, adding tables, adding flower pots, to adding various wall decorations. Users can find different home decorations separately in the shop. It is easy to use specific decorations for free, but there are also premium home decorations and materials.

Chat With Friends

This Zepeto premium coin game also allows users to chat with other users from all over the world. Users can freely chat by including their flagship avatar to show off to other users. Users add friends to be able to chat with other friends. Once connected, the user will face the screen with another user’s avatar. Of course, it will be fascinating and also fun.

Free Paid Features

In this premium version of the Zepeto game, users will be given an exceptional feature compared to the game’s original version. When in the original version, the user had to pay several coins to buy various items. In this latest Zepeto game, users will get all paid features for free; users don’t need to make payments to get these premium features.

How to Play Zepeto

Maybe many users don’t understand how to play the Zepeto game on this one. But don’t worry, here are some explanations about how to play Zepeto:

Select Gender

When the user first enters this application, the user will get the option of gender choice. This game requires players to opt to use gender with males or females.

Play With Various Features

After successfully selecting gender, the user will get a camera screen display, where users can take selfies directly or take photos in the gallery.

Scanning faces or selfies in this game aims to create a 3D avatar that resembles the user’s face. After that, the user can edit the entire view as desired. It’s a great opportunity.

A play menu will appear, which provides eye color, eye shape, hair color, hairstyle, skin color, and various other views and can be selected by the user to modify the avatar’s appearance.

After that, the user will add a name, modify the appearance, and set the game’s background or background according to their creativity.

Play Menu

If you are still confused, “play” in this game is to give commands to the application to upload photos taken or captured. After that, users can also upload or share the avatar photos to various social media.

Discover Menu

There is a discover menu, which is the main menu feature. In this menu, users can change all their personal information, such as viewing friends’ lists, changing names, changing all settings, and changing avatars.

In this menu, users can also follow other friends or other users. Per-user would obtain a code such that the name is not available to all users.

The user needs to know and type in the six digits or code found at the bottom of the name to add friends.

Message Menu

In this menu, users can exchange messages or send messages with other users. This menu is provided free of charge to users. That way, users can exchange information privately with other users.

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How to Install

  • First, download the Zepeto application file via the link provided above. Wait for the download process to complete.
  • After that, the user can make sure that the security source is active. To activate it, users can go to the settings> security> then put a checkmark on the “unknown sources.”
  • After the download is complete, the user goes to the folder and looks for the file that was just downloaded.
  • Click on the file to start installing it and wait until the install process is complete, the game is ready to play.


Those are some explanations about the Zepeto Premium Apk game. So download this game right now and feel the excitement of this unique game.


If you feel bored or want to do something creative, I think you can play the Zepeto. Among the games of this genre, it is a bit of an exceptional game, and the user interface is straightforward, so no one ever feels bored while playing the game. If you have any bugs in Zepeto premium or any problem while playing, be sure to contact us; We will take cognizance of your matter as soon as possible.

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